‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 5 Trailer to Air Tuesday Night

They're baaaaaack!
They’re baaaaaack!

The Ashley has some fantastic news for all you Teen Mom 2 fans: Barbara Evans is coming back into our lives— Tuesday night!

As The Ashley exclusively revealed a few weeks ago, MTV has set a premiere date of January 21 for the fifth season of ‘Teen Mom 2,’ and we will get to see the very first scenes Tuesday night, when the network will air the very first trailer for the season!

The show’s cast took to their social media accounts to tell fans to “make sure to watch MTV tomorrow night,” but did not indicate why, but The Ashley has confirmed that it is, indeed, the trailer that y’all will be watching for!

Unfortunately, The Ashley wasn’t able to get an air time, but the trailer will air in the United States sometime Tuesday night. As per usual, those of you outside the United States will have to wait eons before you get to watch the new footage.

The fifth season of ‘Teen Mom 2,’ which began taping this spring and just finished up this month, will feature some super-exciting events, including Chelsea Houska‘s graduation from beauty school,  Kail Lowry‘s wedding and second pregnancy, the birth of Adam Lind‘s second child, Paislee, and Jenelle Evanssecond pregnancy, among other things. While MTV has been known to “forget” to include some major happenings in the girls’ lives (‘member when they didn’t even mention when Jenelle got arrested for beating the beJesus out of her former friend?!) it’s likely we will see at least of touch of these events in the new season.

Will you be watching?!

UPDATE: U.S. fans can watch the trailer right here!

(Photo: MTV)


  1. Wait, so are they showing Jenelle’s pregnancy with Courtland or with Nathan? It seems like they are focusing on Nathan in the preview, but allegedly she was pregnant with Courtland? I forget whether or not you debunked that one, and you’re pretty much the only source I trust.

    In the same vein, did we ever figure out what happened with Nikkole Paulun’s pregnancy, and is she having some sort of a breakdown?

  2. Why does the premiere date keep changing. Some blogs/news sites are saying it’s the 16th of January, other saying it’s the 21st.. Which is it?

    The constantly changing date really makes it seem like it’s not actually a new season, but a one off “Where Are They Now” special.

    1. @Roxii— according to all of my sources, it is Jan 21. I have never wavered on this date. Of course, things can always change. However, it is NOT a where are they now, it is, indeed, a fifth season. Trust me! 😉 -The Ashley

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