‘Biggest Loser’ Shocking Split! Sam Poueu & Stephanie Anderson Are Divorcing!

Never did I think I’d have to draw the “split” line between these two!

File under: “Completely Shocking!”

Stephanie Anderson, a Biggest Loser fan favorite from Season 9, has announced that she is divorcing Sam Poueu, her husband of just over a year! The couple met on the Biggest Loser Ranch and are expecting their first child together in a couple of months!

“It is with great sadness that my marriage to Sam Poueu is ending,” Stephanie told Us Weekly in a statement today.  “Thank you in advance for respecting our privacy during this difficult time.”

The Ashley is working on getting more info on this story; however, you know something bad must have happened for her to divorce him when she’s 7 months pregnant with his child!
The Ashley first noticed signs that the couple might be on the rocks when Stephanie changed her last name back to “Anderson” on her Twitter and personal Facebook accounts. Both she and Sam had been posting cryptic tweets, quotes about failing relationships, etc. for a while now, and their one-year anniversary came and went at the end of April without any sort of fanfare. Stephanie also unfollowed her husband on Twitter (even though he still follows her), which is never a good sign.
Stephanie apparently told Us that she is in the process of filing for divorce. In January, the couple happily announced that they were expecting their first child. The couple has been through a lot since they met on ‘The Biggest Loser.’ In 2011, Sam fell 54 feet from a balcony and suffered major injuries. Stephanie nursed him while he recovered from his near-fatal injuries.
The Ashley will update if she gets any more information on what went wrong!
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7 Responses

  1. Well she was so madly in love until at least 2/10/13 some say he cheated.. Or He’s gay.. But to not make it a year, a baby on the way and a huge expensive wedding its something unforgivable! It must be embarssing and humiliating!

  2. I was shocked to hear this and so sad. Even sadder that they didn’t even make it to the birth of their child. I’m wondering if he cheated, what else could be so bad that you file for divorce while still pregnant.

  3. This news didnt shock me as I noticed the signs you noted, it seems Sam went to the BL ranch last January.. Celebrated Stephz birthday.. Then boom things changed. You right she was head over hill in live it must have been some very big to break up fast and with her pregnant.

  4. How sad, I was really routing for them. 🙁

    Just a correction, she was actually on season 9, not 4. I’m sorry for being annoying, just had to point that out!

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