MTV Confirms ‘Teen Mom 3!’ Which Girls Will be Chosen?

16 & Pregnant
Is this the new "Catelynn & Tyler?"

After month of rumors circulating that a third show would be added to the insanely popular Teen Mom franchise, MTV has finally confirmed that there will be a Teen Mom 3! On Monday, MTV circulated a press release to media outlets informing them that the rumors were true!

Although the information contained in the press release was sparse, it did give us a little bit of gossip on the new series. It will follow four girls chosen from 16 & Pregnant Season 4.

(Wanna meet the girls that will be on Season 4? The Ashley has all the info and photos of all 12 new girls here!)

As of right now, we have no idea as to which four girls will be chosen for the new ‘Teen Mom’ show; however, based on her own creepy sleuthing and what we’ve seen in the trailer, The Ashley some idea of who might get a slot. (Of course, this is in no way confirmed to be the cast, so don’t get all excited. This is strictly The Ashley’s opinion.)

Based on what we’ve seen, these are the four girls The Ashley thinks we’ll be following in the new ‘Teen Mom 3’ series. It’s been rumored that the old-school ‘Teen Mom’ girls will be peacing out after Season 4, meaning that MTV is going to have to replace their show with this new installment.

Season 4
"Pick me, MTV!"

Alexandria Sekella

Why She’ll Make It: Alexandria seems to have the drama that a ‘Teen Mom 3’ show desperately needs. Although I wouldn’t go as far as to call her ‘The Amber’ or ‘The Jenelle’ of ‘Teen Mom 3,’ she does seem to have a relatively dramatic story line that could earn her a spot on the new show. She seems to have a mega-dose of baby-daddy drama, as well as struggles within her own family.

Mackenzie Douthit

Why She’ll Make It: Mackenzie seems to have the same Southern belle appeal that helped Leah Messer and Maci Bookout secure spots on the previous shows. From what we know about Mackenzie, she seems to be from a supportive family and has a baby-daddy that has stuck around. She’s already generated a lot of buzz just from what we’ve seen of her on the trailer. It also helps that she’s a dead ringer for Jamie Lynn Spears.

Kristina Robinson

Why She’ll Make It: Kristina is the girl who lost her baby-daddy in an accident while she was pregnant with their son. Like Farrah Abraham of the original cast, Kristina is raising her child alone due to death. (A lot of the ’16 & Pregnant’ girls end up being single mothers, but it’s mostly because their baby-daddies are creepnuggets, not because they have passed away, so her story is unique.) Kristina has such an intriguing story (in which I will post more info on soon!), The Ashley finds it hard to believe that she will not get a place on ‘Teen Mom 3!’

Myranda Trevino

Why She’ll Make It: The Ashley had a tough time choosing the final girl she feels will make it on the show, but she finally settled on Myranda Trevino, simply because she seems to have a fantastic relationship with her baby-daddy. The couple could possibly be the “Catelynn and Tyler” replacement, even though Myranda did not choose adoption and ended up keeping the baby. (I highly doubt MTV would ever choose another girl that didn’t have their baby with them to be on a ‘Teen Mom’ show, as they’ve forever struggled to explain why Catelynn is on the show if she’s not an active mother and would not want to have to deal with that again, in my opinion.)

Which girls would you like to see on ‘Teen Mom 3’ based on what we know about them thus far?

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21 Responses

  1. I`m SUPER excited about the new TM3 it will be exciting to see how much drama and excitment will happen this year sad to see “Teen Mom” go but excited to see the new TM3

  2. I don’t seeh why they still do these shows like their struggleing n need help r money but really they have over 65k n they pockets n gettin boob jobs I don’t think that’s teachin them responsibilty I’m a teen mom of 2 but would have never putt my life on that show

  3. I definetley think Kristina should be on the show, considering that her baby-daddy died. I also heard that she was married or getting married, I forgot which one. I think that they should also put Mackenzie on the show because I also heard that she is engaged to her baby-daddy and I think that will be interesting to watch. I

  4. I cant wait for teen mom 3. I would love to see Myranda, Hope,Mackenzie, and Briana. Those four would very interesting to watch on the show….. We’ll just have to wait and see who they will choose………..

  5. I would love to see briana and jordan if they isnt on it then I am not watching it and I am a hugh fan of teen mom

  6. I would LOVE to see “Brianna” be one of the Moms picked for
    the New show! Because she obviously knows the in&outs about
    being a teen mom and thats something i would like too see more of (-: !!!!!!!!

  7. I thought I was alone on this,but I see there’s other people who hate Farrah’s ugly faces she makes ….bbaaahhhaaaaa

  8. the first teen mom was good but their kids have been on camera for four years its not really fair on them either i could not stand farrah abraham what an ungrateful bitch she was i heard she will be getting her own show who would watch it

  9. I want Katie Yeager, Lindsey Harrison, Sarah Roberts, and Mackenzie Douthit. I follow them on twitter and they all seem really nice. I think it would be good to see a bunch of success stories, instead of trainwrecks.

  10. Katie Yeager…she seems like a totally sweet girl! Kristina, she lost her babys father, and that seems like it will always be an interesting story to follow. Mackenzie…I’m a bit biased on this one, shes from a town an hour from where I live, Miami, OK…Im from Wagoner, and have been to Miami more than once for sports. And…Lindsey, I’m really not sure why but I liked her from the start!

  11. Teen Mom series SHOULD end after one season since the girls’ lives are far less realistic after big MTV bucks (10 episodes worth versus the few k given for 16 and Pregnant episodes)

  12. I admit that one of my guilty pleasures is Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2. . . but seriously!? Teen Mom 3!? Isn’t two of these shows enough! and I’m actually glad Teen Mom is ending after season 4. These girls need to move on to other things in their lives. Although I’m sure I will still watch Teen Mom 3 and rely on the Ashley to give me the scoops! 🙂

  13. I so agree with who you picked! I’m sad to see the original girls go. (But I surely won’t miss Farrah’s “ugly” cry!) Hahaha. I can’t wait for 16 preg season 4!!

  14. I will watch (duh) but I am so sad to hear that the originals are peacing out after season 4. I had high hopes of following them into their 80’s.

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