‘Teen Mom’ Maci Bookout Answers Some Tough Questions From Fans!

teen momWhile in route to Detroit, Teen Mom star Maci Bookout answered some of her fans’ burning questions (via the Twitter). The trip to Detroit was just the latest leg in Maci’s trip around the country to see her new boyfriend, Kyle, race. (If you have been living under a rock, or, you know, have a life, and didn’t know that she is dating a different Kyle than we saw on ‘Teen Mom,’ click here and let The Ashley fill you in.)

Anyway, Maci was surprisingly candid with her answers to the fans’ question, even addressing tough topics such as her breakup with the other Kyle, and her feelings about the show. The Ashley has condensed all of Maci’s answers into a neat little package for you guys.

Maci discussed her feelings on being on ‘Teen Mom.’

Q: What’s the hardest part of having your life on TV?

Maci: “Building thick skin and not punching morons in the face.”

Ok. That answer just made me like Maci a whole lot more. Moving on….

Q: Do you think MTV portrays you differently on the show than you really are without cameras around?
Maci: “No… I’ve been happy with the reality of what they show on MTV.”

Hmmm…maybe it’s just me but I’ve always felt that MTV gives Maci a very kind edit. She’s obviously not as saintly as she’s portrayed on the show. For instance, I highly doubt that this little incident will make see the light of day on MTV.

Q: How do you feel about ‘Teen Mom’ ending?
Maci: “It’s sad because it was such a huge part of my life for four years but I’m relieved also, it’s time to move on.”

Q: If MTV offered you a spin-off show would you take it?
A: “That’s a tough one…depends on the angle [of the show.]”

With all the traveling she’s been doing, she should do a weird Maci Bookout version of Road Rules or something. But Bentley has to be in it or I’m not watching. I need to see his adorable face!

Maci also tackled some tough questions about her relationships.

Q: Why didn’t you and Kyle [King] work out?
Maci: “We just didn’t work out. Bad decisions were made and it was just time to let go.”

Q: Does Bentley miss Kyle [King] and does he ever mention him?
Maci: “Yes and yes. It’s a difficult situation.”

Sorry, Bentley, no brothers or sisters for you anytime soon...

Q: How is Kyle Regal and Bentley’s relationship going?

Maci: “They are friends… but I’m obviously holding off on allowing a close relationship to form too fast.”

This makes me happy to hear. Bentley’s probably a little confused right now.

Finally, Maci addressed teen pregnancy and her own possibilities of popping out some more babies.

Q: Has Bentley asked for any brothers or sisters yet?
Maci: “Yes he asks for a sister.”

Q: Do plan on having anymore kids any time soon?
A: “Soon? No. But I’d love to have more kids one day.”

Q: What is your reply to all the haters that think you publicize teen pregnancy?
Maci: “Check the statistics since my episode of ’16 & Pregnant’ first aired in 2009.” (I think she’s referring to this story! Keep wrapping it up, kids!)

3 Responses

  1. The not punching morons in the face comment actually made me LOL. What a mature answer! And as if that 80lb bag on bones could actually punch someone. Your in the public eye, expect to have haters. What a loser.

  2. She also did another one of these about a week ago and she answered some other ones. Like that her and Ryan get along really well now, she wouldn’t ever let Bentley get a tattoo, etc.

    Lol and OF COURSE she is going to like HER edit. Because she comes off completely different in tv than how she is in real life. If they showed the real her (partying 24/7 etc) she wouldn’t be very liked.

    1. You are so right of course she loves the edit of herself Maci comes off as sure a nice person. But in reality she just like her friends stuckup and party all the time if MTV did what they did last year. Show the real Maci for past 3 season there is no way any one would really like Maci she is really unlikeable I hope MTV does not offer any of the girls spin off shows

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