‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans Send Ex-Boyfriend Video Message

Dedicated Teen Mom 2 fans (read: people like me who have no life) have been following the Twitter relationship saga of Jenelle Evans and her now ex-boyfriend Gary Head (Yes, that’s his real last name…insert LOL here)

Earlier this month, Jenelle and Gary staged a Twitter breakup to see how many news outlets would write a story about it. (The Ashley did not.) Then, in a cruel twist of irony, the couple actually did break up later that week.

They later got back together, but yesterday, called it quits again. (It sounds like a story line from the original “Beverly Hills 90210!” They’re like the modern day Brenda and Dylan!)

Anyway, this morning, Jenelle decided to send Gary off with this video message. In it, Jenelle and her friend Allison sing “Face Down,” a song by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus about a dude who beats up his girlfriend. Not sure if Jenelle’s implying that Gary put his hands on her, but that’s what it seems like.

You must watch the video. However, if you’re anything like me, you’ll be distracted by the strange, dark dot on Jenelle’s forehead as she angrily sings to her ex. (Can’t….stop..staring…at…it.)

As for Gary, he’s unfazed by the video, even thanking Jenelle for the video in a tweet.

“Glad to see I’m still on your mind,” he tweeted.

He also told a fan that Jenelle is immature and that, “You see who she isn’t with [in the video.] JACE! Some people will never change their ways.”

Jenelle & Gary: Split! (Again)

He also claims he was not with Jenelle because she’s famous.

“I never wanted that MTV s**t or popularity. It took MTV forever to get me to sign a release form,” he tweeted earlier today.

Anyway, although this video is hilarious, it can not compete with this classic Jenelle video from 2010. (Warning: you may pee your pants watching it!)


  1. Wow, I was feeling under the weather today… this made it all better. Not only do I enjoy the dot, but I must say my favorite part of this entire train wreck, was the BFF of the Month seductively pushing her hair to one side while doing finger guns in the back ground all the whilst doing side eye glances to make sure she is in frame…while driving. YES!!! Thank you The Ashley, THANK YOU! This is a gem I shall replay again and again!

    Side note: I almost feel for Jenelle. She is so desperate for something. It’s all very sad. We can all say “focus on Jace and the rest will come” but just as this video shows, she is a child herself and it appears it will be a long while before she truly matures and becomes an adult, capable of taking care of herself, dealing with her emotions, PRIVATELY and caring for her child. I wish her the best, as I said, she is really just a child herself.

  2. I do have to say that in the “looks” department he is a far cry from Keiffer…..he looks like he bathes and has his own vehicle?

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