New HGTV Series ‘Flip the Strip’ to Show Men From Australia’s “Thunder From Down Under” Renovating Las Vegas Homes

“We’re here to strip…your hardwood floors.”

Stars of the male revue stage show “Australia’s Thunder from Down Under” are taking off their clothes on home renovation projects in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In HGTV’s new series Flip the Strip, “Thunder from Down Under” headliners by night and professional tradesman by day, Benny Cleary, Dan Paterson, Liam Black and Malik Wills-Martin will work alongside interior designer Kelly Stone to turn ‘Flip the Strip’ clients’ homes into “glitzy desert oases.” 

“I’ll see your Tarek/Chip/Cole and raise you four male strippers.”

Throughout the six, hour-long episodes, viewers will watch as the guys get down to work while dropping plenty of “Aussie-isms” along the way. The ‘Flip the Strip’ guys will also flex more than just their muscles, with each having their own renovation role to play.

Dan will double as project manager throughout the series, while Benny is the skilled carpenter of the group. 

Liam will be the resident painter/finisher on ‘Flip the Strip,’ while Malik is the group’s demo and “do-it-all” ace. 

“Between Ben, Malik, Liam and I, we have a ton of experience in the construction industry from our time before joining the cast of ‘Australia’s Thunder from Down Under,’” Dan said in press release for the new series.

“We are here in the United States to perform, but we also want to try our hand at building a business and deliver the best possible renovations to our clients,” he added.

‘Flip the Strip’ premieres Monday, July 10 on HGTV. Watch a preview of the new series below. 

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(Photos: HGTV; Instagram) 

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  1. Is it just me or is there other people out there who don’t find a beefed up man appealing? Lol kudos to them for working hard to achieve their body but I have never looked at a man like this and thought OMG I want to jump his bones lol.

    1. Right? I’ll look and think “they check off a number of boxes on the ‘attractive qualities’ checklist. I bet they don’t have difficulty finding dates or making good first impressions in general” but it doesn’t really *do* anything for me.

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