Homeless ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Creepy Kieffer Apparently Has Money For Tattoos…

…but not for a house, a car or money to bail himself out of jail.

Jenelle Evans posted this video of her on again/off again mooch of  a boyfriend, Creepy Kieffer, getting a chest piece tattoo in North Carolina recently.

Kieffer has no job, no place to live and a size-able arrest record (with charges still pending!) However, despite all of these financial woes, Kieffer isn’t worried– gotta get tatted up, yo!

How the hell did Kieffer get money to pay for this chest piece? (Not sure what they run exactly but I know it can be somewhere around $100 an hour, an they usually take up to eight hours to complete…correct me if I’m wrong).

So either Kieffer sold a lot of coke this week, sold another Jenelle story to the tabloids, or Jenelle plunked down the cash money to make this tattoo a reality!!

The best part of the whole thing is watching Kieffer wuss out and plead that he has to go to the bathroom to escape the pain! I’d tell him to man up, but it’s obvious from the past season of  Teen Mom 2 that this is no man…just a Class A mooch!!

What’s Baaaahbra going to say when she sees that “Kieffas gone and spent all  of Juuuhnelle’s money on anotha lousy tattoo??”


  1. jennifers comments are harsh and insensetive,but very true…stats show that teen moms kids are more likely to have harder lives …high school drop out rates are high amongst the parents and the kids in the future and teen moms seem to make horrible choices in the men that they had the child with.This is not the case always..good luck to the teen moms out their..true stats are against you ,but every case is different and you can over come the odds.happy holidays

  2. I too just stumbled across this site, and wow it incredible how stupid pople can be, I.e jennifer nd laser. They obviosuly must not watch the show cuz they would see that not all the mothers are as reckless as jenelle. Its true that many teen mothers end up on welfare, but that doesn’t mean all of them do. I think you should go back to college (although after re reading your post it doesn’t seem u ever went) and take a statistics course and learn how to read facts and figures, just because statitics show a large percentage of teen moms ending up on welfare or homeless or w.e, doesn’t mean that 100% of them do. Just like if you are obese your chances of accquiring diabetes or heart disease rises, but that doesn’t mean if you are obese you are gauranteed to get either of them. And as for your attacks on welfare,welfare was mde to help people that stumble upon hard times, I agree there are some flaws in the system that allow people to abuse it (trust me I know I’m a puerto rican from brooklyn and have plenty of family members on it) ,but again not everyone abuses it, on the show kailyn who is such a hardworking mother he has 2 jobs and school full time she deserves it more than anyone but because of morons like you(jennifer & laser) she refuses it because she doesn’t want be stereotyped as an abuser. If you have such a problem why don’t you get off your ass and go beproductive in society and do something about get a petition going, or a rally, instead of being a useless waste of space and going online and insulting and stereotyping others. Also, who are you to say who should be breeding or not? A lot of these girls again I said a lot not all, a lot of them get pregnant by accident, it doesn’t mean they are all stupid or ignorant, in fact the only people that shouldn’t be breeding is people like you who spread your ignorance and hate. You say all these things about teen mothers, and yet the ones that have posted seem way more educated than you two.

  3. Just stumbled onto this page after watching him hit her, quality use of language, you brought me to tears in laughter. That girl doesn’t have a chance in the world, or an ounce of smarts.

  4. JENNIFER IS SO RIGHT! I think the people disagreeing are teen moms in the handout line: Medicaid, Welfare, Food Stamps, Housing vouchers, Food Pantries, Daycare and on and on. 75% of all single moms are on welfare within five years of giving birth. Only we working people are paying for their irresponsible selfish behavior. Chelsea got her wisdom teeth pulled thanks to Medicaid yet goes to Lady GaGa concert; Jenelle can get Keiffer a tatoo but goes to the foodbank and is thrilled to get brand name foods, Kailyn’s student “loan” will never be repaid, Leah is having a third kid and can’t support the two she has. Yeah, I do not like paying for Teen Breeders kids. Anybody can pop a kid. Parenting one takes education, intelligence, money, and a strong sense of moral values. Scream all you want. But in so doing, you’re labeling yourself as ignorant losers!

  5. Also I must add teen pregnancy isn’t new epidemic. Back 40yrs to 1800’s most women married at very young ages and where all teen moms!!! And so the rude comments from people are ignorant. So your implying your bottom of the barrel trash because your grandma/great grandma was most likely young teen mom and married very young. People who post ignorance show the world they nothing!!! Hope that your children aren’t teen moms. Be careful what bad stuff you throw out because it will all come back on you. Life is circle. You get what you put out. Negative brings negative into your life. And your heart gets colder more ugly you are in inside. Hate in your heart isn’t healthy!!

  6. My mom was teen mom and ended up with 5kids. We all have hs diploma and 3college graduates. My bro too young college but about graduate hs. My sister graduated with honors from Yale and now attends Harvard. Other sister is nurse and other is going into police academy. She’s happily married and has 3kids. Also attended college. I’m happy married I’m Sahm and also going school fall. My husband Marine and with deployment it’s hard raise family and attend school full time. So your theory of teen moms is BS. My mom was teen mom at 15! None of her kids live in poverty are lower class or ever lived off government!!! She also been with my dad 31yrs!!

