Another ’16 & Pregnant’ Couple Walked Down The Aisle…

16 and pregnant
Megan and Nathan tied the knot!

From 16 & Pregnant to 17 & Married…..(I think it’s supposed to go the other way though, no?)

Megan McConnell and Nathan Stone from the last season of 16 & Pregnant have tied the knot.

This should work out well for them….just ask fellow 16 & Pregnant alums Aubrey and Christinna how their marriages are doing. (I know, I’m mean and I suck. Oh well.)

If you can’t remember who the hell these people are (can’t blame you, there’s a lot of them to keep track of), The Ashley is happy to refresh your memory. Megan was the girl that had blond and pink hair and had the dad and sister that were in the military and came back from overseas to hear the joyous news that their (painfully immature) daughter/sister was knocked up by Nathan, a video-game obsessed loser with spider bite piercings, a bad attitude and no job. (Unless you count playing Rock Band2 as a career.)

Megan’s mom let Nathan and his complete video game console collection move in with them. (Always a good idea.) Megan eventually gave birth to baby Blake.

16 and pregnant
Here comes the bride…and her baby!

ANYWAY, so they got hitched this week. (I’d love to look at their wedding registry. It probably includes things such as Manic Panic hair dye, Call of Duty 2 and other assorted video games, oh…and maybe a frying pan or something.)

They filed for their marriage license on February 24 in Colorado.

The Ashley hopes for the best for the newlyweds, particularly for Baby Blakes’ sake. Nathan seemed like a real winner, so if Megan tolerates him long enough to celebrate their one-year anniversary, The Ashley would be surprised.

The Ashley was able to snag a few of the couple’s wedding photos. Enjoy!

8 Responses

  1. I actually work with Nathan and his girlfriend Samantha in a restaurant in Wyoming now. He seems to be doing good though, no talk of Megan or Blake.

  2. Ok i can understand that this is a show and the ashley is just stating what she seen on the show her blog is entertainment i enjoy reading it but yes i hope that jillandanthony are totally right i love to hear that people can grow and mature ! i was young when i got with my husband nobody thought we would make it and its been 6 years now and he is the man i always dreamed of marrying it just takes time people can change ! 🙂 But i dont think you should be bashing the ashley for she is just stating what was shown on the show 🙂

  3. What a loser! Is that all you do is watch TV and eat all day? All I can do is laugh at you! LMAO!!!

  4. ok yay you stole some pics off of facebook good job. The registry you found was not made by them, she is not pregnant again….they were not even together during the summer. He had been working 60 hours a week at a restraunt since April and we can tell you he is now working in heating and air making good money and going to school. Megan graduated highschool and has taken several classes in the medical field and works full time. We also can tell you that the mom did not let him move in with all his games and let him play games full time that is just what the show wanted to show the audience to stir controversy…and it succeeded. We also can tell you that he does not play games except on the weekends when baby is with grandma tina for the weekend….other than that he comes home from work and helps out with the baby just as he should.
    so keep your nasty bitter comments to a minimum until you know all the facts just not what you see. We love this couple and have seen so much maturity between the two.

  5. The ONLY reason I remember them (and not by name, mind you) was because I couldn’t understand why on earth mom let him move in, watched him be a loser and didn’t seem to say anything. And then, I couldn’t figure out why military bread winner dad allowed him to stay and didn’t ask mom “what the hell are you doing?!”

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