This “Teen Mom” is Single! Jenelle Splits With Creepy Kieffer!! Here’s What Happened….

Does this look like the face of a man that cheats? Yes...but not one that bathes...

Looks like Jenelle Evans is ready mingle!! The Teen Mom 2 star is officially reporting that she’s “single” on her Twitter and that she hasn’t spoken to her Band-Aid-covered boyfriend, Kieffer, since Friday night.

What caused the split?! The Ashley can exclusively tell you guys that the split was caused by Kieffer cheating on Jenelle on Friday night (while Jenelle was in Los Angeles, about to film the Teen Mom 2 finale special!)

According to Jenelle, Kieffer cheated on her with a girl at ‘da club (as you do). He convinced the girl that he and Jenelle were broken up and the girl hooked up with him. How did the Kief-ster convince this chick that he wasn’t with Jenelle? He gave the girl Jenelle’s number and told the girl call her! WTF?!

Kieffer admitted to Jenelle that he cheated right before she went to go tape the finale special, which is probably why she was in a terrible mood for most of the taping. (Or maybe it was being around her mother…)

Why must there be so many Band-aids?!

Anyway, Kieffer is a creepo….and Jenelle’s good to be rid of him. He is homeless, he does lots of drugs (and not just pot, Jenelle admitted to Dr. Drew). He’s also covered in Band-Aids all the time, and he looks like he hasn’t showered since Reagan was president. Needs to go.

However, The Ashley has a feeling that this isn’t the last we will see of the Kieff-ster. Jenelle likes bad boys (who don’t bathe), so he’ll be back soon enough.

Stay away from this guy, Jenelle! You need to go find a good Mormon guy…seriously….that’s the only way you’re going to get your life on track!

Update: Feb 23, 2011: Roundup Reader Danielle was kind enough to let us know that Kieffer and Jenelle were spotted LAST NIGHT roaming the Wal-Mart together (of course) in Wilmington, North Carolina! I guess she just can’t quit that creep! He was probably making her buy him Band-Aids.

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  1. She is just as much the problem as him. Its very sad when children have children. Still cant change the past, the best she can do is try to grow up and change that attitude of hers. She needs some ambition and some interests other than boys!

  2. Janelle just needs to stop fukn up grow up and take care of her baby.a man is never b4 a baby cuz its not guaranteed hes gonna b there forever but jace will.i just hope she grows up b4its to late

  3. I feel for jenelle… I no a lot of u been saying nasty shit about the girl… yes she made mistakes and still is but it don’t give y’all rights to call her the names u all r… u should feel ashamed of urselves… to judge anothers life is to quickly say ur perfect…I think janellle would be a good mother if it wernt for how others treat her… I feel sorry for this girl and I hope to see things start looking up for her and jace

  4. to all of you who have learned of keifer from the show teen mom 2 . I met kiefer once apon a time at the watershed treatment center in boynten beach fla. He was there to get clean from heroin and alchehol he and i became friends for the 90 days we were their he is a con artist and likes to fight and use drugs. he was kicked out of rehab for consistantly useing drugs(at a rehab) how dumb can you be. sorry Kiefer i had to let it out some how< janielle what are you doing with that loser he is just useing you, and there is no way you dont know what drugs he is doing , the band aids come on track marks so either you are a dope head also or really have no self confidence stay away from him……..joz