    1. Forgot add that my mom had 5kids but she also went school to become teacher. She did great Job teaching and she deceited have my brother later on in life and became Sahm again. But she’s living proof that teen moms can have great life. She had 5kids got teaching degree and with my dad 30+yrs she did awesome!!!

  7. Well older women are more likely to have downms syndrome children, obese women have more complicated pregnancies which can lead to birth defects, no racism intended at all, but Hispanics are more likely to be on welfare, and many other groups of people have higher percentages of parenting problems. I don’t see why you brought welfare into it at all because if you look at the welfare statistics overall, most of them aren’t teenagers. So to say that one group of people is breeding the underclass is just ignorance. Not every teen mother fits your statistics. And lots of older women are worse parents than most teen mothers. You need to do some reading on teen mothers other than these celebrities. You are just an ignorant bitch Jennifer.
    -teen mother with a healthy daughter, married to the father, and we support ourselves without any help.

    PS- You know absolutely nothing about teen parenting and we would all appreciate you shutting your mouth.

  8. I don’t get what ur point is. Being a teen mom isn’t the best choice? Obviously but this isn’t a new epidemic and its obvious that being a teen mom isn’t easy but a lot of those stats have to do with the fact that most teen moms end up being single moms which factors in too. All of those stats might be true but there are plenty of people who are working to change that. I just think you calling them bottom of the barrel and stupid is a part of the reason why these kids get pregnant in the first place. No one to tell them they are loved. No one to tell them they are worth something and can do something with their lives. Its easy to look for love in the wrong places when you don’t get it at home. Exihibit A Jenelle. Exihibit B Kailyn.

  9. Children of teen mothers are more likely to be born prematurely and at low birth weight,
    which raises the chances of blindness, deafness, mental retardation, cerebral palsy, and
    other disabilities.31 Children of teen mothers are 50 percent more likely to repeat a grade.
    They also perform much worse on standardized tests and ultimately they are less likely to
    complete high school than children of mothers who waited to have a baby.32 The
    daughters of teen mothers are 22 percent more likely to become teen mothers themselves.
    The sons of teen mothers are 13 percent more likely to end up in prison.30 A 1990 study shows that almost one-third of all teen mothers
    and one-half of unmarried teen mothers go on welfare within the first year of the birth of
    their first child. Within five years after the birth of their first child, almost one-half of all
    teen mothers and over three-quarters of unmarried teen mothers began receiving

    1. I think your a coward or are a teen mom yourself. Cuz I was a teen mom. And BOTH my children are straight A students. And when I graduated with my 3.5 Gpa, I went on to college all while being a single teen mom. So fuck you broad

  10. Did any of you hear the damning statistics cited by Dr. Drew last night, how much more likely the kids of these MORONIC teens will end up in prison, in poverty, in abusive relationships? Wake up. These stupid girls are breeding the underclass, period. These kids NEVER amount to anything.

    1. Go Jennifer you are so right. These low life’s are ruining their children’s lives and should be in jail for child abuse. Anyone who thinks that a teenager can be a good parent needs to have their head examined.

  11. Whoa Jennifer. That’s pretty harsh. Most of the teen moms on this show have great support systems and will ultimately turn out fine if u ask me. Obviously no one wants to have a baby as young as they do but I feel its only appropriate to rally around them and support them because at the end of the day teen moms are probably some of the strongest people in the world and usually step up to the plate and do the best they can by their kids. Jenelle in my opinion is in a small minority of moms that just don’t get it but the fact that she is young doesn’t have a whole lot to do with it since I know moms who are older who make harmful decisions like she does. I know many teen moms, some in my own family that are great moms. I admit that I make fun of this show a lot but at the end of the day to wish nothing but the best for them is completely ridiculous n rude. Know this!

  12. Jennifer,
    do you really have to post your negative comments on EVERY single post on this site?!
    Nobody really gives a shit about your opinion of these girls. And we are tired of reading the same crap on every post. Apparently you have issues with teen mothers. But nobody cares about you on here and would appreciate you leaving for good. If you’re so against teen moms and this show, then why do you waste all of your time on these webpages?!
    Get a freaking life.
    -proud teen mother!!

  13. Teen mom’s have ALWAYS been the stupidest girls in the class, and Jenelle and the rest of them are just typical of the bottom of the barrel. They are no one to emulate. They shouldn’t be breeding, their kids will end up in jail and/or in poverty, or knocked up with their own teenage kids.

  14. Two things that would make sense for this story. 1. Jenelle paid for the tat.
    2. We are all lucky enough to see it documented on teen mom 2 season 2 complete with an inexplicable Jenelle voiceover where she explains that Special K is getting a tat before he gets sent to jail for good. Maybe something like this. “Lately things have been really crazy for Keiffer and I. We both got arrested again last week and he still has no job and is homeless. I know it sounds bad but it could be worst. Keifer is trying to change and I’m going to support him by paying for his new tattoo. I know I’m stupid but I love him and I want to be a better mom for Jace.”

    Honestly I can’t think of a most ridiculous or unreal explaination than this. If Jenelle ever gets Jace, I would be shocked. Barb should be treated by everyone as a complete…hero.

  15. I hate this guy! such a loser! Jace is so cute & I feel so bad for him b/c his mom would rather hang out with this jabroni than him.

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