‘Summer House’ Star Paige DeSorbo Recalls Interaction Between Boyfriend Craig Conover & Raquel Leviss that Made Her Suspicious of the ‘VPR’ Star: “I Don’t Trust This B*tch”

“Back off, Bambi.”

Raquel Leviss sampled a few men from the Vanderpump Rules world before her affair with Tom Sandoval was made public in March; however, Summer House star Paige DeSorbo claims Raquel may have also had her [Bambi] eye on another Bravo man–– Paige’s boyfriend, Southern Charm star Craig Conover!

At a recent live show for their Giggly Squad podcast, Paige recalled an interaction she witnessed at co-host Hannah Berner’s May 2022 wedding between her boyfriend Craig and Raquel that made her immediately suspicious of Raquel.

“I literally surveyed the whole f**king room,” Paige was recorded saying in a TikTok from the show. “I clock Craig at the bar and I watch Raquel leave the dance floor and walk over to Craig. I’m standing there and I turn to literally everyone around me and I was like, ‘I don’t trust this b*tch.’


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“ … Everyone was like, ‘Oh, my God, no, she’s so sweet! She would never.’ And I f**king knew it,” added Paige, who has been dating Craig since summer 2021. 

“Maybe you can try your luck with Shep or Austen next, Rach.”

Coincidentally, Raquel was attending the May 2022 wedding of Hannah and husband Des Bishop as the date of another Bravo star, Nema Vand, who was previously a cast member on Shahs of Sunset. (Raquel and her fiancé, James Kennedy, split five months prior to the wedding.)


Based on the timeline provided by the Scandoval culprits, Raquel attended the Berner-Bishop nuptials as Nema’s date just three months before she and Sandoval slept together for the first time behind the back of Sandoval’s longtime girlfriend, Ariana Madix

Though Paige and Hannah both admitted during the ‘Giggly Squad’ event that Raquel had always been “very nice” to them, Hannah joked, “But in a way like a hurt bird.”

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  1. No, she just figured she’d ride the hate train and try to look relatable by calling her a bitch ? ?

  2. Can we stop slut shaming this woman now, please? This is pathetic. She wasn’t even the one cheating for christs sakes

    1. No one is slut shaming her. No one cares how many people she sleeps with. They care that they all seem to be in relationships.

  3. James.

    Seriously, I’d hide my brother/boyfriend/husband/mailman/Dad.

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