“90 Day Fiance” Star Annie Suwan Toborowsky Celebrates Becoming An American Citizen: “I Did It!!”

“God bless America— and American reality TV!” 

Annie Suwan Toborowsky of 90 Day Fiance fame is officially an American citizen. 

On this week’s episode of 90 Day: Diaries, viewers watched as Annie-– of Bueng Kan, Thailand–- prepared for her American citizenship test with the help of her husband, David Toborowsky.

The couple revealed during the episode that Annie would be tested on 10 out of a possible 100 questions relating to United States civics, of which Annie had to answer correctly.  

Annie ultimately passed the citizenship test, after which David re-proposed to her. The couple revealed that they plan to wed (for the second time) in Thailand. 

Following Monday’s episode, Annie took to social media to share some additional photos taken on her big day and to thank those who helped her in her journey to becoming a U.S. citizen, including David. 

“I Did It!!” Annie wrote. “Thank you to my Husband who believes in me and Appreciates all of my love and support … .” 

Annie also took a moment to thank her friends and followers, as well as her lawyer, who helped her “prepare all the documents” she needed for the process. 

In the comment section of Annie’s post, David expressed how proud he was of his wife. 

“I am so so proud of you my love,” David wrote, to which Annie replied, “Thank you my love ❤️ Thank you for everything ❤️” 

Annie also shared her excitement on her Instagram Story, posting a selfie while holding an American flag.

In a video taken on the day she passed her test, Annie called becoming an American citizen “an amazing feeling.” 

“I am proud,” she added, before joking about the first thing she planned to do with her newly minted U.S. citizenship. 

“I’m going to talk to your manager,” she said.  

Annie and David made their “90 Day Fiance” debut back in Season 4. The two have been married since 2017 and have gone on to appear on other “90 Day Fiance” spin-offs, including their own series, David & Annie: After the 90 Days, which premiered in 2022. 

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(Photos: Instagram; TLC) 


  1. Congrats Annie! We’re lucky to have you.

    I love her and David. Genuinely lovely people on a reality show – who knew it even possible?!

  2. I was not so sure about them honestly, but they really seem to have a genuine love and affinity for each other and they are really great together. She is definitely a fave of mine from the franchise! Congrats Annie!

  3. Love her, so happy for her. I wasn’t sure about them in the very early episodes of their journey, but they’ve turned into quite the hilarious pair. Good for them.

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