Photo Gallery: How the ‘Teen Mom’ Stars Spent Halloween 2022

What’s scarier: Javi and Lauren’s family costumes or the fact that they’re back together AGAIN?

Halloween is over, and it’s time to pick the Laffy Taffy out of our teeth, put away that annoying spiderweb cotton that is now everywhere and scrape the rotting pumpkin guts off of our porches. It’s also time to check out all of the awesome Teen Mom Halloween photos! 

The girls and guys of Teen Mom OGTeen Mom 2 and Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant got into the Halloween spirit over the last few days, with the cast dressing up as scary movie monsters and superheroes. (If they really wanted to be disguised, though, the ‘Teen Mom’ cast should have dressed up as mature adults with real jobs and the ability to control their tempers. No one would have recognized them then!) 

Take a look at the 2022 ‘Teen Mom’ Halloween photo album to see all of the casts’ costumes and spooky activities!

(Click the thumbnail to enlarge and flip through the photos using the arrows on the far sides of the screen.)



  1. Are Maci and Taylor still together? They usually do a super cute family group costume but he’s not in the picture this year. I do like her costume though. That type of nature/leaves thing was huge this year. Not sure if it’s a certain character or what but I’ve seen a bunch similar this year.

    1. They went as like characters from superhero/comic books.
      Maci was poison ivy, bentley as black panther, jade as iron woman, and maverick as the flash.

      I assume Taylor was the one taking the picture.

  2. God the whole “sexy nurse” is so offensive to the profession. Nurses are highly trained professionals who save lives, not sexualized caricatures. Get an ounce of creativity and think of a better costume.

      1. How has time gone that quickly, I thought that was Ryder 😯
        I need to stop wasting my life watching this rubbish 🤣

        1. I thought the same thing at first but then I thought “no, that can’t be Ry, she’s bigger than that”. But Ace was the farthest thing from my thoughts because I didn’t realize he was that grown.

          I knew he was older but I wasn’t expecting that. He’s only what 1, that child looks to be like 3…so WOW, I can’t believe that’s Ace.

    1. Well, it’s Halloween I’m a scary costume…Idk if you’re supposed to smile. Could be that whomever was taking the pic said “smile” and Lux is the only one that halfway listened. What I want to know more than anything is…where’s Creed?

      1. @Pearl

        Yeah I thought that too, but the two older kids aren’t even doing any pose. Not even mock scary face, or any type of exaggeration people normally do. They just look over it and not even dressed completely in a costume.

        1. I know what Pearl and Duck Duck Flamingo further below are saying. I have a heavily face painted villain character costume I’ve worn over the past some years (even done the half face look like them a few times before too). My mom for over a decade to this day will get overtly mad at me for “looking evil” and never smiling when I’m dressed as the character despite them being evil and never smiling, and it’s actually way more terrifying, slasher killer look if I do smile in it. If any of Kail’s boys are that miserable, there’s already way better evidential signs pointing to it than this. Here it’s like saying Red Skull or Ghost Rider don’t have Joker-smiles, the wearers must not be doing well.

    2. I seen the picture of Kail somewhere else a few days ago. That was my same thought. I feel like they’re just over Karl’s shit.
      I feel for the boys.

    3. Yeah I agree, you wouldn’t smile in those costumes, the whole point is to look tough/serious. I’m sure they are purposely making those serious faces. I know people don’t like Kail but her kids are happy and healthy and there is absolutely zero evidence that they don’t like their mom, I mean really.

      1. I know Isaac mentioned on one of her podcasts he didn’t like filming for TM, but otherwise I agree with you. There’d be way more articles (and angry Kail pushbacks) of Kail’s parenting and the boys, given how much Kail likes to publicly share, if the boys weren’t treated well enough. Look at young Leah and Stella speaking in regards to Amber and Luis, and the many stories of Amber and Adam’s “parenting” to Leah and Aubree.

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