’16 & Pregnant’ Stars Ebony & Josh Rendon Try To Explain Their Arrest

16 & Pregnant
"It wasn't our pot! Or our poop! Well...maybe it was..."

The Teen Mom/16 & Pregnant fan world was shocked yesterday when TMZ broke the story that Season 1 couple Josh and Ebony Rendon had been arrested for child endangerment and drug charges after Child Protective Services raided their house on Monday night and found deplorable living conditions!

In case you missed the story, here’s the basics: CPS and the police received tips from neighbors that living conditions inside Josh and Ebony’s home were less-than-stellar. When they went in they found that “every room inside the residence was covered with human and dog feces on the floor, walls and clothing,” according to the arrest report.

One of the pups that was taken away...how cute is he?!

The CPS took their baby, Jocelyn, away and even animal control stepped in to confiscate their dogs. (You know it’s bad when they take animals away!) The house was also reportedly full of flies and maggots. (Um…yuck.)

Anyway, after the story posted and circulated, Ebony took to her Official Facebook Fan Page to try to explain how something like this could have happened. (The fan page has since been removed.)

In her post, she said that she and Josh were still trying to recover from the loss of their unborn child this spring (You can read about that here) and hinted that things haven’t been “right” with the couple since then.

As for Josh, he admitted to TMZ that CPS was right to do what they did because “the house was not clean.”

Josh took to his personal Facebook to explain the incident to his friends and family:

Posted last night. Click to enlarge

The two are out of jail but will obviously have to go back to court to face all of their charges, which include maintaining a drug premise (possibly meaning they were selling drugs out of their house on the Little Rock Air Force Base), endangering the welfare of a child and possession of drug paraphernalia. Jocelyn is still in the custody of CPS, as far as I can tell.

It’s weird that major news outlets are picking up ’16 & Pregnant’ stories! It’s amazing how being on one episode of an MTV show can change your life forever and make you ‘newsworthy!’

Update! The Jacksonville, Arkansas, Police Department has released a few photos of the inside of the house! (I don’t know why but that makes me excited! You know you wanted to see it too!) You can see those pictures here. In one you can see a log of poop chillin’ in the corner on the floor. Groooooosss!

Also, they are scheduled to appear in court on October 6. They are free on an $8,000 bond. Currently, neither have entered a plea or have an attorney.

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  1. this page is cute baby pictures on the show and my frindes is haveing a baby boy my frindes names is shelby i love her i just said that you what a two boys she love to be a one boy

  2. It is hard for me to accept the fact that these parents would raise their toddler child in this filthy house. I understand that Ebony had a miscarriage but that is really no excuse to let your living arrangements become that nasty. Like someone said above, there are ways she could have coped with that other than turning to drugs… on a military base. To the person freaking out about grammar: As an advanced practice psychiatric nurse, I am almost positive that this child probably has already developed a psychiatric/emotional disorder from living in this environment.. I doubt foster care will make her condition any worse. It is sad that she can’t be with her parents.. but would you want your child living like that? If you have any sanity, then you wouldn’t. Anyway, I think that there was more behind this than Ebony’s miscarriage. Both of them OBVIOUSLY have some sort of issue if their house looks like this.. its just not normal. But I hope the best for them.. maybe they can get their lives together.

  3. To josh’s mom: Your son and baby momma shouldnt have decided put thier lives on a t.v show if they didnt want thier buisness everywhere. The reporter probably knows a bit more than you do, considering ypu live out of state and all. It doesnt matter what your going through, your kids come first. They have no excuse. Maybe they will grow up and get thier crap together instead of furthing the statistic that teen parents are bad parents.

  4. i don’t understand how someone can live in an environment like that i had a miscarriage and i definitely didn’t let my personal hygiene fall apart, that’s disgusting. poor child.

  5. I just love how in the 2nd or 3rd picture, a dvd of ‘Your Baby Can Read’ is mixed in with the paraphernalia. That’s parenting at it’s best! .. (NOT)

  6. You have got to be some kind of stupid to do that while living on an AIR FORCE BASE! He might as well kiss his military career goodbye.

  7. i keep thinking this is the couple who had twins and the dad kicked the mother out of th e car on the side of the road. but i guess not bc they only mention one baby. so i guess if youre trash you all pretty much look thes ame

    1. they’re from season 1 of 16 and pregnant. Ebony and Whitney were the two girls who did not get featured on Teen Mom.

