‘The Bachelor’s’ DeAnna & Holly’s “Twin” Wedding Gowns: Gag Me With a Spoon!

Smile now, ladies, but when you both choose the same dress, you'll be slugging each other in the David's Bridal parking lot.

And so the “Bachelor Double Dream Wedding” news begins….

You probably remember a few months back when it was announced that former Bachelorette DeAnna Pappas got engaged to Stephen Stagliano, twin bro to Michael Stagliano, who was also on the Bachelorette (naturally). Then, not to be outdone by his twin, Michael also got engaged to his girlfriend, Holly Durst (who, of course, was also on the Bachelor). If you want to read The Ashley’s whole story of this shenanagaon, click here.

Anyway, back in August, The Ashley predicted that ABC would take this situation and run with it, creating “DeAnna & Holly Dream Wedding” specials by the dozen, running this twin wedding scenario into the ground in less time than it took Jake & Vienna to split and hate each other.

Well, The Ashley was right. The first of these sickening “very special moments” will be televised on ET, following DeAnna and Holly as they pick out “twin” wedding dresses (pun very much intended.)  The girls attend an Alfred Angelo fashion show (sponsor alert!) and then try on some of their favorite gowns (as you do.)

Now the gals are all smiles on camera when it comes to their double wedding extravaganza, but inside you know they both would like the other gal to take a hike and let the spotlight be solely on them.

I’m not saying this to be mean (although we all know that DeAnna has an enormous ego, as she displayed when she was The Bachelorette, so this must be killing her!) A lot of woman dream of their wedding day, hoping they will feel like a princess. Never in most women’s plans does it say that some other chick is going to steal half of your thunder and you’ll have to share your wedding with them, right down to squeezing a second set of names onto your wedding invitations!

So, are they going to have to walk down the aisle together? We really need to figure out the logistics of this whole double wedding thing!

DeAnna and Holly: this is your future! Enjoy!

Although the scenario of the Double Wedding was executed perfectly in the cinematic masterpiece “The Brady Girls Get Married,” they had the same dad, so they could walk down at the same time. Holly and DeAnna do not, therefore one girl will have to go first. (Naturally, that will be DeAnna, as she’s a bigger “star,” right?) Will they have concurrent ceremonies? The stress of the event is already killing me!

Are the gals worried that the stress of planning a double wedding, as well as the constant battle to get more attention than the other girl, will ruin their relationship, which they describe as “sister -like?”

Says DeAnna, “We’re hoping that the four of us still love each other when all of this is done.”

That makes one of us! The Ashley is hoping the wedding planning stirs up lots of dirt and drama!!


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