Couples On the Verge of Tying the Knot Will Get Married or Move On in New Netflix Dating Series ‘The Ultimatum’: Watch the First Trailer!

A new dating series is coming to Netflix, but unlike the streaming service’s popular show Love Is Blind, this show will feature six couples already dating and on the verge of marriage, with one partner ready to walk down the aisle and the other hesitant to make the commitment. 

Enter: The Ultimatum. 

“Or a significant increase in Instagram followers at the very least.”

The new series was announced during the Season 2 reunion of ‘Love Is Blind’ by hosts Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minillo Lachey, who will also handle the hosting duties for ‘The Ultimatum.’ 

My takeaway from all of this? Couples who host chaotic dating series together, stay together.

“In Netflix’s new dating series ‘The Ultimatum,’ six couples have come to a point in their own relationship where one person is ready to be married, and the other, well… isn’t,” Nick said during the ‘Love Is Blind’ reunion. “Each person will be compatible with multiple partners and they’ll each select one new partner to move in with for three weeks in a trial marriage. 

“At the end of the experiment, they’ll have to decide if they want to marry the person they arrived with, or split forever,” he continued. 

At least you’re not spending hours in a pod each day while talking through a wall…

Vanessa added that the contestants may also choose to leave with “someone else that’s actually a better fit.” 

Did Shake Chatterjee weasel his way onto this show, too?

According to Elite Daily, the six couples will make these life-changing decisions over the course of eight weeks. 

‘The Ultimatum’ will be available to stream on Netflix beginning April 6, with a reunion special set to air April 13. 

Watch the trailer for ‘The Ultimatum’ below! 

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  1. I’ll watch this one.

    I think its ok to not be attracted to someone… But good luck finding someone who meshes with you based solely on looks. You won’t measure up to their standards. Goes both ways.

    Fake ass Steph Curry wannabe.

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