Johnny Bananas & Jordan Wiseley of ‘The Challenge’ Travel to Help With Humanitarian Efforts In Ukraine

The Challenge stars Johnny Bananas and Jordan Wiseley are currently overseas helping Ukrainians by transporting and distributing much-needed supplies amidst the country’s invasion by Russia.  

According to TMZ, Johnny has joined a humanitarian convoy with the Humanosh Foundation–– a non-profit that provides shelter and aid to refugees and soldiers–– through which he helped deliver three ambulances and three vans stocked with various supplies earlier this week. 

Johnny shared a series of photos on Monday documenting the work he and the Humanosh Foundation team are doing from Warsaw, Poland, and invited those interested to reach out to the foundation for information on ways to contribute.  

“I could no longer sit back and do nothing while a sovereign country is invaded and it’s innocent civilians slaughtered,” he wrote on Instagram. 

Johnny has been sharing photos and videos since his arrival, and he told TMZ the mission has made him realize American issues pale in comparison to what Ukrainians are facing.  

As for Jordan, he and his roommate Kevin Pasdon traveled to Poland earlier this month where they have been busy loading vans with supplies and making daily trips to hand out the goods to Ukrainians. While the two arrived in Poland without a plan, their U.S. passports helped them find work quickly, as they are able to cross the border more easily, TMZ reports. 

Earlier this month, Jordan shared a video on Instagram informing his followers of what he and Kevin had been doing since their arrival and explaining how supply drop-offs are being coordinated. 

“Soldiers are contacting us to get their wives, sisters, mothers and children to safety while they have to stay and fight for their futures,” he added. “We get them out, house them in their own private room at our Airbnb and then onto transportation wherever they need to go.”  

The roommates have also started an online fundraiser through Fundly, in which they are seeking donations for humanitarian aid in Ukraine. So far, the campaign has exceed the $20,000 goal by more than $15,000. (Click here to donate and to watch Jordan and Kevin’s latest update video.)   

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(Photos: Instagram)

11 Responses

  1. The US govt just gave them 13.6 billion dollars.

    Surely some of that is going to the citizens.. Right? Right??

  2. Why is Johnny wearing a med vest? As far as I know, he has never had any medical training. He’s not an EMT, combat medic, nurse, or doctor.

    Does handing out water bottles qualify you for med training?

    Like I guess good for them for going, but it’s like when the Duggers do humanitarian work where they are expecting the victims to cater to them while they do nothing for a couple of weeks, just come home, and allow others who are more experienced and qualified to do it.

    1. He stated on his Instagram that he was part of a convoy that drove 3 ambulances filled with supplies into the Ukraine. That vest is most likely because of the convoy he was in and they all have to match or there will be trouble with them crossing the border.

    1. If they didnt post what they are doing how would other people know what they could do to help. They should be proud of stepping up to try and make a difference. Good job guys

      1. Oh believe me, it’s hard to root for Bananas or any celebrity really, but I will admit they do carry an amount of influence for others that may have no idea about the Ukraine/Russia conflict. As long as Bananas and the like are bringing needed funds and attention to aid Ukrainians, the better it is overall.

        1. With great power comes great responsibility.

          At least they are using their celebrity power for a great cause!

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