Brandan & Mary DeNuccio’s Donation Page Shut Down By Fundraising Site, Days After “90 Day Fiance” Couple Backtracks On Colon Cancer Claims

When your GoGetFunding scam doesn’t work and you realize you might have to GoGetJobs

Brandan and Mary DeNuccio’s recent fundraising efforts have officially come to an end, and the 90 Day Fiance couple is issuing apologies to their fans who donated.

As The Ashley previously told you, Mary and Brandan claimed last weekend that Mary had been diagnosed with colon cancer, only to backtrack days later after receiving a wave of backlash from fans who were skeptical of the couple’s claims. 

Mary and Brandan initially doubled down on their claims regarding Mary’s diagnosis in a fundraising page they shared on social media over the weekend, though Brandan eventually admitted that Mary had not officially been diagnosed with colon cancer and had essentially diagnosed herself after watching TikTok about colon cancer.

While the DeNuccio’s fundraiser was halted earlier this week– at which point more than $1300 had been raised– their campaign has since been removed entirely. 

According to TMZ, GoGetFunding, the platform Mary and Brandan were using to collect donations, removed the fundraiser from its site after receiving notifications from users that the campaign was suspicious. 

GoGetFunding reportedly looked into the allegations before removing the fundraiser and is now advising those who donated to the fraudulent fundraiser to dispute any charges/withdrawals with their banks. 

Mary took to social media on Tuesday to apologize for claiming to have been diagnosed with color cancer, explaining that she “made a mistake” and became anxious after her doctor informed her that she had “colon issues.” 

She also revealed that her doctor actually diagnosed her with an inflamed liver, blood infection, UTI and hemorrhoids. 

“I got anxiety attack and I thought I have colon cancer and posted it without thinking,” she wrote in part. “It’s my fault and I’m very sorry about it.” 

Mary went on to ask that people stop “harassing me and wishing me to die,” claiming that she is still in a lot of pain and continues to deal with health issues. 

“Again I’m very sorry I made a mistake announcing I have colon cancer,” Mary continued. “I just thought I have colon cancer because doctor said I have issue with my colon and they need to check it. I’m very sorry I panicked and got anxiety.” 

Mary also responded to TMZ‘s request for a comment, telling the site, “I know I announced I have colon cancer. It’s just I’m so scared that time because I was in pain and I got all the symptoms. But we are still going back and forth to the hospital and have do all the laboratory requested by the doctors.”

UPDATE! On Wednesday, Mary and Brandan posted several videos and messages to Instagram, including one on Instagram Stories in which Mary revealed that she has already spent the money raised via the fundraiser (before it was halted, apparently).

She also begged people to stop sending her death threats, and explained that her lack of understanding of the English language may be to blame (although she was getting medical care in her native country of The Philippines, where it’s unlikely that the doctors would have been speaking to her in English.)

“I really thought it was colon cancer when he said I have colon issue, that’s the truth, also my English is not that good and perfect,” she wrote. “But the money you sent on GoFundMe I used it [to pay] my hospital bills…

“I’m sorry I made mistake and I learned from it…I’m crying everyday with regrets.” 

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(Photos: Bravo; Instagram) 


  1. Maybe since they have been fired they will both get real jobs although I doubt it. The 2 of them are extremely immature and that they thought they could get away with their scam shows how dumb they really are. I feel sorry for the child they brought into the world. She deserves 2 good parents, not 2 criminal idiots.

  2. Mary needs to get some serious help. Take them off the show and put her in counseling before something happens to the baby. OMG she is so annoying. Just completely needy and attention seeking with these shenanigans. I lived thru this same thing had surgery to remove bad part, had a colostomy bag for a year and a half, and just got done with hernia surgery to fix original 5 surgeries. If it is more than diverticulitis or colitis due to polyps I would be surprised. Hell they even removed the polyps during the colonoscopy which fixes most folks. Anyway I don’t wish her death or anything but I wish production would start to actually do background checks and psych tests on these people during casting and in this case get her mental help so we don’t have Munchausen by proxy on that poor baby. Just yikes. These two have carved out a nice hole to be gone from society at this point, I doubt life will be easy going forward…

  3. Scammers.. disappointing because I thought that Brandon was a good guy, apparently they deserve each other.

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