Former ‘American Ninja Warrior’ Champion Drew Drechsel Sentenced to More Than 10 Years in Prison for Multiple Child Sex Crimes (Exclusive Details)

Trigger Warning: The following story may be disturbing to some readers.

Former American Ninja Warrior champion Drew Drechsel was sentenced this week to more than 10 years in prison after being charged with multiple child sex crimes, People reports. The former reality TV star will have to follow some very strict rules following his release from prison– and The Ashley has all the details of his sentencing.

As The Ashley previously told you, the ‘American Ninja Warrior’ competitor was arrested in August 2020 in Florida and charged with four counts of child sex offenses. Following his arrest, Drew– who was often referred to as “The Real-Life Ninja” during his time on the NBC show– was edited out of the ‘American Ninja Warrior’ All-Stars season that had yet to air at the time. The show’s production company and NBC went on to detail Drew’s crimes in a press release.

“Drechsel sought to have sex with a minor girl and traveled to New Jersey with the intent to engage in illicit sexual conduct with that minor,” the press release stated. “He also enticed and coerced a minor to travel to Connecticut to engage in illicit sexual conduct and engaged in online sexual communications with a minor and induced her to manufacture sexually explicit images of herself and send them to Drechsel.”

Earlier this week, the United States Attorney’s Office District of New Jersey confirmed in a press release that Drew had been sentenced to 121 months behind bars for receiving child p0rnography and enticement to travel for illicit sexual conduct. (Drew previously pleaded guilty to his crimes on June 1, 2023.)

“In addition to the prison term, [Chief U.S. District] Judge [Renée] Bumb sentenced Drechsel to 15 years of supervised released and ordered him to pay $100,000 in restitution to the victim,” the press release added.

The Attorney’s Office noted that Drew lived in Connecticut from 2014 until November 8, 2019, while his victim– who was “14 and 15 years old” during the time of their sexual relationship– resided in New Jersey. During a search of one of Drew’s phones in November 2019, law enforcement agents reportedly found images of child sexual abuse and photos and videos of the victim. Drew went on to admit that he met the victim in 2014 “through his activities in the parkour community as an ‘American Ninja Warrior.’”


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“[Drew] admitted texting the victim and discussing his plans to engage in sexual activity with the victim,” the Attorney’s Office added. “At [Drew’s] urging, the victim traveled across state lines in July 2015 so that [Drew] could have sexual relations with the victim.”

According to court records obtained by The Ashley on Friday, Drew will be serving his sentence at the Federal Correction Institute in Milan, Michigan (or as close to that location as possible). 

Upon his release from prison, Drew is not required to submit to mandatory drug testing (although his probation officer has the right to request it). He is, however, required to comply with several special conditions upon his release from prison. This include mandatory computer monitoring. This means that he must agree to allow his probation officer to do manual searches of his electronic devises– including his cell phone— and must pay for a computer monitoring system to be used.

In order for Drew to use a computer at any job he will get post-release, it must be approved by his probation officer and he must disclose his conviction.

Another special condition of Drew’s release is that he must disclose his financial records, expenses, assists, etc. to his probation officer. In order to open a new credit card, line of credit or take on a new debt, he must get permission. 

One of Drew’s muggies…

He will be required to submit to a polygraph test after release, and again any time it’s requested by his probation officer. Drew must also submit to mental health treatment, for as long as his probation officer requires. This includes participation in a sex-offense-specific assessment and treatment program.

Drew must consent to any search requests from his probation officer, including requests to search his person, home, vehicle and possession, should the probation officer suspect that Drew violated a term of his supervision, and the areas that are being searched contain evidence of a violation.

In addition, Drew is ordered to have no contact with his victim in any form. He is also not allowed to have any contact with anyone under 18, except for family members who are in the presence of another adult who is approved by the probation officer. He is now allowed to work or volunteer around minors.

Drew has been ordered to self-surrender to prison on a date set by the Bureau of Prisons. Until then, he will remain behind bars. 

NBC has yet to commented on Drew’s sentencing.

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  1. 10 years isn’t long enough. He will probably be out sooner because thats how things go these days. These people cannot be rehabilitated.

  2. Our justice system fails victims, so sad. There is no treatment for creeps like him. Castration is 2nd best to the woodchipper.

  3. The guys laughing at the Justice system 121 days wht a bunch of bull the guy looks the part of a pervert The only Justice is put him in general population in prison let some of the inmates have a turn with him

  4. Gross.

    Lesson to parents. Pay attention to who you let around your kids. The adults could be major pervs and the only one that suffers would be your child.

    No reason for children and coaches/ mentors to be in a text or online discourse without a parent being cc’ed or tagged every single time.

    No private sessions without a parent watching.

    And how did the child get across state lines? I hope a parent didn’t drive her, bc that’s just insane.

  5. Yet people who commit drug related crimes get a harsher punishment. This is disgusting and hd deserves to sit behind bars for life.

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