‘The Challenge: USA’ Star Tori Deal Threatens To Take Legal Action Against Castmate Amanda Garcia After Amanda Accuses Tori of Being a “Steroid-Injecting Prostitute”

Can we get TJ and a Hall Brawl set up ASAP?

The feud between The Challenge stars Tori Deal and Amanda Garcia has been brewing for many seasons but it reached a peak earlier this week when Tori threatened to take legal action against Amanda after Amanda posted what Tori felt were libelous statements about her on social media.

Tori accused Amanda of defaming her character after Amanda inferred on Instagram Stories that Tori was a “steroid-injecting prostitute,” among other things.

Tori admitted to starting this round of the feud when she posted a cast photo for the just-announced season of ‘The Challenge: USA,’ which will feature both her and Amanda. However, Tori strategically placed a clown emoji over Amanda’s face, something that did not set well with Amanda, who headed to Twitter to respond.

Tori added a little ‘pizazz’ to Amanda’s mug…

“Sorry guys I just got off of work I didn’t realize that roided out monster was such a fan,” Amanda wrote. “Thanks for highlighting ME in your post loser hahahahaha… someone put [Tori’s] first cast photo [from her first ‘Challenge’ season] next to this one and tell me that bitch ain’t botched. Now that’s a f**kin clown hahahaha. We will see who’s the real clown at the end of this season. CAN’T WAITTTT.”

Amanda continued her tirade against Tori.

“I’d rather be a ‘clown’ than be a botched clout chaser who sucks old man d**k for money,” she continued.

When that didn’t get a response from Tori, Amanda hit a bit harder.

“A ‘children’s author’ who doubles as a steroid injecting prostitute….. UMMMM REWIND WE NEED TO PROTECT OUR KIDS FROM THIS MONSTER,” Amanda wrote.

Tori—who did, indeed, write a children’s book in 2020— finally responded to Amanda’s jabs, writing on Instagram Stories that she was going to take to her lawyer about what Amanda posted about her.

“FYI… making lies about people doing illegal things is crossing a line,” Tori wrote in her Instagram Stories. “***gets lawyer involved***”

“There’s a difference between a clown face and defamation of character,” Tori wrote. “This is called ‘libel’ and it’s illegal.”

Amanda did not take down her tweets after Tori threatened legal action. In fact, on Wednesday, she continued her rant.

“Lesson of the year pt 1: don’t throw stones when you live in a glass house bitchhhhh,” Amanda wrote on Twitter. “Lesson of the year pt 2: Mess with the devil and you get the horns hunnnnttty.”

Amanda and Tori have disliked each other for years, with their feud really ramping up during the “Spies, Lies & Allies” season in 2021, during which Amanda called Tori out for being fake. 

While the show was airing, Amanda tweeted, “Wait why is Tory laughing at Kelz talkin s**t to Josh? Fake friend alert.”

She also slammed Tori during an episode of Johnny Bananas’ podcast, Death, Taxes and Banana, stating that she thought Tori was mean to their “Final Reckoning” castmate, Derrick Henry

“I hate someone that has to be the center of attention all the time and that has to be the funniest person and the loudest person in the room,” Amanda told Johnny.

“Normally when someone says these things, they’re talking about me so I don’t know how to respond here…”

“If she’s around this person, then she’ll dress and act like this thing. If she’s around this other person, she changes … I don’t like someone who can’t be consistent,” she elaborated.

Amanda shared this same sentiment about Tori during the “Spies, Lies and Allies” reunion.

“She’s always kind of been a chameleon, like every season she’s friends with different people, she’s not friends with that person, she has a new boyfriend,” Amanda said. “People can’t keep up with her and I don’t like someone that’s not consistently the same person every season.

Tori has not commented publicly on Amanda’s newest statements. However, ‘Challenge’ cast member Theo Campbell did respond to one of Amanda’s tweets.

“You’re the reason production has this new 2 hour sit down meeting about social media and safe guarding then…” he wrote. 

Cory Wharton— who stars with Tori and Amanda on ‘The Challenge: USA’— also added his thoughts on the feud.

“Everyone take a seat we already have drama brewing,” he tweeted. “Amanda vs Tori!! Season hasn’t even started yet. This is going to be amazing. But remember we are all MTV [family] LMAO.” 

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15 Responses

  1. No one cares about Amanda or Tori. Jenny and Cara BEAT Bananabas, etc. Cory who? Gtfo. Without them losing this show is dead.

  2. I will never understand grown adults acting this way especially Amanda as a mom. Do they never consider setting a good example for their children?

  3. I don’t like either of them but Amanda has rubbed me the wrong way since day 1. She screams constantly, tries to be a bully and talks shit rather than working out and winning challenges.

    1. I’m with you. Never really liked Tori, but really cannot stand Amanda. I loved when Tori carried Amanda like a fanny pack!

  4. LMAOOOO tori has no legal standing. Amanda didnt say her name, and tori cant prove damages because she will continue to be cast so she wasnt harmed in any way. Thirdly, it cant be defamation when its true

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