‘Amazing Race’ Stars Brendon & Rachel: Planning a Fall Wedding

amazing race big brother!
Let the doggie be the ring bearer!

They may have bickered their way through The Amazing Race but Brendon Villegas and Rachel Reilly insist that going on the show actually made their relationship stronger.

“[On] The Amazing Race, we definitely had our times, but it definitely brought us closer together,” Rachel said in an interview with Reality TV World. “We’re doing really well.”

The engaged couple, who met on Big Brother, came in third place on the show. (Rachel, however, would have surely taken first prize if there was an award for most emotional breakdowns in a single season. That chick cried so much that I’m surprised Kleenex didn’t approach her to be their spokesperson! Wait…that could still happen.)

Anyway, despite their bickering on the show, Brendon and Rachel (who were dubbed “Brechel” by fans) say they plan to marry sometime this year.

“We haven’t set an exact date or anything like that, but we’re definitely getting married this year and we’re more in love than ever,” Rachel said in the interview.

“Yeah, we were hoping for September,” Brendon added. “That was the ideal for us, but it’s also already May and we really haven’t planned much because a lot goes into a wedding.”

Will there be a special, made-for-TV “Brechel Wedding Extravaganza” coming our way? The couple says no; however, The Ashley is almost certain that we haven’t seen the last of these reality TV junkies.

Ladies, just say no to tennis shoes on your wedding day. Please.

“We’ve had an amazing experience on reality television, and CBS has been very kind to us in allowing us to be on three other shows. So I think now, we’re ready to start our lives together too!” said Brendon.

These two have pretty much run the gamut as far as CBS-produced reality shows. There’s not many other shows to go on, unless you want to go slum it on an island for a month on Survivor. (Can you imagine how many times Rachel would cry if she were on that show? I shudder at the thought!)

UPDATE: The couple has tied the knot! Click here for all of the details! (The Ashley was right; the wedding was, indeed, filmed for a reality TV show.)

(Photos: Twitter; CBS)

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  1. Ashley, apparently you are new to TAR. Watch the season with Zach and Flo. There never has been so many emotional breakdowns. Flo is hands down the winner. Rachel is moody, but she does shut up pretty soon.

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