Take a Sneak Peek of Oxygen’s “Too Young to Marry” Series!

Ho ho Shaunice and Bradley

If you’re old like The Ashley, you might remember an early-2000s MTV show called Engaged and Underage. The show, which chronicled the journeys of 18-22 year olds that were about to get married, basically became on obsession of The Ashley’s and was one of the first reality TV shows she watched consistently. (Of course, The Ashley had to know what became of the couples from that show and did a three-part “Engaged & Underage: Where Are They Now?” series last year. You can read that here, here and here.)

Anyway, the Oxygen Network has decided to reboot the program, or at least the idea of filming kids that think they are ready to get married. On Wednesday, September 11, Oxygen will present “Too Young To Marry,” a four-part series that a representative from Oxygen tells The Ashley will “follow opinionated teen couples who are determined to walk down the aisle with or without the blessing of their family and friends.”

This series promises to have all the stuff we love: screaming parents who are threatening to disown their kids, 18-year-olds who think they know everything, and the obligatory awkward-on-camera BFFs!

The Ashley managed to get her reality-TV-lovin’ paws on a sneak peek clip of the show. This episode shows the young love story of Shaunice and Bradley who got engaged after only seven months of dating. Both are in college and both have moms that aren’t too pleased about them tying the knot.

(Um…Bradley’s mom calls his fiance a “ho-ho”….and the moms almost get into a fight during the ceremony! That’s reason enough to watch this series!)

Fingers crossed they decide to make this a full-on series! The Ashley will be all over it!

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