Another ’16 & Pregnant’ Couple Heads to Divorce Court

divorceUnfortunately, it seems another couple has fallen victim to the 16 & Pregnant marriage curse.

Season 2B’s Emily Mckenzie married her baby’s father, Daniel Peterson, shortly after filming her ’16 & Pregnant’ episode. (In case you need a memory jogger, Emily was the girl from Alabama who gave birth to a baby boy named Liam.) Unfortunately, the couple is no longer together, and from what it looks like, will be making their divorce official in court on July 17.

Although The Ashley is saddened to hear that the couple has split, she doesn’t find it surprising. The couple was having problems back in early 2011, and during the “Where Are They Now” special, Emily explained that she wanted to leave Daniel but didn’t want to go through all the hassles of a divorce. She also feared how her son would take the separation.

Emily and Daniel are no longer living together; she now lives in another part of the state with her mother and sister.

They follow in the long line of couples from ’16 & Pregnant’ that have divorced. (Other couples from the show that have divorced include Leah & Corey, Aubrey & Brandon, Megan & Nathan, and Christinna & Isaiah).

While this may seem disheartening, there are still several couples from the show that remain married, including Jordan & Brian, Ebony & Josh, and Brooke & Cody (who are currently expecting their second baby!)

The Ashley sends her best wishes to Emily during this time! Off the subject, but her son, Liam, has grown into quite the little cutie, as you can tell from the photo at left.

(Photos: MTV, Twitter)

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  1. I watched this today and was embarrassed for the girl. She acted like a spoiled immature brat, I feel sorry for her little one because with a mom like that, she doesn’t have a chance.

  2. Wow!! It amazes me how many people think they just know everything about a person based on what little bit is shown on a TV show. What you don’t get to see is all the stuff that the cameras do not show!!! Sadly her father passed away and Daniel was a DICK!! They made him look like a saint when in reality NO ONE SEEN the hell he put her through. The resentment went much deeper then just the fact she got PG in the first place. But she did try to do the right thing and his family was CRUEL more so they any of you know!!! Before you pass judgement on a person you do not know NEVER ASSUME these reality shows tell it all BECAUSE THEY SURE THE HELL DONT and I am going to stand up for her and let ya’all know they leave a lot of stuff out. Did I know her when they filmed the show.. NOPE did I go to school with her? NOPE.. DO I know her now?? YES I DO!! She happens to be a very sweet caring person. And the decision she made to go to school was a SMART one because she is able to take care of her son without the help of the sweet wonderful Daniel who is NOT AS SWEET as you would all like to believe!!! There is much I could say about it all but I will say only this.. WE ONLY SEE what the 16 and PG team want us to see.. There is a WHOLE LOT OF STUFF not shown and you would all be surprised to know some of what really is left out because what they do show makes many of these kids appear to me something they are not, NOT TO MENTION much of what you see is scripted!!! YUP SCRIPTED .. All you critical little stuffy hot heads I PRAY you NEVER have to face the things that Emily Mckenzie has had to face in her young life or what any of these kids BOTH the GIRLS AND BOYS who are NOT GROWN ENOUGH to even know what they are doing!!!!!!! Then to be depicted on TV as something they are not is so wrong all for the sake of good TV then she gets to read BS like the stuff posted here. It is just WRONG this stuff effects this girls life the hurtful things said HURTFUL about any of these kids is WRONG. If you dont have anything nice to say.. Oh wait kids today are RUDE, SELFISH and HAVE NO manners.. I nearly forgot because Emily Mckenzie does have manners and is KIND TO EVERYONE .. if you only knew!! Emily Mckenzie, if you are reading this.. I THINK YOU ARE AN AMAZING BEAUTIFUL YOUNG LADY eeefff these LOSER’s that have nothing better to do with their time but to come here and cut people they dont know down. I bet the ones that have to most to say are the ones that have NO LIFE!! Makes them feel better to post garbage about other people so they dont have to think about their own crappy lives because if they had one they sure wouldn’t be here. I happened on this while working so happened they had you on 16 and PG where are they now.. curiosity made me come to see if they ever updated you after that. Sure enough WOW.. Ignore these creeps!!! I know you have no clue who this is but actually you do!! <3 <3 we love you!! My entire family thinks you are a beautiful amazing young lady and well.. you are welcome in our family any ol'time. <3 The HINT lol Our family initials are from Oldest (DAD) to youngest (DAUGHTER) are G, C,C, J, J, R hahahahaha and the animals are R,SS,L haha! Muah..

