The Cabbage Patch Kid Takes Down Lacey Brown (and her beautiful hair!)

"Don't mess with!"

Somewhere out there, Xavier Roberts is smiling…
His protegé, Tim “Cabbage Patch” Urban made the cut last night, continuing on to the Top 11 next week. It just proves the power of the Mormon vote.
That was bad news for non-Mormon Lacey Brown who got the ax last night. The bottom three was appropriately Tim, Lacey and Paige Miles (who?!?!), with Tim scurring back to safety to leave Lacey and Paige up for elimination. With that, Ryan delivered the final blow and sent Lacey home to cry and buy more makeup at Sephora. (The girl does have great hair and makeup, does she not?) 

So long, Lacey…I hate to break it to you, but the girl with the short, spiky red hair always goes first… 

American Idol Season 2 

Vanessa Olivarez (Season 2): 

First to get cut in a season where Ruben Studdard won the whole thing…wow, now that’s got to hurt.

American Idol Season 3 

Amy Adams (Season 3): 

Sorry honey, there’s only room for one red-headed girl named Amy Adams in show business, and the other one has already been nominated for 2 Oscars…I hear they are hiring down at the Buffalo Wild Wings though… 

American Idol Season 6 Stephanie Edwards (Season 6): 

A talented girl, but she couldn’t escape the red-hue curse…even though she only streaked her spiky ‘do once with red! She was second to go during Jordin Sparks’ season. 

American Idol Season 8 

Alexis Grace (Season 8): 

The style team got Alexis all dolled-up looking like a child prostitute last year, even streaking her hair pink and giving it a spiky look. Well, pink is a shade of red, which was enough to send her packing first last season. 

american idol season 9 

Lacey Brown (Season 9): 

Just another casualty of the red head curse. 

If only Tim Urban was a red-head…..(sigh!)

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