Who is Rick, the Mysterious ‘Survivor’ Cowboy?

I'm mysterious!

OK Survivor fans, admit it. You’re just as intrigued with Rick from Survivor as I am.

I’ll admit it; before researching this story, I didn’t even know his name was actually Rick. I have been referring to him as “He Who Will Not Talk” since the start of this season of ‘Survivor.’

But who is this mysterious cowboy? We don’t know much about him (except that he can work a mustache like nobody’s business!) We’ve seen him, lurking in the background during pivotal scenes; sitting silent at tribal council. We’ve even caught half-glimpses of his trusty cowboy hat during challenges. But The Ashley needs to know more.

The Ashley has been meaning to write about this for a while, but has gotten busy and it’s been put to the side. (That’s what happens when you’re living la vida loca, ya’ll.) She’s done some research and found out that 1) Rick is an actual person; he is not a robot, contrary to what some may think. 2) He’s an avid ‘Survivor’ fan, although we would never know that because he never talks about his love for the game (or anything else, for that matter).

Rick Nelson really is a rancher (that hat is not just for show!) He owns a cattle ranch in Colorado that has been passed down through the generations of his family, according to a story done by his local newspaper. He is 51 years old. (This surprised me, as I thought he was a lot younger. Maybe that’s the work of the cowboy hat. It covers the wrinkles. Mental note for later.)

He’s applied to be on ‘Survivor’ 14 times! He’s been applying since the eighth season and was interviewed several times by producers, only to get turned down. He was eventually chosen because he won the CBS/Sears Casting Call Contest, based on public vote.

"So apparently there's a guy named Rick on this season of Survivor." "Really? Never heard of him."

He also has a good eye for people to team up with.

“We went to Survivor School and they taught us how to weave the leaves for shelters and baskets,” he told Xfinity TV in a pre-show interview. “I was weaving all these things and the one gal in here was doing the same thing. The rest of them were reading books and drinking sodas and hanging out. It’s been raining every stinking night and I want to be dry.”

He’s also a God-fearin’ man (as they say in country songs). He told Xfinity that if he wins ‘Survivor’ he plans to donate 10% to his church.

Wouldn’t it be a hoot if Rick actually won the whole thing? Maybe he’s on to something with his “no talking” strategy. Perhaps if he keeps mum long enough, he’ll be able to slide under the radar. Keeping his trap shut the whole game may will turn out to be the best ‘Survivor’ strategy yet!

One things for sure: he hasn’t pissed anyone off. How could he; he has yet to say one word!?

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