  5. Well I guess this is easier to judge people than trying to put yourselves in their shoes. I watch the show from Mexico, and as most of you, when I first saw Jenelle in 16 and pregnant, I thought she was just some piece of trash, that should never have had a kid. Then I watched Teen Mom, and I kind of understood where all her anger comes from…
    I think Jenelle is desesperate to get love and respect from her mother, but so far all I have seen from her mother is a constant lack of respect and love towards Jenelle. Jenelle really seems to be a smart girl, I know most of you won´t agree but I really feel she is, and I am sure she would be a way better person if she ever recieved some kind of good support at home. But she never did. When people are told constantly that they are trash, well then why would they even try to be something else?
    It really broke my heart when I saw her crying, saying how much she needs someone to love her… Have you people EVER tried to understand why she seems so desperate to have a “relationship” with WHOEVER? Doesn´t it seem to you that she have a void SO HUGE inside her heart that she is willing to fill it with WHATEVER, just to have someone saying something nice to her from time to time?
    I really hope she carries on with her life, finds a man that will love her and get the best out of her, because I am sure that there are just GREAT things inside her heart, she just needs someone to truly love her and bring her enough self-confidence and self-respect to get all the piece together. Jenelle, YOU GO GIRL!!!!!

    1. I totally agree. Let’s not forget that Janelle is, for all intents and purposes, still a child. She is desperate for love and she’s with Keiffee because a) she feels he understands we bc he’s all alone, abandoned by family and b) because they have an addictive relationship, meaning they are so consumed by the relationship and being with each other to avoid their real life issues. This is why Janelle always seems confused and on the edge of a total breakdown. I feel like the mother an daughter relationship is so sad. So much resentment. They need some serious therapy an janelle needs to be removed from the situation, encouraged to do well and feel safe. Of course, lots of people could benefit from something like that but they don’t always have the resources to do so. I really hope she gets through this to the other side and is a successful and happy person.

    2. I agree but it should b for her to give jace what her mom hasnt given her so he wont go threw what she went threw

  6. Honestly, I think this all quite dumb. I love the show teen mom, but from the instant that I saw Jenelle on sixteen and pregnant, I knew she was going to be a horrible mother. right after she had jace she was out partying. If i had a kid, i would want to spend every second i could with them. shes more worried about her boyfriends then she is her own child. the girl is selfish. but her mom is also a crazy lunitic so the apple doesnt fall far from the tree. her mom is just more responsible. but its not good when they are both yelling at eachother infront of jace. i honestly think jace should be taken away from both of them.

  7. i think jenelle needs to stay away from keifer, you can tell jenelle really does care about her son some people make mistakes but people callin her a bad mother can stop judgeing, judgers are stuck up.
    jenelle will make her own decisons rather people like it or not it is her life you no and she will live it the way she wants to somtimes u gotta give someone some space in order for them to breath and in order for them to change u gotta let em think instead of constantly tlkin bad bought her. leave her alone she will only make her own deicisons and nobody can change her but her self and she has to want to. now let her be its the best thing to do, trust me!
    -stephii babii

  8. Ya know, I have to agree that Jenelle and her mom have a jacked up relationship. It’s very sad actually…I think that Barbara knows or wants to believe that her daughter has the potential to be a good person and just keeps giving her chances…I’m not a mother, but it’s almost like Barb would feel guilty if something were to happen to her daughter so she gives her chance after chance. She really does worry and care about her daughter. As for Kiefer….he’s a total douchebag! All he is, is a mooch! Nice that he invited Jenelle over to a house that he’s not even supposed to be in and then leaves and it just so happens that the police come and find Jenelle there alone to go to jail. What a freakin loser…she’s a moron to think that he gives a damn about her…all he cares about is drugs and mooching off of her. Ridiculous!

  9. janelle’s mom keeps giving her chance after chance to change and step up to the plate but janelle keeps screwing it up. Janelle does things in the moment rather than thinking them through and thinking about the concequenses in the long run. They both need to go to counseling to learn how to deal with each other.Her mother lets her anger get the best of her and says stuff she might not mean. Janelle seems sensitive and holds things in until shes pushed to the breaking point and explodes. They’re both fucked up, nd the mom is right keiffer is using Janelle…u know what they say..misery loves company.Nd keiffer’s brother seems like an airhead too. The only way Janelle’s little boy is going to grow up normal is to go live with someone else more stable.

