Sources Say MTV May Not Continue with ‘Teen Mom 3’

Season 2

Have we seen the last of the Teen Mom 3 cast? According to several of the show’s cast members, the answer might be yes!

The final reunion special episode of the show aired this week. (Yes, The Ashley plans to recap the crap out of that episode, by the way. You know she’s not going to miss out on writing about someone whipping off their high heels to hit their daughter’s ex with them!)

While the hi-jinks of Briana DeJesus, Mackenzie Douthit, Katie Yeager and Alex Sekella have garnered the network decent ratings, The Ashley can exclusively reveal that the show’s fate is currently hanging in the balance!

Despite rumors that the cast is currently filming a second season, The Ashley’s ‘Teen Mom 3’ sources tell her that no decision has been made by the network—or the cast—as to whether or not they want to continue with the show.

“I don’t think anyone wants to,” one of the show’s cast members  told The Ashley. “But it still isn’t confirmed.”

According to another one of the show’s stars, the way the show was edited has made some of the cast think twice about signing on for season two.

“We still haven’t decided,” the second cast member told The Ashley. “Unless sh*t changes, we might not.”

While there is certainly plenty of upcoming events in the cast’s lives that will make for great television (for instance, Mackenzie is due to give birth to her second child in February), the show never really seemed to pick up the fanbase that the original Teen Mom and its follow-up, Teen Mom 2, had, in The Ashley’s opinion.

During the reunion special, Roxanne DeJesus, mother of Briana, hinted on Twitter that her MTV days might be numbered.

The network did not respond to The Ashley’s request for comment on the second season. The Ashley will keep y’all posted when she hears more about the fate of the show! In the meantime, we have another season of ‘Teen Mom 2’ (Welcome back, Babs!) and 16 and Pregnant to look forward to!


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  1. And then instead of any Teen Moms, they could just do big Where Are They Now specials every year or two with all the girls from all the seasons who are willing to do it.

  2. I’d like to just do more seasons of 16&Pregnant. That’s a series that could honestly go on forever- there will always be teen pregnancies. And it’s a lot more interesting.

    Teen Mom is just boring. I like these girls okay and I liked their 16&Pregnant episodes, but they don’t make good TV every week.

  3. Honestly I think that if they just made a Teen Mom 2.0 or something and included Alex Sekella, Leah Messer, Chelsea Houska, and Kailyn Lowry, then everything would be fixed. Though Katie Yeager could probably be there instead of Chelsea and get good ratings as well.

  4. I really hope they don’t continue. The whole series was SO BORING!!! The only girls I semi liked were Katie and Alex. But then again who wants to hear Alex screaming and Katie crying every 5 seconds. Don’t even get me started on briana… YOU FREAKING KEPT YOUR BABY NOW QUIT SAYING “I WISH I HAD GOTTEN AN ABORTION” ON NATIONAL TV. Sorry for the caps but it really pissed me off. You made a choice and you’re stuck with it. It made me mad that she didn’t even work and was on food stamps too when all she would do was sit at home all day and complain about how school was so hard all while she was sexting Jacob in her stupid looking glasses. And mckenzie was just way too spoiled. Her parents watched her kid all of the time and she would always be disrespectful towards them (a Farrah). Also you shouldn’t be so worried about cheer leading when you have a kid. I think you kind of gave that up when you got pregnant… My two cents.

  5. I honestly don’t care if they do another season or not. This season was so boring and the girls were very unlikable. I’d rather watch another season of TM2 or 16&P.

  6. I stopped watching weeks ago. Like another poster said, I like 16&P better because we don’t know the outcome before the show airs. I also stopped watching TM2 for the same reason. And that Mackenzie. . .the dumbest girl in the history of the franchise. Now, remember that MTV wasn’t going to do another 16&P, or TM2, so this can change.

  7. The girls from TM1 and TM2 were more interesting and relatable. I have followed along but really just do not care what happens to the four girls from TM3. I’m sure a lot is in the editing and not these girls in real life, but even so… I just don’t care.

    I haven’t watched a single episode live. I catch them about a week afterwards online or sometimes miss an episode. Its just not really good and all of the girls are (or made to look) so dumb. You can’t understand half of what Briana or Kenzi say, the episodes are outdated, and Katie and Alex both have some serious anger issues and growing up to do. I just don’t “root” for any of them.

    I hope they cancel TM3. I will still watch 16&P and TM2 is a must because of Babz! My favorite girl to appear on 16&P was Emily McKenzie but she didn’t end up on TM.

  8. I much prefer 16 & preg to teen mom. By the time it airs its so out of date and I’ve read it all online, whereas with 16 & preg you don’t know whats gonna happen.
    Plus McKenzie has really made a mockery of what the show is trying to prevent. We need more girls like Maci, Chelsea and Katie etc who concentrate on getting some qualifications rather than getting knocked up again.

    1. More girls like Maci? Her child is 5 and she still hasn’t graduated from community college. She is more concerned with being a party girl than getting an education.

