Why I Love the Amazing Race Cowboys

Jet and Cord
"Don't worry, we ain't gettin' too big for our britches!"

You’ve got to love those cute little cowboys from this season’s Amazing Race. As one of the only appealing  teams in the final six (Brothers: yah, one’s gay, but both are bitchy; Caite and Brent: stupid is as stupid does but always good for a pity laugh; Snarky lesbians, blah; Steve and Allie– yawn; The Detectives: good, but their Ray Romano-esque voices kind of get on my nerves) you’ve got to root for these boys from Oklahoma…where the belt buckles are big and saying things like “oh my gravy!” are the norm.

Their lovable “Cowboy-ims” as I like to call them, make you forgive even their stupidest errors, such as when they exchanged their U.S. dollars for “Brazil money”, when they were on their way to Chile, as it was the closest thing that the currency exchange had. (Ain’t it all the same anyways?) Luckily they’re so darn cute (in the cute, squishy stuffed animal way.)

Other cowboy-isms:

  • On having hope that they won’t be eliminated after messing up the coconut challenge: ““Champions aren’t necessarily the people who ride the most bulls. They’re the people that can get bucked off and still pick themselves back up and go get on another one.”  Aww..shucks guys.
  • On finding the flag-balancing challenge easy: “When we were little and we get to playing with the brooms, it’s not long before somebody says I bet I can balance it on my nose longer than you can.”  Brooms on the nose, huh? Wow, there must not be anything to do in old Oklahoma!
  • When frustrated: “Dang gammit.”  I love it. No one ever uses that phrase, except maybe like Bobby Brady.
  • On having to find a fresh baguette in France: “I think it’s a pastry!”
  • On informing his brother that there’s no need to hurry: “Thing is, we don’t have to run like scalded dogs!”
  • When asked if their large belt buckles slow them down: “We’d be slower if our pants were around our ankles.” (He does have a point there, Phil.)
"That was just a rumor!"

At the risk of pulling a Jessica Simpson and ruining the Cowboy’s winning streak by saying this, “Go Cowboys!”

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