Clearing Up This Week’s ‘Teen Mom’ Rumors….

The Ashley has been busy lately and has not had much time to address the many Teen Mom stories that have been floating around this week. (Engagements! Homelessness and Spin-offs, oh my!)

Because of this, The Ashley has decided to assemble all of latest ‘Teen Mom’ stories in one place and let you know which ones were true and which ones were just creepy rumors.

Rumor 1: Jenelle is broke, homeless and sleeping in her car.

Sleeping on the streets?

FALSE. This one started after a photo of a mysterious text message, supposedly sent from Jenelle to a friend, hit the web this morning. In the text, Jenelle supposedly said she was out of money, living in her car with Kieffer and about to have her phone shut off. She also supposedly said that she was trying to keep the news of her homelessness from her mom so that Barbara didn’t hold it against her in court. (“Have fun living in tha street with ya boooooyfriend!” Oh, Babs!)

The Ashley spoke with a friend of Jenelle’s to gauge the legitimacy of this rumor. According to Jenelle’s friend, who spoke with Jenelle yesterday, “That text is fake. Jenelle is in New Jersey with Kieffer because his brother was having heart surgery. Jenelle still has her house and is not living out of her car. She has plenty of money.”

Side note: I only included this photo of Jenelle because I thought it was hilarious. Jenelle was not actually sleeping on a park bench in this photo.

Future star of 'The Bentley Show?'

Rumor 2: Bentley was  photographed while he was being filmed for a Maci’s ‘Teen Mom’ spin-off show.

FALSE. The Ashley is so sick of hearing about which of the ‘Teen Mom’ girls is getting their own show. All of the girls, except for Amber, have been rumored to be getting a spin-off show. (They should give one to Amber only. I’d love to see her daily life behind bars. Sadly, I’m only half-kidding.)

Anyway, recently a photo of Maci’s son, Bentley, surfaced in which he was riding his bike while a cameraman filmed him. Of course, the ‘Teen Mom’ spin-off conspiracists all decided that this cameraman was surely from MTV, which meant that Maci was surely filming for her own show.

The cameraman in the background of that photo was not from MTV. He was actually from Vurb Media Group and was filming the event. You can see the (adorable) footage he shot of Bentley here.

So, is Maci getting a spin-off? She says no; however, The Ashley is inclined to believe that if any of the girls were to get a spin-off, it would be Maci. She’s the most-popular of the girls by far.

Invading our TVs again?

Rumor 3: Farrah is getting her own spin-off show

UNKNOWN. Farrah let it “slip” that she was getting her own show during an interview with US Weekly during Fashion Week in New York City.

In regards to her spin-off show, Farrah told the magazine, “I’m just closing on it. It’s gonna be just about me and my life.”

While it did come straight from Farrah’s mouth, The Ashley is still skeptical. If she is indeed getting a spin-off (and to that let me just say, “Ugh”), MTV would never let her “announce” this before they announced it themselves. They are notoriously strict with their confidentiality clauses and I’m sure they weren’t happy that Farrah opened her big trap and told the magazine about this.

That being said, Farrah has probably discussed the idea of getting her own show. However, I find it hard to believe that it’s a done deal like she is saying. She is probably delusional. (Let me remind you that this is the same person that thought this horrorfest was going to be a “international hit single.”)

teen mom
Dumped for being broke?

Rumor 4: Farrah & Daniel broke up because Daniel was too broke to buy her an engagement ring.

FALSE. Farrah recently gave an interview to WetPaint in which she mentioned what “really” happened with Daniel Alvarez, the boyfriend we saw her dating during the last season of ‘Teen Mom.’

“He probably had no money to buy a ring, he is a little boy, called me immature. I’m way more mature… He’s a little boy, I’m not.” [Glad we’ve got it established that Farrah is, indeed, female. Although I’m not so sure she’s human.]

Anyway, she went on to explain what she meant when she recently called Daniel “little boy broke.”

“He’s broke because he’s like, oh, she’s putting too much pressure on me because I brought up marriage. I wanted to know where I was, so I brought him on a little kayak and I asked him. And he couldn’t handle it. And to be honest, when the cameras went off, he freaked out in front of his friends and I left that night. The next night he never showed up at the hotel, which you all saw. So I just feel like he’s a loser and a liar and I wish him all the best.”

I assure you this is all false. Daniel does indeed have a good job (and did when he dated Farrah). He didn’t dump her because she was pressuring him into marrying her (after six weeks, mind you!) He dumped her because she was mean and selfish. He did freak out during dinner with his friends, but only because Farrah was acting like a complete creep-goblin and ordering his friends around and treating the service staff like crap, among other things. He asked her to leave and had one of his female friends take her back to their hotel.

He did, indeed, see Farrah again, despite what she says. She had his car keys in her luggage and he had one of her school books in his luggage. They exchanged items, and Farrah tried to get Daniel to film more footage for the show, but he refused. She got dumped for acted like an ass and she doesn’t want to admit it.

As stated before, The Ashley can personally tell you that Daniel is awesome and deserves a medal for putting up with Farrah as long as he did.

Teen Mom 2
Tying the knot?

Rumor 5: Kail is engaged.

TRUE. This is actually the only big ‘Teen Mom’ news story that The Ashley did address this week.

You can read all about that here.

(Photos: Twitter, MTV)

  1. Hahahahahaha
    Yea im a hater. I guess thats what you call someone who can see jenelle for what she really is. She actually is moving to another state from Jace. Yea the court will give him back, yea the totally will take him out of the home and state he has known all his life and far away from his primary caregiver since birth. That is sarcasm btw

    Hey check her facebook. She said she only has 1 dog. What happened to that litlle white one? Hmm? Dogs and kids are just clothing to you jenelle, donate when finished with your fun.

  2. I absolutly love the fact that jenelle uses screen shots all the time and the claims this ones fake. Haha ok so we should except your “evidence” but no one elses. Look i do not believe that was a real text, its real easy to change a name but its funny/annoying that jenelle prolly does the same thing.

    Do you REALLY believe her mother texted her about a porno? Come on babs can be a bitch but i dont believe that

    And btw jenelle tweeted one day she hasnt seen jace in a week then she tweeted 3 days later she has not seen him in 3
    Also she said jace had “surgery” but never brought it up again
    And she said she was taking that video of her sis to CPS but never brought it up again
    And she got a no contact order from gary but tweeted him 3 time, jenelle it works both ways. A real abuse victim wouldnt even risk breaking it because they would be afraid it was lifted

    She is a liar so good for whoever made up that text. Give her some of what she dishes out all the time

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