  8. Wow. Just, wow. I understand making mistakes as a parent but there is just no excuse for this with all the resources they have available to them as a military family. If they were having trouble dealing with the miscarriage (completely understandable) Ebony and Josh should have taken themselves to counseling…it is FREE and they would have had their choice of being counseled by mental health or a chaplain. For the love of God, they live on base! NO EXCUSE! It sucks that the little girl has to be in foster care since the grandparents live in another state, but she should stay there until they can demonstrate to the court that they can at least keep their home free of feces and maggots for an extended period of time! Good Lord. To think that this poor child was being abused and neglected because her parents chose not to take advantage of all the no cost resources available to them…if Josh is dishonorably discharged he is going to have trouble even getting a job delivering pizza and they will be in even more of a mess…this is so sad.

  9. Wow. What a far cry from when MTV did the “Where Are They Now” special. They seemed to really have it together. This is very sad. It seems like a lot of these teen moms are totally getting caught up in the “celebrity” of these shows and losing sight of what is really important here….their kids. So sad.

  10. Jocelyn went to foster care bc they live in Ark and both Eb/Josh’a families are in Colorado.

    Now, were they really selling drugs or just charged w that bc there was a large amoutn of drugs found in their house.

    Stupid stupid of them to be getting high ON THE BASE IN THE BASE HOUSE.

    If this durg binge dirty house is a result of Eb being depressed over her ectopic preg, fine. But what is Josh’s excuse? he is a US Air Force airplane mechanic …he needs to be focused and not be high !

  11. Wow, that is just sad. There had to be something wrong with both of them to let it get that bad. And isn’t selling off a military base get you in twice the trouble?

  12. Maybe they both just lose it for while I do feel like they are good parents. And with the help of the state and maybe court order parents classes they can both get their act together for Jocelyn. Foster care is not always the answer to this cases I think cps should of put Jocelyn with a family member not foster care. I don’t believe Ebony and Josh are bad parents and that their daughter she never be with them like how some peoples are saiding. They are young and they made a mistake it not a excuse but I feel like if Amber and Gary can still have custody of Leah. Then their is no reason why Ebony and Josh should not get their daughter back this is what make me so mad at CPS. The mistakes that Ebony and Josh made can easily be fixed with classes and support system Jocelyn was not physical abuse. But Cps allow some many Cases to fall throught the crack where the kids are being mistreated and harm. I feel like Ebony and Josh are being hang out to dry like they are the worst parents of the year like I said these mistakes can be fix. I do think that Ebony is depressed over her baby and she just lost it I hope Ebony and Josh can their daughter. With Foster care some people take the kids in just for the checks and the kids are being abused so foster care system is not perfect.

    1. Wow who wrote this? I have NEVER seen someone write w/ such POOR spelling and incorrect use of words! This person’s education is almost. As sad as this story!!! But seriously… I wanna now how human feces gets ALL over their home!!! And that is troubling that Jocelyn was sent to Foster Care instead of a family member!!!

        1. Because I accidentally tapped the spacebar twice causing it to put a period between almost and as?! And just to make things clear, I was talking about the comment NOT the writer’s article! Ashley is the BEST!!!

          1. “As sad as this story” is not a complete sentence. “Feces” is a plural noun. “Feces gets” is a verb phrase that lacks subject-verb agreement; it should have the verb “get.” You could probably do with a little grammar help yourself before you start trying to correct other people.

            Having pointed those two mistakes out (and rest assured that I could go on), I’d like to say that I agree with Jessica’s point about children often being better off with relatives than going into foster care. Furthermore, taking a child away from her caregivers (with whom she has developed significant attachments) is a traumatic event, and if it ever must be done for her own welfare, there certainly must remain open the option of her returning to them. I think the miscarriage probably wasn’t the beginning of their messiness, but I can understand how a major depressive episode can severely reduce your ability to function. They could both benefit from classes, like Jessica said, and typically it is in the best interest of the child to be returned to her parents/caregivers.

            Kids tend to only be permanently removed from their primary caregivers when they are being abused by them physically or sexually. Those arguing that one mistake, however egregious, should completely terminate a couple’s parental rights clearly don’t have an idea of the importance of early attachments in life. Pathogenic introjects, anyone? Objects-relations theory? Personality disorders? Yeah, it is best to provide parents who stray into neglect and endangerment a major reality check and some tools that can help them parent their own children. Does anyone really want every child from a filthy home to be a permanent ward of the foster care system? We already have 500,000 children needing our care; let’s let the parents who want to do better show them they can do it.

