In a Survivor Battle of Wits, Russell Wins…Sorry Rob

"Te heheheheh Got him!"

This week’s Survivor ended in an all-out battle of wits to the finish between the two King Bees, Russell (the evil little leprechaun) and Rob (the lovable big oaf with an attitude). All season long Russell has been telling everybody that he is the king of the jungle and that he is in control of the game (he’s so modest too.)

Well this week he proved it when he managed to get not one but two people from Rob’s alliance to turn against him and vote with him. (Jerry reasons that Rob just isn’t trustworthy and she feels more comfortable trusting Russell…um hello!?! Have you not seen what that sneaky little leprechaun can do? He would trade his own mother’s kidney for a chance to be called the Sole Survivor!) Russell doesn’t even really care about the money as much as the prestige and the tickling to his already out-of-this-world ego. Ol’ Rob never saw it coming.

"I hold myself to make the hurt go away."

In addition to the demise of Rob, we also got to see the demise of Coach’s integrity. Coach, who had always said he plays honest and won’t sacrifice his integrity for a game, finally hopped on the Liar Train, just in time to vote out the game’s biggest threat. Awesome!! I love when people sacrifice their morals for reality TV!

I know a lot of people hate Russell, and I do too, but he is my favorite this year and I’m pulling for him. Why? Because he has giant balls and actually is able to convince people to do crazy things. Despite how obviously evil he is, he is able to get people to trust him. Of course, most of said people have an IQ below Forrest Gump’s but that’s beside the point. Russell delivers twists and turns week after week and that’s all I care about.

As for Rob, the guy needs to fade into reality show oblivion. He’s been on numerous Survivors (three, I think) and got beat out by his girlfriend (props though for marrying her and getting his share of that million.) He was on the Amazing Race and lost. He was on some Poker show and he lost. Give it up, Rob.Go back to your millionaire wife and mooch off of her for awhile.

All I know is with Rob gone, that camp with have a lot less ego running around next week! Can’t wait to see what the Leprechaun does next!

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