‘Bachelor Pad 3’ Winner Nick Peterson to Co-Host National Reality TV Awards


A month ago, no one really knew who Nick Peterson was. Although we’d seen his face lurking in the background all season on Bachelor Pad 3, he hadn’t really done anything to get himself noticed…until the finale when screwed his partner out of $250,000! (Click here to read all about it.)

After pulling off what is arguably the coolest thing to ever happen on any ‘Bachelor’ show, Nick has become quite the celebrity! It was just announced today that he will be co-hosting the National Reality TV Awards, which take place next week in Los Angeles!

The award show honors some of the biggest reality stars and shows on television today. Categories include “Best Reality TV Show Judge,” “Most Inspiring TV Show,” and “Best Social Experiment Show,” among others. Both The Bachelor and The Bachelorette have been nominated in the “Social Experiment” category. (Click here to see all of the other nominees!)

Although The Ashley originally thought Nick was kind of a snoozefest, his actions on the ‘Bachelor Pad’ finale have certainly changed her mind and she is excited to see him on the awards show! Let’s hope he busts out his mullet wig and sings a rendition of “Sister Christian” for us at some point during the night!

Now that the dust from the finale has settled, does Nick regret his decision to keep all the money for himself?

“It feels great,” he recently told ABC Action News. “Every time I see the finale it just solidifies the fact that I made the right decision.”

The Ashley agrees!

(Photo: ABC)

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