    1. JLC, seems like you need to wind yer neck in and simmer down. Are you just sifting through the internet and searching for anyone who expresses the slightest difference in opinion on your new bestie? You seem pretty darn obsessive about her. I didn’t have any strong opinions on her either way, in fact I felt pretty sorry for her until the Where Are They Now Special. I understand that there is a huge amount of editing and MTV only let you see what they want you to see, but like it or not, Emily did say those things, I’m sure they couldn’t force her into talking c.rap on national (and international) television. It seems to me that she has a lot of growing up to do and you need to realise that there are two sides to every story and you have only heard what Emily has told you. Take off the blinkers mate.

  3. You’re all pathetic! Unless you know her…..YOU DON’T.

    & for the record, they NEVER divorced you sorry pieces of shit. You all have your mind wrapped up in gossip, why don’t you pull your head out of your ass long enough to realize your all idiots!

  4. emily is a young girl,who was mean and unfair to her husband i hope daniel one day ends up with a nice girl one day,im sure she’s a good mom,but talking about leaving your husband she wanted out obviously never wanted to marry him,but felt forced into it,her dad thought it was right if they wanted to live kinda shocked megan and nathan split they seemed happy and working on things,as for isiah and christinna its sad,his family was very judgemental and mean to christinna,maybe that was part of it,i couldnt handle it.they needed to shut up and mind their own business and not attack her like that,isiah didnt really so or do much about it,a whimp if you ask me,she didnt get pregnant by herself they acted like she did and denying the baby was his and for him to question it to,i would leave with my daughter if i was her and live with my mother and have nothing to do with them she’s a pretty girl and seemed sweet and didnt deserve that.

  5. I actually knew Emily and I’m going to say, neither of them were good for each other. She cheated on him habitually from the time that I knew her, and in fact, she had neglected to tell me she was still married until the two of us went on a date. On the flip side, she was often unhappy about how he treated her, and I know from what she said that they had got physically violent from time to time. I never met him so I try to hold my judgment in check, but every so often, when a bruise would pop up on her wrist, it would make me wonder (she usually attributed it to going to clubs, which I believe is possible but also I don’t know). She’s a good person at heart, but I believe that since her father passed away (he was a good man), she’s been so lost, and it’s been very sad.

    1. So sorry to hear about her father. But she needs to wake up because that could happen to anyone, like Daniel too. What happened to her father? He felt Daniel was trying hard.

  6. It is very naive to take the “poor Daniel” side and make Emily the bad guy. Regardless of age, having a baby is hard. Daniel and his parents should of been more suppotive. Daniel should of gone to school and work, drive an hour, spent a few hours with Emily and the baby and go back-she doesn’t get to sleep for 8 hours why should he?

    Emily was feeling overwhelmed. I was 27 and married when I had my first child and I felt overwhelmed. Your hormones are also out of whack after having a baby, which doesn’t help. It is hard to be stuck at home with a baby 24 hours a day (regardless of how old you are) after being able to go out whenever you want, talk to different people whether at work or school, wear whatever you want, not have to worry about nap time and diapers. You are never really prepared and no show, conversation or website comments can make someone understand what it is like until you become a mom. My kids are teenagers…big and mean I like to say 🙂 I can still remember how hard it was for me and I’m old enough to be Emily’s mom. Imagine loosing everything you know and have: school, friends, family (in Emily’s case) and sleeping only a couple of hours a night…you’d be frustrated too. Give Emily a break. I wish Emily and Liam the best and hope Daniel realizes how important it is for him to be there for both of them.

