‘Teen Mom 3’ Season 1: Watch the Official Trailer Here!

It’s finally here kiddies! After months and months of waiting, we are finally getting our first look at the official trailer for Teen Mom 3!

If you’re outside the United States, I’m not sure when this will air in your neck of the woods, but The Ashley has found a trailer that you can watch! Click here(UPDATE: It’s rumored that ‘Teen Mom 3’ will premiere internationally in February 2014!)

Along with the trailer, MTV also finally gave us the air date for the series. We can watch the trials and tribulations of Alex Sekella, Briana DeJesus, Mackenzie Douthit and Katie Yeager starting Monday, August 26 at 10 p.m.

By all accounts, this entire season will be intense. From baby-daddy drama, to health scares, to broken engagements, these girls will certainly bring us a lot of entertaining television to watch!

Here’s what the official MTV press release has to say about the girls:

Alex always had dreams of opening her own dance studio, but put everything on hold when she found out she was pregnant.  Now, she juggles three part time jobs as she attempts to finish high school, all while raising her daughter Arabella with very little help.  Alex does everything possible to keep her life under control, but her baby’s father and on-and-off again boyfriend, Matt, is a constant source of unwelcome surprises.  After he returns from a 6-month stint in rehab, Alex hopes he’ll be the person she fell in love with again, but finds out quickly that he’s unable to meet her expectations. 
By the time her baby Nova was born, Briana was far from on good terms with her baby’s father, Devoin – and even left his name off of Nova’s birth certificate. She wants her baby to have a father figure though, and struggles with whether or not she can ultimately repair their broken relationship.  Meanwhile, Devoin continues to show disinterest in raising his daughter – rarely visiting or providing financial support — and even posts hurtful comments about Briana online which drive her to take him to court.   Luckily, this young mother has an incredible support system with two strong women, her mother Roxanne and older sister Brittany, who stand by her side and help her raise Nova. 
With memories of filling out college applications and her love of racing ATV’s with her friends in the past, Katie had to grow up extremely fast.  A perfectionist, she desperately works to raise her baby Molli as best as she can while working a part time job and taking online courses at a local community college.  Education is high on her priority list, and she dreams of transferring to a four-year university.  But, when Molli’s father Joey proposes, her plans shift as he insists that it’s a waste of money to pay for an education.  Joey working the overnight shift takes a toll on their relationship, and they continuously bicker over money.  Despite having what appears to be a perfect home for their baby, Joey reaches his brink and makes a decision that threatens their relationship and crushes her dream of having the perfect family.
All–American cheerleader Mackenzie has always lived in the moment by her own rules.  But, since the birth of her son Gannon, she’s had to make major life changes.  She’s from a large, Christian family – and her mother Angie steps in to help Mackenzie navigate motherhood so she can continue to go to high school.  Meanwhile, her fiancé Josh is on track to become a rodeo star, but they continue to hit rough patches in their relationship as they struggle to communicate.   Mackenzie becomes more and more frustrated, and as her junior year of high school progresses, this country girl quickly learns just how hard it is to balance school and cheerleading with raising a child and holding a relationship together.

To learn more about what we’ll see this season, click here!



  1. It looks like it’s going to be better than I thought. I just hope it’s more real and not all staged conversations with fake friends like TM 1 & 2 became.

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