‘Teen Mom 2’ Baby-Daddy Adam Lind Arrested for DUI!

teen mom 2
"Maybe she won't notice if I sneak out and have a few beers..."

Well…I think it’s fair to say Adam Lind won’t be winning any “Father of the Year” trophies.

Last night the Teen Mom 2 star, who is also guilty of calling his daughter with Chelsea Houska a “mistake” and a “little bastard,” was arrested for allegedly riding his motorcycle while under the influence of alcohol, according to Radar Online.

And it gets better! Adam was driving on a suspended license (as you do). He was also “hotdogging” on his motorcycle while drunk (again, as you do) and he has an extensive rap sheet of past arrests. (Read about those here!)

According to Radar, Adam was picked up in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, around 2:30 a.m. this morning and was behind bars for a few hours until he got bailed out. The arrest occurred after a night of alleged bar-hopping.

"Smooth move, slick."

Adam recently turned 21 so he is trying to take advantage of his new found ability to drink legally. I see more bad decisions (and possibly another baby-momma) in his future?

Adam was released from the drunk tank on $450 bond and must appear in court on April 16.

Chelsea and Adam are currently broken up (but I’m sure by the time this article publishes they’ll be back together!)

The Ashley is still on the hunt for Adam’s mugshot!

UPDATE: Radar is now reporting that the person that bailed Adam out of the clink was none other than Chelsea herself! Girrrrl….what are you thinking?


  1. honestly, chelsea’s stupid for taking him back. She should have just cut his nuts off right then and there when she got that text “just tell me when and where to sign the papers for that mistake”. you talk about an innocent baby like that. no wonder chelsea’s dad hates the guy. he should rot in jail. and just so you know, the ashley is all drama. She apparently doesnt have a life sence she spends all her time gossiping about other people’s life. Hmm, yeah some of the shit is funny, but most of it is worthless, and cruel. and where does she get her resources? half the shit she talks about is fake anyways.

    1. salinalyn……amazing. The Ashley is all drama that apparently is successful enough to keep you reading and responding. I seriously doubt she spends “all her time” doing this. You’re probably just jealous about the fact that you’re airing your opinion on a website someone else is smart enough to create. Just sayin’
      And she jokes about not having a life.

  2. Honestly I’m not surprise this is Adam but I readed on Radar online. That he actually called Chelsea and she bail him out which I think was very dumb of her. I know he is Aubree father but maybe Adam needs to be in jail to be taught a lesson it is not okay to drink and drive. Even if he was on a motorcycle he could of kill himself or injury someone else maybe Adam should go to rehab. Because it clear he has a problem with alcohol and he need to go get some help and Chelsea really need to let Adam go. Worry more about herself and Aubree less about Adam because he has proven time after time that he only cares about Adam.

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