‘Biggest Loser’ Divorce: Sam Poueu Angry That Wife Went Public with Split Statement

This whole thing is just heartbreaking.

Biggest Loser fans were shocked when Stephanie Anderson made a statement to Us Weekly announcing that her marriage to Sam Poueu, who she met on the show and married last year, was ending. However, the person that was apparently most surprised by Stephanie’s statement was Sam himself.

According to The Ashley‘s sources, Sam is upset that Stephanie decided to go to a tabloid and announce that they were divorcing. He was certainly not blind-sided by the divorce, but was surprised that she chose to make it public. Stephanie, who is seven months pregnant with Sam’s child, is apparently the one that wants the divorce.

Neither Stephanie nor Sam have mentioned the split on their social networking sites since the statement came out on Tuesday.

People magazine delivered yet another shock this morning when it released an article in which a source is quoted as saying that Sam’s cheating is what broke up the couple! (Oh no he didn’t!)

“In one of the counseling sessions, Sam thought he would make it better by confessing,” the source told People “He [admitted] that he had cheated on her with multiple women throughout the course of their courtship and marriage. He told her everything.”

Seriously, some of the things that people have been saying to them on their Facebook fanpages are just horrible:

“Give new meaning to “the biggest losers.” Can’t even make a marriage work a year! And to bring that poor child into this world? how sad for it!”

“Guess they weren’t big news anymore…so now it’s a big divorce…SHOCKING!”

Anyway, Stephanie seems to be handling everything pretty well. According to her Twitter, her baby shower is tomorrow. Her due date is July 15.


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  1. Oh, please. I am SO sick of hearing about anything related to these two fools. They clearly LOVE getting media attention and will go to any lengths to keep drawing it, even if it means falling off buildings and who knows what other BS. I couldn’t care less and they should try to keep their private life junk to themselves.

  2. Whomever wrote that comment can kiss my a** :p
    That show has nothing to do with what happened. I’ve always assumed that the men grew big egos after the show from the transformations. I feel for her, I’ve been cheated on. It’s really heartbreaking but I don’t condone telling the tabloid, it’s like Taylor writing another break up song or someone going to their Facebook/Twitter but then again she could use the money .

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