EXCLUSIVE! Meet Maddy Godsey, the Second Confirmed Girl for “16 and Pregnant” Season 5!

Maddy with the father of her baby, Cody.

Last week, The Ashley exclusively introduced you to Karley, a 17 year-old girl that’s pregnant with twins that will be on the upcoming fifth season of 16 and Pregnant. The season, which is currently filming now, will feature an eclectic group of girls, and now The Ashley is excited to introduce you to yet another girl that will featured.

Meet Maddy Godsey! She’s from Tinley Park, Illinois and is expecting a baby girl– tomorrow! She plans to name her daughter Aubrey Lynn.

From what The Ashley can gather, Maddy left her regular high school to attend alternative high school after finding out she was pregnant, but has not graduated yet. She has been filming with MTV for the last few months, apparently.

The father of her baby is a guy named Cody, whom she’s had a rocky on-and-off-again relationship with. (UPDATE: As of April 2014, they are not together, and Cody is dating another girl who is also a teen mother.)

MTV at Maddy’s house. The yellow arrow is pointing at the camera guy, the blue is at Maddy and her mother.

Maddy has caught a lot of flack in her town (which is about 35 minutes south of Chicago) for getting pregnant at such a young age, but she appears to be handling everything quite well.

“I made a mistake, but I don’t regret it,” she told a hater on her Facebook page. “I’m doing my best to be the best mother I can be for my daughter.”

To see more photos of Maddy before her pregnancy click here and here!

Maddy and Cody before their breakup.

Are you excited to watch Maddy’s episode? The Ashley will continue to post more Season 5 girls, so stay tuned! A ’16 and Pregnant’ Season 5 fanpage has even been created to follow along with the new girls as more information surfaces.

UPDATE: MTV has finally confirmed the fifth season, and has given it an air date of Monday, April 14! Click here to see a sneak peek of Maddy’s episode!


  1. Madison is pretty cold towards Cody. I would take her little know it all ass to court for joint custody already! The whole last name thing pissed me off.

  2. So this is clearly my Instagram photo of the street. That’s a camera LADY by the way… So ya know… Your welcome America!!!!

    1. Maury has JUST as much white trash as African americans on it … so don’t even start the racist bullshit

  3. I don’t mean to be offensive when I say this but I really would like see an all African American couple on this show. Not that there’s anything wrong with interracial couples but that’s all I’ve seen up here so far with the teens that African American (Ebony & Josh from season 1, Valerie & Matt form season 2, Cleondra & Mario and Jordan & Tyler from season 4). We have seen all Caucasian couples and all Hispanic couples. And I would also like to see an Asian girl or Middle Eastern girl on the show cuz I know they exist. Well, Allie from season 3 said her father was Filipino but you couldn’t tell because she looks Hispanic.
    I wanna see them acknowledge different kinds of stories and not just the typical all-American family thing. And why the hell are most of these girls from small quiet towns? Feature a girl who lives in the city or something.

    1. There was an African American couple on season 2B. Christinna and Isaiah (the one with the grandma that wouldn’t talk to christinna and threatened to sue MTV for portraying her in a bad way).

  4. You should change your note to media outlets at the end… it says “Don’t be a jerk face and steal the information with sourcing it.” Obviously it’s a typo, but you’re telling people that they would be a “jerk face” if they *did* credit you.

  5. Teen mom talk (I know, I know) put an article up about her and the top picture looks A LOT like Leah. I honestly thought it was for a second.

  6. She doesn’t look like Leah at all. she just has long blonde hair. Check out the second pic though. Totally reminded me of crazy Nikkole Paulun

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