They Took the "Biggest Loser Couples" Title Literally!

Cheesy beach theme? Check. Eyes staring to the horizon? Check. Muscle shirt? Check. They should use this as their engagement photo!

I will admit that I have neglected The Biggest Loser this season because I just can’t seem top pull myself away from American Idol ( a show about fat people just can’t compete with a show with people with who are missing teeth and Simon not giving a rat’s ass about what happens this season. It’s all too good for me to miss!)

That said, I did watch the show at the beginning at this season and got to know the contestants somewhat. Of all the contestants that started, I picked out two that would totally be hot once they lost all the fat. I picked Sam and Stephanie.

Apparently, they thought so too, as they are now dating! I feel like this has a good chance to work. It’s kind of like when Rob and Amber fell in love on Survivor— if you can love someone when they are dirty, stinky and have overgrown toenails, you can love them anytime. Same thing here: the contestants on Biggest Loser are big, sweaty, grunting and unattractive for most of their time on the ranch. If they can still fall for one another that probably means they like the right things about each other: what’s inside.

According to

After Sam is ejected from the game, the show’s cameras go to catch up with him — and reveal that he is now dating fellow contestant Stephanie. The pair is now living together in Los Angeles. Sam has reached his goal weight, and is no longer trying to shed pounds. The couple seems very happy together. In fact, Sam seems really happy.
Sam has this to say about his new romance: “I come home to my at-home prize every day.” Stephanie says this about her boyfriend: “I have a case of the Sams.”

The Biggest Loser has a good track record of getting contestants hooked up. When contestant Suzie cut Matt’s hair for him a few seasons back, true love blossomed and they ended up getting married and having some kids (and putting a lot of the weight back on, but that’s another story.) They’re already living together; I can totally see a big Bachelor-style dream wedding NBC special in the future!!!! Get your diamonds, Steph!

And, just for the record, I was totally right— Sam and Stephanie are both totally hot now!

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