MTV Stops Online Brawl Between ‘Teen Mom’ Stars Alex Sekella & Jenelle Evans

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Battle of the Teen Moms!
Two stars of the Teen Mom franchise got into a nasty online brawl recently and, according to The Ashley‘s sources, MTV is not happy about it!

Teen Mom 3 star Alex Sekella was tired of Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evan posting articles about her to the website Alex asked Jenelle (who makes money when someone clicks a link she posts) to stop writing about her and her daughter, but Jenelle continued to post articles about the ‘Teen Mom 3’ star.  That’s when things got nasty, and Alex went off on Jenelle on Twitter!

To read the entire Twitter conversation between the girls (much of which has since been deleted by Jenelle) click here, but here are a few samplings:

@mcwx3 I want her to leave me out of her trash site blocking her wont make it go away

— Alexandria Sekella (@OfficialSekella) June 30, 2013

@codydick1979 no I don't want her using me to get her drinking money she didn't right the article

— Alexandria Sekella (@OfficialSekella) June 30, 2013

@PBandJenelley_1 Hey everybody go like jenelle sulia she needs money for her alcohol and bad habits #drugaddict #loser

— Alexandria Sekella (@OfficialSekella) June 30, 2013

Alex’s tirade was still not enough to get Jenelle to stop posting about Alex and the other ‘Teen Mom’ stars (many of which hate the fact that Jenelle is allowed to write about them for profit on the site.)

The Ashley’s source tells her that MTV saw the feud and stepped in, calling each girl to hear their side of the story. Alex was apparently very angry that Jenelle was able to make money by selling stories about her life, especially since it comes very close to violating the very strict contracts that girls on the show sign. MTV promised to “handle” the Jenelle Sulia situation. From what The Ashley hears, the producers told Jenelle to leave Alex alone— and off her Sulia site.

Alex isn’t the first girl to publicly chastise Jenelle (and some of the other girls from 16 and Pregnant who work for Sulia) for posting article about them. In April, Jenelle’s co-star Kail Lowry tweeted her frustrations about the site.

“IF YOU’RE ON TEEN MOM OR 16 & PREGNANT WRITE SULIA LINKS ABOUT ANOTHER SHOW!!!!!!!!!! YES. You can do it,” she tweeted. (She later deleted the tweet.)




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  1. none of the teen moms have any room to judge others.. especially jenelle. jenelle cant even act like an adult for her child. and shes gonna judge someone else? she just wants attention.

  2. Jenelle has some nerve! Can’t even get her shit together, she thinks she can write about other young moms. She has low self-esteem and needs to get help and a life!

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