EXCLUSIVE! Meet Summer Rewis, the Fifth Confirmed Girl From “16 and Pregnant” Season 5!

Meet Summer and DJ!
Meet Summer and DJ!

Last month The Ashley broke the news that a girl named Autumn would be featured on the upcoming fifth season of 16 and Pregnant, and now she can exclusively reveal that a girl named Summer has also been cast!

As The Ashley has said before, it has become her goal to be the first to introduce you to all of the girls that are currently being filmed for the fifth season of the show.

Here’s what we know about Summer Rewis: she’s a high school junior from Reidsville, Georgia. She is due to graduate high school in 2015, but took some time off from school because of her pregnancy. She has a large support system, with several sisters and both parents that are supportive and in her life.

16 and pregnant
Summer and DJ before the baby was born.

Baby: Summer gave birth to a baby boy named Peyton Daniel at the end of October. The baby weighed in at 7 lbs.5 ounces, and was born a few weeks early.

Baby Daddy: Summer and the baby’s father, 18 year-old DJ, have been together for over three years and got married at the end of August in a courthouse-type wedding ceremony. (The Ashley is not sure if the ceremony was captured by MTV cameras or not.) He proposed in June and they honeymooned on St. Simon, an island near their home in Georgia. DJ had been in some trouble earlier in his life, but now seems dedicated to becoming a good husband and father to Peyton.

Judging by this Facebook post DJ made in March 2013 when he announced Summer’s pregnancy, it appears that the pregnancy was not planned.

“I can say that no matter what happens I am going to love Summer and our baby unconditionally and I am going to do whatever it takes to take care of them both! And yes Summer is going to go to school and I am in college as well with straight A’s and I am also looking for a job. This is going to be hard on us, I know, but with God we can make it through anything! A lot of people are dissapointed in us and I completely understand, but I see it as a blessing from God. I know we’re young, but I am not going to be a deadbeat and run away from this.”

season 5
An MTV camera crew is shown filming scenes for Summer’s episode.

What MTV Filmed: While it is not known if Summer and DJ’s wedding was filmed for ’16 and Pregnant,’ the cameras were rolling during Summer’s baby shower on October 19.

The Ashley spoke with a friend of Summer’s, who was present when MTV was filming portions of her episode, and the friend says that Summer and DJ have done their best to keep Summer’s participation in the show as low-profile as possible.

“I think they just didn’t want a big crowd everywhere they went probably,” the friend told The Ashley.

For those of you asking, there is NO air date available yet, as MTV has not revealed anything about any of these girls. All of the information has been uncovered by The Ashley only. Although there is no official air date available yet, The Ashley believes that this season will most likely air in the fall of 2014.

Over the last few months, The Ashley has also introduced you to four other girls that will be on the upcoming season:

Aleah, a Missouri girl who was already acting as a stepmom to a child when she became pregnant.

Maddy, a Illinois teen who has major relationship issues with her daughter Aubrey’s father.

Autumn, a high school sophomore from Virginia who gave birth to her son Drake just months after her teen sister delivered a baby.

Karley, a married girl from Utah who recently gave birth to twin girls. The Ashley will be exclusively revealing more Season 5 girls soon, so stay tuned if you like teenage pregnancy goodness!

As per usual, a Facebook Fan Page has already been set up for Summer. Click here to ‘like’ it. And while you’re at it, ‘like’ The Ashley on Facebook too. She needs pals.

UPDATE: MTV has finally confirmed the fifth season, and has given it an air date of Tuesday, April 29! Click here to see a sneak peek of one of the episodes!


  1. Girlll your baby dad got major issues I feel really bad for u I have never done this reached out 2 someone on tv but girl your goin 2 half 2 put your big girl panties in as my mom wud say an prepare 2 not b with him I think he’s on some kind of drugs r something for him 2 b looking like that an acting like that is not normal at all an y’all talk everyday on the phone an now when y’all are face 2 face he wants 2 act like that it’s bullshit an not normal it’s really hard raising a kid which I’m sure u no by now an especially when your not prepared r warned about all the trials an tribulations that comes with a damn baby’s dad it’s hell an heartbreaking and y’all are goin 2 give it many many try’s belive that so don’t let no 1 sister mom who ever tell u how 2 feel an what 2 do with your relationship with your sons father thy don’t know alls thy can do is support your decisions an never feel ashame about your decisions I went thru the same thing so trust me I know but good luck girl!

  2. I’m 16 & pregnant with my second child, I would like to share my story with the world so teens out there can know it’s hard being a teen mom especially getting pregnant at 15 and than again at 16. My daughter is 7 months old & I’m a month & half pregnant with my second child. I believe if I share my story it can help young lady use protected sex and be smart about how they have sex. Being a teen mom is hard and isn’t a joy ride although I do love my children the struggle I’m going to have with be twice as hard. I hope my comment was good enough to open the eyes of other teens even if I don’t get a called to be on the show. I live in Ocala , Florida and the best way to contact me at the moment would be by my email : Jasmin.Martinez97@yahoo.com. My story is different, and I’m seeing so many young teens becoming pregnant. I believe that if I am on your show not only can it help prevent teen pregnancy but also help these young teen moms to use protected sex after birth to prevent having another child so soon. I don’t want my kids to grow up thinking it’s okay to have sex so young and I wish I didn’t grow up that way either. But something NEEDS to be done. I hope you can let MTV know about me, I’ve sent emails and commented everywhere. My email is Jasmin.Martinez97@yahoo.com thank you for your time of day.

  3. Is Daniel not a really normal name? I know loads of Daniels. I always thought Peyton was a girl’s name though? It’s not very popular in the UK so I’ve only ever heard girls called it.

    1. Peyton is considered unisex, although it seems like a lot of people prefer it for a girl. 🙂 I do believe that the preferred female spelling is Payton, but I could be wrong.

  4. If Daniel is the baby family name, they are the first couple on this season to name their kid something that isn’t horribly trendy/mispelled.

    If it’s a middle name, so close, yet so far

    1. Ok re read it and I legit taught the baby was a girl and I was like really you were 3 letter away ! anw Sorry :/ In this case Daniel is perfect and Peyton well I could kinda like it. It’s not mispelled so there is that

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