      1. yes but she is going for a bachelors degree isn’t she, not just a diploma? I know here a bachelor’s degree takes four years (and that is without a kid!) So really taking five years isn’t that long

  9. I probably wouldn’t watch a second season. There would be at least a year gap between the end of season 1 and the beginning of season 2. Also these girls were just not that interesting. Matt and briannas mom were the only entertaining people on the show.

  10. The 16 and pregnant series and the “where are they nows” have just about the right amount of exposure for each of the girl’s stories. Teen mom series just drag out the same old predictable, frustrating storylines. Either that or they just continually pick the wrong stories. Entitled, bitchy Farrah was incredibly annoying and stopped me from watching teen mom 1. Amber was a great train wreck and made that show ok to watch-but either way they dragged it on for too many seasons. Maci was annoyingly perfect and her bf Kyle was like half brain dead boring. Tyler and catelynn were pointless-they weren’t even teen parents-they just had poor people drama. Teen mom 2-kailyn was ok-atleast she was going to school and trying to be independent (probably the better role model (minus her choice to have another baby young before finishing school), Chelsea was pathetic, I wish someone would just jump jenelle’s sorry excuse making ass-she never admits she is wrong when she makes poor choices, Leah was ok to watch- I liked her drama the best as it was the most understandable. Above all-twitter and Facebook fan pages just kill the authenticity of the show, as well as the fact that every season IS SO BEHIND with reality!!! How annoying that we have to be subjected to news of Matts new life/fiancé and Mackenzie’s marriage/ new pregnancy- the life we see them living on TV is not even close to what it is now so it makes the show pointless to watch! Ugh I am over it. I could of thought of several other girls worth watching from the other 16 and pregnants for an extended period of time with much more unique drama other than just, “wah, wah my baby daddy doesn’t love me/ doesn’t get being a Dad.” (I.e. All teen mom 3 girls-but I do like Alex’s genuine drama dealing with a Druggie.) MTV tries to put on this front that they are benefitting young girls by showing this trash as reality. It’s terrible! Choose BETTER girls with a GRIP-not entitled, neurotic, self-centered girls who hide behind the gist of being an innocent mom. Take away social media! Churn out seasons in REAL time! If the stories were genuine, there would be no need for a year of editing time. I want to see the girls WORK hard-not just pace around their houses complaining about baby daddies. I want to see them bust their ass for not only their kids, but their careers. TAKE AWAY THE MONEY! TAKE AWAY THE GLAMOUR! Make it so they get a small minimum wage paycheck as if they were working at an ice cream parlour all throughout filming-make the contract state that they will get a LUMP sum upon finishing ALL seasons. I was a young mom myself who busted her ass to graduate college while caring for an infant and now I am in grad school while working full-time. Baby daddy drama on the side, but that was not always at the fore-front and should not have been. In fact, my daughter’s father was in college right along with me, busting his ass like a REAL MAN. Change the stereotypes! Read and learn, MTV!

  11. Please don’t ! I never liked Teen Mom since the third season of Teen Mom 2. Make more 16 and pregnant show ! I always love them, and the speach the girls gave at the end. I think it’s the only watchable and usefull show of the whole franchise at this point.

  12. I just think that for this group of Teen Moms, no one was exactly compelling or had the wow factor. It’s not a bad thing. There wasn’t anyone who I hated but no one I was really rooting for either. The one I disliked the most was Mackenzie, since she was kind of a brat with her parents and annoying. But when you compare her to Farrah’s level of being a brat/annoying, she isn’t even close.

    I’ll probably watch season 2. But if they don’t have another season, I won’t exactly be heartbroken either. I didn’t even watch the last season of 16 & Pregnant, and I only caught up to this season near the last few weeks.

  13. I definetely think they shouldn’t be coming back for another season. The reunion show speaks volume about the maturity of those girls, and the fact that all of them needs therepay ASAP. From what I’ve seen here and other TM sites is that those girls doesn’t have half the fanbase and the ratings of the other TM show. Plus I don’t get the feeling I had from the others show and I just really feel like those girls just love to be on TV and have a HUGE entitlement because of it.

  14. I hope they don’t continue it was truely boring. I’d rather have a TM4, a season 6 of 16 and pregnant or teen mom 2 than to have an other season of TM3. In fact I’d rather have the OG Teen Mom back now that Amber is out of jail.

  15. I have always been a fan of Teen Mom but I have to admit this season has not been very interesting. The cast is boring, its the same thing every episode.

  16. I love this season and every other season of teen mom and 16 & pregnant. I am a true fan and I truly hope that they continue…they are an inspiration to many girls out there going through the same situation and feeling they are alone…please continue filming!!

  17. I don’t think that it’s the “show” that is loosing the ratings I think it’s this group of girls. I don’t care for any of them and I’ve heard all over a bunch of websites that they do not care for any of the girls that were on the show this season. I think if they would have chosen some of the other girls from that season of 16&p that the season would have done a lot better..

  18. I don’t think anyone really wants to see more of these girls and Mackenzie is basically doing everything the show is supposed to be going against. I feel like they’re saying they might not want to do another season to cover up the fact that there’s no interest.

  19. There would be such a time gap between the filming of season 1 and season 2. But they are still continuing the filming of 16&P, so would they just skip over to a TM4 if the cast doesn’t want to film?

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