          2. ^^ As an advanced practice psychiatric nurse, I would imagine that this child has already developed some sort of emotional/mental issue(s). I don’t think being separated from the parents would make matters any worse. All a child needs is a nurturing environment to properly develop and she OBVIOUSLY is not getting the care that she needs with her parents. Sorry if my grammar is not up to par for you.. 😀

          3. a bigger pet peeve would be a dunce who can barely put together a proper sentence herself correcting others. idiot

        2. P.S. One or two mistakes r normal but she had 18!! That’s why I said what I said. It’s just a major pet peeve of mine! Sorry

          1. Actually the reason I had misspell words and grammar error. Is because im using an iPhone not a computer I get you don’t like spell errors. But you don’t have to be rude

          2. you guys are acting so immature, who cares about grammar & spelling? this isnt about that. so act like grown ups. seriously if someone misspells something, how the heck is that your problem? seriously, grow up

      1. LOL Jamie before attacking someone on their grammar maybe take a look at your own before posting HAHA or else you just end up looking like a fool its (know) not now. My take on the whole situation, I would have to say Ebony has been suffering from some kind of depression after the loss of their baby and has just let things slip a bit and now its just gotten out of control. I for one hope the can get the help they very much need and be the parents their little girl needs.

      2. I am so tired of people passing judgement on my son. You don’t know him or the actual situation. There were NO human feces or even animal feces all over the house. There were stains on the carpet from the puppies that their dog just had. Since the weather in Arkansas is severe they couldn’t be kept outside. They house was a mess but what is being reported is not accurate. My granddaughter is not with her family because we are all out state and it takes time to get a child transfered out of state once this happens. Stop judging people you don’t know. How would you like the worst thing that ever happen to you posted all over the internet, newspapers all over the country and tv?

        1. Kids don’t get removed for nothing love.

          Your son and his baby mama, we’re lazy and filthy, instead of bashing others, go take a look at your parenting.

          If you don’t like what’s being said, you all shouldn’t have put your lives on tv.

    2. Wow ok now that we had this great discussion over grammar, can we get to the real issue … Are u people serious?? Parenting classes? Come on, you need parenting classes to tell you NOT TO PUT POOP ON THE FLOOR AND WALLS OF A HOME WHERE A TWO YEAR OLD IS LIVING? It’s bad enough that a person would let their own house get like that, and live with crap, flies, and maggots but here you have TWO GROWN PEOPLE! And they are taking carr of their own daughter, and they let their house get that disgusting and dirty?!? Do u know how long you have to be absentminded with a living environment where there actually starts to be the planting and growth of maggots?!? And let’s face it, they are not THAT young. They are 20 years old! How old do u have to be to know that poop needs to be cleaned up and sharing a home with an abundance of flies isn’t healthy. 20 years old is not a child it is a young adult, and obviously they are grown enough to get married, try for a second kid, and, for him, be in the Air Force. There is no excuse for what they let their child live in. And yes it is as bad as physically abusing a child and CPS is right to take away their daughter until they can prove safe living conditions. Two year olds are walking around constantly touching things and putting their fingers in their mouths or picking things up and chewing/eating it. Do u know how dangerous it is for a child to ingest feces? It’s like ingesting poison. Why do u think babies still on the fetus need emergency care if they eat their own feces in the womb. It is a serious thing that these two parents let happen, I don’t care what the reason. They better be prepared to handle all sorts of heartaches and stresses, especially as parents, without allowing their house to become a dilapidated mess. And by the way, how does anyone know if they are “good parents” otherwise. I hope for the sake of Jocelyn they are but seriously people, she was on ONE episode of 16 & Pregnant and I think they stop filming at like 6 or 8 week or something, and she did like a 10 minute “where are they now segment”. How does anyone really know.

      1. Amen!!! This child WAS being abused. I agree that Amber is a terrible mother, but that is a separate issue. No child should be forced to live in that filthy home. It is unsanitary and dangerous for the child. Also, the child could find the drugs and get hurt. These two are terrible parents no matter what their age is.

    3. No. They are not good parents. If they were good parents, this would NOT HAVE HAPPENED. You don’t get to call yourself a good parent if you let your child crawl around in trash and feces. And yes, every parent ‘slips up’ now and then. But this was not a simple slip up, this was downright neglect. That baby girl deserves better.

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