Your Favorite Reality Shows: Renewed or Canceled?

Reality shows are fighting to stay on the air!

Every year around this time, television actors and producers hold their breaths to see if their shows will survive what The Ashley affectionately calls “The Big Hack,” in which the networks decide which shows get canceled and which ones get renewed.

Of course, The Ashley only cares about the fate of her favorite crappy reality shows. If all of them get canceled she’s going to have to go out and get herself a life.

Luckily, it seems that most of the reality shows that we love have been renewed for another season. To make it easier for you, The Ashley has compiled this handy-dandy list of shows and their fates.

The Ashley took the liberty of adding in some of the other shows that didn’t appear on the “Big 4” lists. If you’d like to see what’s happening to all of your favorite non-reality shows, click here.

Here’s how our other favorite crappy shows fared:

16 & Pregnant: At least one more season

19 Kids & Counting: Renewed

American Idol: Renewed

America’s Next Top Model: Renewed (Just let it die, Tyra!)

The Amazing Race: Renewed

The Bachelor: Renewed

The Bachelorette: Renewed

Bachelor Pad: At least one more season

Bayou Billionaires: Renewed

The Biggest Loser: At least one more season

Braxton Family Values: At least one more season

Celebrity Apprentice: Renewed

Celebrity Wife Swap: Renewed

Dancing With the Stars: Renewed

Downsized: Canceled (Read about that here!)

MTV’s The Challenge: At least one more season

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition: Canceled

Face Off: Renewed

Fashion Star:Renewed

Hell’s Kitchen: At least three more seasons

Jersey Shore: Renewed

Kitchen Nightmares: Renewed

Long Island Medium: Renewed

Mob Wives: Renewed

Real World: Renewed

Shark Tank: Renewed (YES! Anyone else love this show as much as I do?!)

Shipping Wars: Renewed

The Singing Bee: Renewed

Sister Wives: At least one more season (currently airing)

Survivor: Renewed

Teen Mom: Canceled, final season premieres June 12

Teen Mom 2: At least two more seasons

Top Chef: Renewed

Undercover Boss: Renewed

The Voice: Renewed

The X-Factor: Renewed

(Photo: ABC)


  1. To my knowledge, The Biggest Loser has one more season coming up in January, 2013 which they are casting for right now. Crossing my season that the production work doesn’t suck this upcoming season!

      1. Ashley,

        Teen Mom finale is actually June 12 not 19th (unless the America is different…), well MTV here in Canada is saying the 12th..

  2. Yay for 16 & preg, Teen Mom 2, The Bachelor/ette, The Voice & 19 Kids & Counting! Jersey Shore renewed gross. Hahaha
    & agree with ANTM needs to end

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