Top 10 Barbara Quotes From Season 2 of ‘Teen Mom 2’

Another season of Teen Mom 2 has come and gone, and with it goes Jenelle’s strangely accented mother, Barbara Evans. Fans of the show know that the can count on Babs to take care of Jenelle’s son, Jace, as well as serve up some fantastic one-line zingers in her Southern/Bostonian/other worldly accent.
Although it would be hard for Babs to top her quotes from Season 1, she did put in a good effort this season. (There’s no way to compete with last season’s “High! High! Ya both high!” That one’s pretty much untouchable in terms of greatness.)

The Ashley brings you her Top 10 favorite Barbara-isms of ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 2!
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1. “Well, Juh-nelle I see ya with Kieffa!” (Episode 1)

Babs started Season 2 off with a bang, delivering this line right before she kicked Jenelle out of her house (again) for hanging out with Kieffer (again). Babs had warned her daughter multiple times that she would kick her out if she caught her carousing with her Kieffer, and she meant it!

teen mom 22. “I hope ya have fun livin’ in the street with ya booooooyfriend!” (Episode 1)

Barbara was just a little bit of heaven during episode one. After kicking her out, Barbara hustles multiple laundry baskets of Jenelle’s crap out of the house and onto the curb. She stretches the word “boyfriend” to new lengths for added effect.

teen mom 23. “I don’t want it on my property! Tell ya boooyfriend to come pick ya up!” (Episode 1)

Barbara wasn’t talking about Kieffer when she cackled this line. She was actually talking about all of Jenelle’s stuff, which had already been laundry basketed out the door. However, this line could also apply to Kieffer.

teen mom 24. “Ya done! Go live with ya scummy boyfriend!” (Episode 1)
Barbara chose the perfect description of Kieffer: scummy. He’s broke, he’s a troublemaker and there’s a strong possibility that he smells of mold and marijuana. He is essentially the definition of the word “scummy.” Jenelle wasn’t able to go live with Kieffer, as Kieffer was homeless. Oh, the irony!

teen mom 25. “Jumpa cables! Fix-a-Flat! Thing ya need for ya car!” (Episode 4)

Babs gleefully delivers these lines as she doles out Jenelle’s birthday presents, all of which were apparently purchased at the car wash on her drive home from work. Instead of giving Jenelle presents that she actually wanted, Barb buys her crap for her car, which she knows Jenelle won’t want. It’s her way of jabbing her daughter back for all the havoc she’s caused.

6.Don’t lie about smokin’ the weed to the judge. He’ll throw the book at ya! Don’t lie about the weed! The weed, Juh-nelle! Don’t lie about the weed!” (Episode 5)

Jenelle’s going to court and Barb decides to give her daughter some helpful advice for when she faces the judge. She tells Jenelle to be truthful with the judge about her drug use. Apparently Jenelle is deaf (or Barb just thinks she is) because she repeats this line about 10 times as her daughter is walking out the door.

7. “What about all ya furnitura?” (Episode 10)
Barbara uttered this catchphrase after Jenelle informs her that she will no longer be living at her friend’s house because Jenelle and her friend got into a physical fight. Barb is unfazed over Jenelle’s fighting (at this point, this isn’t exactly something out of the ordinary for Jenelle). However, she is concerned as to what will become of Jenelle’s fine house furnishings, including a dirty, old couch.

8. “Those are the worst dough-boys I eva made, they turned out howwable.”(Episode 11)
Poor Babs cackled out this line when the doughboy pastries she was making turned into a complete mess (much like the life of her daughter, Jenelle). Although the doughboys turned out horrible, she still serves them up to her family.

teen mom 29. “He’s gone! He moved out with a Hootas waitress!” (Reunion Special)

Yes kids, sometimes relationships just don’t work out. Even fairytale-esque couples like Barbara and Mike sometimes end up breaking up. Barbara informed us during the Reunion Special that she and her longtime “booooooyfriend,” Mike, are no longer together, partly due to his infatuation with a well-endowed restaurant server.

Teen Mom 210. “I told ya, Kieffa is no good for ya!” (Practically every episode)
Jenelle should have listened to Babs when she told her this during nearly every episode of ‘Teen Mom 2.’ It would have saved her plenty of time, money and effort. We all know that Babs is a smart broad; when will Jenelle figure it out too?


  1. Hahahaha
    Jenelle Evans is a cheap, knock off tramp. So minimumly educated and really shows her lack of intelligence every time she opens her mouth.
    What a skank. Love how she has a charger , hummer, house..
    It’s all bs. She has no money and she is completely tied up in legal situations.
    Just a real piece of trash.

    1. Oh yeah let’s not forget about her fake blue contacts and her boob job.
      Knock off Tiffany’s jewelry and her stray on tan

  2. I need to find BARBARA sound clips! Would be great to randomly text BARBARA to people, I’d send the Keiffah to my sister repeatedly

  3. I don’t remember the season it was on, but Barbara says to Jenelle.. Jenelle they got those cameras! I laughed so hard at that one. I love Barbara!

  4. This is a delight to read. I wish someone would put together a “nuttin’ but Barb” video for times when I need a laugh. I don’t know how such a rooted woman raised such a drifty child.

  5. My first experience of Barbara was her yelling at Jenelle to close the lid of the toilet before the baby fell in and drowned… that woman is a whole new world of crazy.

  6. holy.crap.
    1- hahahahaha. 2- im glad someone else said something about the way she said boyfriend so hatefully . 5 -the car wash thing, so true!

    this gave me a big laugh. oh that barbara.

  7. Love it. I tried to read these without the accent but I couldn’t. And thank you for #9. I couldn’t understand what she was saying in regards to why her boyfriend moved out but it was a Hooter’s girl? The man must have some money…

  8. When she gave Jenelle the birthday gifts of Fix-a-Flat and jumper cables, she wasn’t just giving her lousy gifts from her stop at the gas station before she came home – she was taunting Jenelle for having recently been living in her car.

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