‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans Denies Celebrity Boxing Gig

"Just for the record, I would've beat her face to a tanned pulp!"

A bizarre story surfaced this morning, (most likely stemming from the rarely credible HollywoodLife.com) that stated that Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans had agreed to duke it out in the celebrity boxing ring with Patricia Krentcil. (Who the hell is that, you ask? Does this creeptastic face ring a bell?)

Anyway, according to the story, Jenelle agreed to go into the ring with Tanning Mom Patricia after Patricia’s original opponent, Octomom, was banned. (Apparently she broke some other low-rent celeb’s hand during her last match and then bragged about…or something.)

According to Celebrity Boxing CEO Damon Feldman the boxing battle is slated to go down December 1 in Pennsylvania.

The only problem? It isn’t true, according to Jenelle herself.

When a curious fan asked if she was really planning to duke it out with Tanning Mom, Jenelle answered with a big, “Noooo.”

"I'd be willin' to box Farrah's mom fa money. Just sayin'!"

Just for the record, The Ashley would place her money on Jenelle if this story were true. Who could forget how she beat the beJesus out of her former friend Brittany Truett last year?

The Ashley kind of wishes this boxing match was actually taking place. In a perfect world, Jenelle’s mom, Barbara, would come to her daughter’s match to cheer her own. She’d yell things like “C’mon, Juuunelle! Whip ha’ ass!” whilst eating a heap of peanuts and cackling with glee.

Sigh. If only…

(Photos: Twitter, MTV)

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