  10. This is a joke. Kieffer is a loser, as we all know, and even though I’m not a huge fan of Janelle I do kind of some what worry about where she’s going to be in a few months if she stays with this douchebag. Obviously Kieffer is a heroin addict, and he’s obviously at the stage where he is shooting up. He has a problem, and I knew this before the whole band aid thing came up. You can tell just by the way he acts. That’s not weed that makes you like that. Even if Janelle isn’t doing it right now (which I’d put money on it that she is) she will be soon enough. People that are in relationships together will usually influence the other to do what they do. Since Janelle is already a pot head, it wouldn’t be that out there for her to eventually try heroin since it’s readily available via her boyfriend. But I wouldn’t put it past her that she’s already do it, she’s just not addicted to it, but I promise you that it doesn’t take much to become defendant on that shit and she will be where Kieffer is soon enough (if she stays with him). She needs help and I hate to say, I don’t see her getting any anytime soon.

  11. The only thing this numbnut has going for her is that Keifer the Jack Wad didnt knock her up too… But I’m sure we will see her again on Teen Mom 3

  12. Janelle looks like half her brain is between her legs. She’s so confused looking….she spends usually 3 seconds with Jace and then ‘has to go somewhere’
    Keffer looks like he’s mentally retarded. He has a constant smirk like he’s in another part of the universe no matter WHAT is said….Filthy lazy droopy eyed last stage of stupid. Where DID they find these two….they’re beyond losers. By the way….why would anyone other than thick idiot Janelle ‘cheat’ with him. Geeeez

  13. My brother recommended I might like this website. He was totally right. This post truly made my day. You cann’t imagine simply how much time I had spent for this information! Thanks!

    1. he wears bandaids because he shoots up sweety, why else would he wear them all the time he had worn them so much it anit even a cover up no more..

  14. look people i knew jenelle personaly. she used to stay at my house spending the night with my daughter when we lived a street over from her in Oak Island. Back then she was 14 and i caught her on a vacant lot in the woods messing around with a boy name zack. To make a long story short i went to jenelle’s mom and told her want i had found her daughter doing. well that did nothing more then piss barbara off she told me i was lying her jenelle was a good girl n a cheerleader. Looks like Barb should had listened to her neighbor. I really hate it for Jace. You guys know Jenelle has a sister and a brother that was “sent away”yeah pore baby Jace two crazy women in his life.

    1. why you gotta put that shit up on the internet that was low dude!
      who gives a f**k if she went in the damn woods no body cares about that she was 14 then
      and not all of her family is crazy so back off and stop posting shit like this on the internet that is juss wrong! juss cuz u dont like tha girl dnt give u no right!

    2. You’re a dumb bitch. Low blow for real…wonder what goes on in your household that you care so much about a girl messing around in a parking lot with a boy. What were you doing there anyway? Spying on them? Pervert. Even if this did happen I’m assuming you weren’t trying to make the situation better; or cared about the girls well being by “notifying” her mom… then posting this online? Looks like someone has grudges against that family…

      1. Yeah! Because its completely normal and classy to be messing around in public especially when shes suppose to be taking care of someone else’s child

  15. I think Jenele needs to growup and be a mother to her son jace unstead of partying all the time . She is’nt the type of a person that would go find any guy to sleep with her . I agree with her mother Barbara been raising jace since Jenelle had gotta kick out of the house for good . she won’t ever change her ways at all. Jenelle needs to go to parenting classes to show her how to raise jace the right way . then no body would say anything about her .

  16. don’t we all just love reality tv. It is weird how this is not even aired yet but they are broken up. known mtv they would love to get this on tape

    1. That’s crazy-are the bandaids always in the same spot? It could be to cover up track marks from shooting up. I haven’t heard anything about it, but the placement is suspect. The dude is a loser anyway but that girl is complete trash. And on the last article she comment on her friends eyebrows-her eyebrow are horrific and she has absolutely no room to talk.

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