    1. That girl deserves an ass to make her realize what she had. Disrespectful!!! He had to work to support his baby and that disrespectful bratt.

    2. thank you!!! So much more to both sides!! These were babies having babies!!! They both had a lot of growing up to do and to assume Daniel was a saint is just stupid!! I am not saying she never made a single mistake, however she is not some heartless witch that just wanted to ruin his life either. These poor kids were nearly forced into marriage not from just one side and they both knew it wasn’t going to last. He could have drove back and forth from B’ham to huntsville if he really wanted to its not that far!!! She was smart to make sure she wasn’t left unable to support her child.. at least there is one smart comment here!!!!

  7. You could tell it was doomed when, on the update show, she said she resented him and basically said she couldn’t stand him. He deserves better.

    1. She had her reasons that sadly were NOT addressed on the show!! So glad to know there are so many experts on life out here that you can judge someones like over a reality show that scripts what they want you to know .. DUMASS

    1. I read somewhere (can’t remember where) the article was dated September 2011 that they were still happily married. But that was months ago, so who knows now…hopefully they are though.

  8. I totally agree with you, Jessica. When I read this I was like “Oh, thank god.” I couldn’t stand her during her episode, but I couldn’t believe what a nasty little wench she was during that “Where are they now?” special. The rest of the girls on the show would have died to have a baby daddy who cared like that. I know that the cameras were only there a short time, and we don’t get to see all as viewers, but why present yourself that way? If that is her “nice” version of herself for TV, I hate to think of what she’s like when the cameras are off.

    1. I happen to know her and its really sad the way they can make people look by showing on bits and pieces of conversations!!! It wasn’t an easy decision for either of them to make! Si nice of TV to make sure they show only what they want you to see, she is Not selfish or cruel and trust me Daniel is not the angel they made him out to be!! I feel sad she has to put up with people like you that feel they know all after watching 15 minutes of their life!! SO glad you are such an expert!!!!
      For the record she is a wonderful mother and actually one of the sweetest young ladies I have aver had the pleasure of knowing!! YES I KNOW HER!! No I am not an Old friend from school either..

      1. But I’m sure she realized that people would form opinions about her since she put all of her business directly in front of them. And of course those opinions are based on what they saw of her on the show. The only one she has to blame for her behavior is her.

        And of course pressuring the father of her child to give up a college scholarship was remarkably stupid and shortsighted. It seeems she and her family wantedto somehow punish him and that was how they did it. By pressuring him to give up something so important to him. It’s like saying “gee, my daughter’s 16 and pregnant and the father has a scholarship to go to college. A way to evetually provide my grandchild a solid financial future….NOPE it’s better to make sure he struggles for decades to come and make grandchild’s already shaky future even MORE unstable.” NOT a smart move.

      2. I know Daniel too. Also know that she tazed him and he had to crawl out of a window and walk for help. That doesn’t seem like a nice person. I would have turned it back on her!

  9. No surprises here she was total bitch towards Daniel for no reason. Hopeful Daniel can finally meet a nice girl that will treat him with respect. Emily was just so mean to Daniel for no good reason she blame him for getting pregrant when it was both of their fault. He give up his dream school for her and you would think she be grateful but Emily was just so nasty in that 16 and pregrant special. And Emily thought her behavior was cute and funny and it was not it was just down right mean and cruel .

    1. I logged on to make a comment directed to Daniel. It was a pleasure to see that he is free of her anger and self-centered view of the world. She was “never going to be able to forgive him” for the resentment she feels? Give me a break. She was a control freak as well. She shot them both in the head making him give up that well-earned scholarship. It would have given them all a better life, but no, I’m angry, so I might as well sink the whole darn ship. Well, I hope that HE finds it in him to forgive her, and that he is able to provide for their son. You could see where some of the selfishness came from. Her parents were angry control freaks too. They should have expressed praise for his accomplishments, but instead they express their anger towards him, and her mom showed her zero support by kicking her out. Nice job. How did anyone support her decision to take his scholarship away. He should have taken the baby and ran when he had his first chance. Daniel, try to go after that scholarship. Perhaps it’s not too late

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