‘The Amazing Race’ Starts Tonight! Here’s Who’s Going To Be On It!

The Ashley loves The Amazing Race. It’s one of the few shows she watches that doesn’t make her feel like a creep for watching it. It’s one of the only reality shows with redeeming value.

Anyway, it’s been a while since the last Amazing Race aired, but you may remember from the teaser at the end of last season that this new season will be called “Unfinished Business.” Basically, producers have asked back some of the teams that had a good shot to win but experienced some bad luck along the way.

According to CBS, here’s who is going to be on the show:

Gary & Mallory: The Southern father and daughter duo from last season are back again! I loved these  guys; they seemed so sweet and they had lots of fun hillbilly sayings!


Amanda & Kris: These two are engaged. Does anyone freaking remember them?!

Flight Time & Big Easy: Yay! I loved these guys. The Harlem Globetrotters are back and ready to squeeze their ginormously tall bodies into tiny, European cars.

Lakisha & Jennifer: These athletic sisters can best be remembered for being terrified to swim during a challenge in Season 14.

Jet & Cord: H-E-double hockey sticks YES, the cowboys are back! Everyone loves these guys. They constantly wear their cowboy hats and say funny things.


Luke & Margie: Luke is deaf and Margie got all crazy on one of the teams that was making fun of him for it!

Kynt & Vixen: Who could forget the Goths? I just don’t see how they found the time to put on all that makeup every day while they were on the race…

Jaime & Cara: These former NFL cheerleaders came in second on Season 14.

Ron & Christina: This father was hard on his daughter during Season 12. Hopefully he’s learned his lesson and will be nicer!

Zev & Justin: Things went sour for this duo during Season 15 after they lost their passports. Hopefully they’ve each purchased a fanny pack to hold important documents this time around!!

Can’t wait!! Enjoy the season premiere!!

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