Jersey Shore Says “Stay Away Snooki (and MTV!)”

You look good, Snooks, but the Shore still doesn't want ya!
You look good, Snooks, but the Shore still doesn’t want ya!

She was part of the cast that helped make the Jersey Shore famous, but apparently Snooki is no longer welcome anywhere near the Shore.

A homeowner in the private Pelican Island neighborhood (across from Seaside Heights) caused quite a stir when he alerted his neighbors that he planned to rent his beachfront property to Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, her fiance, Jionni LaValle and her son Lorenzo. (Oh, and MTV, of course!) The couple planned to film the third season of Snooki & JWOWW (or possibly fourth season, actually) at the house.

The people of the town, which was ravaged by Hurricane Sandy in 2012, have made it clear that they are not ready for Hurricane Snooki.

“We don’t need the likes of Snooki and the people who surround that kind of situation like they had in Seaside Heights,” one resident told “Plus we don’t like the people coming here, rioting in the streets and trying to get a picture of Snooki or whoever it is….this is a nice community. This is not that zoo that’s over there!”

Of course, anyone that’s got a glimpse of Snooki’s Instagram can tell that she’s not the same fall-down-drunk-and-flash-your-lady-bits gal we knew back in the ‘Jersey Shore’ days. Her Instagram photos show her life today, which basically consists of working out, hanging with her son and making money. However, the Pelican Island residents don’t seem to care that Snooki probably won’t be “cooka flashing” while in their ‘hood. They still don’t want any part of her.

“I don’t care what it is. I don’t want the reporters…” the same guy says. Apparently, many other neighbors agree, and some are afraid that the MTV circus will hinder their rebuilding efforts.

Snooki, of course, commented on her excommunication from the Shore community on her Instagram.

Unable [to understand] how adults are trying to ban my son, fiancé and I from enjoying our summer at the shore. Grow up, get over yourself and move on. This is not how we should be treating one another. Absolutely sick and very sad. I pray for you. There’s much bigger things to worry about in life than trying to ban my family from your neighborhood.

What the Snook-ster fails to mention is that it’s not just a happy family vacation that has neighbors up in arms. They will actually be filming the show at the house. The Ashley sides with the neighbors on this one!
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  1. Why are they welcome anywhere? Who would want “the Jersey Shore Kids” to visit their town, especially with fiancee and spawn in tow?

  2. Just to head off what happened in the USA, and most recently in Italy, I ‘d like to take this opportunity to speak for the residents of the UK. Snookie, you, your “fiancee”, your child(ren), your friends, extended family, their friends, neighbours, acquaintances, facebook friends, twitter followers, and anyone else in any way associated with you or MTV are not welcome in the English seaside towns of Brighton, Blackpool, Scarbourgh, Cornwall, Mousehole, Devon, Dorsett, Suffolk, Jersey,The isle of White, East Yorkshire, or anywhere on the coast. Stay away from the Lake district, too, actually, stay away from England. And Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Wales, and even the Falklands. We have more than our share of drunken slaggy hooligans, we don’t need to import any. In fact, stay on your side of the Atlantic, your side of the country, state, neighnourhood, and give us all a break

  3. I hate Governor ChristieI believe that he is a shill for the 1%, corporations, polluters, tax cheats, and those who feel women are less than. SOOOOOO, it is a big thing that I agreed with him when he said that the Jersey Shore was a bunch of asshole New Yorkers bringING shame on NJ, and that they need to go to Coney Island instead. Why would NJ want them back, ESPECIALLY after they reeked more havoc on the reputation of the than the storm! (But less than Christie)

  4. NJ just wants to be spared any more embarrassment from the moron/slag patrol from NYC. The state is still cleaning up from a devastating storm; do they need to hire more street cleaners to pick up the used condoms, (I HOPE they used condoms!!), empty 40s, and unconscious drunks? Not to mention all the pools of beer and pizza puke.

  5. Hey to The Ashley! Love the blog; I can get my dose of “can you believe these people?” without having to watch.

    I must disagree with you, though, the NJ shore was already famous, these delinquents made it INFAMOUS!

  6. Totally correct, zows and justaskin’; no one made money from these slags. It seems that not many people, except maybe Cate and Chelsea want to run down and vacation with scum. They certainly don’t want their families involved with that crew. The area already succumbed to a natural disaster, why do they want to deal with an UNNATURAL disaster as well?

  7. This makes me mad bc she helped raise SO MUCH money for them. I totally understand not wanting the circus of reporters there, and I also understand finding the entire jersey shore cast to be offensive and annoying.. but at the same time, they got SO MUCH MONEY to go into that area.

    1. So much money for whom? The Jersey shore, and seaside heights has been PACKED for decades, not just by people from NJ, and Long Island, but CT, PA, and even DE. Did you think they built that boardwalk, those stalls and amusements, the hotels, motels, vacation homes, bars and clubs just because these idiots showed up? There were a large number of complaints that Snookie and Co. actually COST businesses money because people stayed away due to MTV and the STD pack from NY. Who wants to take their kid to the historic carousel when you might stumble over a half-naked drunk on the way.
      And by the way, Snookie, it should be “trying to ban my son, my fiancé and ME. . . “.

      1. Absolutely correct, Justaskin’. The people who made money were MTV, the jersey shore whores, (from NY, by the way), the person they rented from, and . . . NO ONE ELSE.

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