Did Robyn Have the ‘Sister Wives’ Baby Yet?

"Hurry up and have the baby so we can move on to another storyline!"

The Ashley can’t confirm it, but it sure sounds like it! From what I can gather, she seems to either have just had the baby or is currently in labor. (Again, not 100% sure on this one though!)

Kody and Robyn Brown (of Sister Wives fame) have been patiently waiting for the arrival of Solomon Brown, their first child together. (Robyn has three from a previous marriage and Kody has about 1,000 from his other wives.)

Anyway, the baby was supposedly due on October 12 so Robyn was very overdue when she did a chat over on the Sister Wives family Facebook page last weekend and announced that the baby hadn’t come yet. The baby still hadn’t arrived as of last night, but it looks like Solomon may finally be making his way out into the world today. (This is speculation based on Internet creeping done by The Ashley.)

Robyn will be/is having the baby at her home  in Las Vegas from what The Ashley hears. Fans of the show have been sending baby gifts to both her home and a special ‘Sister Wives’ PO Box, which I think is kind of cool. (Wanna send them a baby gift? Here’s their baby registry!)

Anyway, The Ashley recommends taking a look at Starcasm’s fantastical Brown Family Tree to help you understand which child belongs to which wife. It’s very helpful. (Robyn’s new baby hasn’t been added yet!)

(Photo: TLC)

Update October 26: The Ashley was right! People magazine just made the “official” announcement on their website that the baby has been born. But don’t forget: The Ashley told you first! It’s always fun when The Ashley gets to scoop People!

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  1. Just wanted to let u guys know that I am very proud to say this, who really cares or whos buisness is it that they jude guys! They dont have to watch the show or go online to mess with u guys! Just please be careful not to feel down just because of alot of the ppl,just quit watching!dont judge,only the lord shojld judge how one wife man has four wives!!

  2. The Brown family CONGRATS. Your older kids go to high school with my daughter. Im so happy for the baby hope uu all r healthy n happy. You deserve it n welcome to Las Vegas. You all set a loving eample to others!:) ….. Sherill vinzant

  3. Does she have the 3 older ones? Why do I only remember the boy and one girl. I watch Sister wives every week and I never noticed her haveing a 3rd child….guess I should pay more attention…oh well.

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