Butch & April: ‘Teen Mom’ Star-Crossed Lovers!

"I love how your mullet shines in the moonlight!"

Oh, Teen Mom. How I’ve missed thee….just one more month to go before you come back to me! (Season 3 premieres on July 5, just FYI.)

Although The Ashley has missed Gary & AMBO, Maci and the whole gang, the castmembers she is most excited to see are Butch, the Mullet King and April, Queen of the Virginia Slims. (You know they’re secretly your favorite too!) Unfortunately, it seems that we won’t be seeing much of Butchy in the upcoming season. (And almost certainly not in Season 4, which is filming right now!)

As The Ashley reported a while back,  Butch is back behind bars (again) for violating an order that he stay away from his wife, April. Apparently, some of April’s family decided to call the trusty parole officer and report that the star-crossed lovers were together. The cops came and sent Butchy back to the pokey.

Butch is scheduled to get out very soon; however, he won’t be able to see his wife April until December due to his parole!

Is it wrong that I feel kind of bad for these two? I know I make fun of them a lot but that situation really does suck. What also sucks is we won’t get to see much of Butch on Season 4, being that he was in jail and all. This makes The Ashley very sad. Butch and Jenelle‘s mom Baaarabra Evans, are half the reason I watch these crappy shows!

Things seem to be going just fine over at the Baltierra house, even without Butch. Catelynn is graduating from high school this weekend and she seems to be getting along much better with her mother than when Season 2 ended.

I think I will be making a “Free Butch” T-shirt to match my brand-new “Gary Time” frock!


  1. She is forever spewing hate and curses. I find it very hard to like “Skeletor” after all the times she’s treated sweet, respectful Caitlyn badly without any reason, other than that’s what Skeletor does, maybe because of the alcohol, the drugs, or both. And those times are just the tip of the iceberg. I dread to think what Caitlyn probably has had to endure all her life with this horribly grudgy mother of hers, but at least the poor girl has come out stronger for it. Heck, she is even seen parenting April’s adorable little boy, while April does…what? Spend time on FB or Twitter for a start, and probably being hungover or the gods know what… No wonder her and Tyler decided to give
    Carly up for adoption! Both Tyler and Butch are unpredictable
    crackheads, and they would have been very damaging to that precious baby…Nope, I cannot get to like Skeletor.

  2. no need to post this. im friends with april on fb and shes actually a really nice woman..it sucks to not be able to be with the person you love bc of annoying circumstances. ive dealt with it as well. so this post was jus unnecessery

  3. You probably won’t be seeing these 2 anytime soon. They were just arrested for meth and weed possession.

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