Get Ready for Season 5! Presenting the ‘Teen Mom 2’ Drinking Game!

teen mom 2
“Shots! Shots! Shots!”

The Ashley knows that there are a lot of drinking games centered around watching television shows, and even a few made specifically for play while watching Teen Mom 2. However, those games suck. No one knows this show better than The Ashley (she wrote a book about it, for goodness sakes!)

To celebrate another season of Barbara and friends, let’s drink! You can play this game while watching the new season, or just go ahead and gather your favorite assortment of feather-haired degenerate friends and watch the old episodes and play along. Either way, you’re going to get more wasted than Jenelle and Tori at a Ke$her Ke$ha concert! Grab some adult beverages, (but make sure you’re not pregnant again first) and let the fun begin!


Take a baby (pun intended) sip of your drink if:

* Either of Leah‘s twins start screaming

* Jenelle‘s mother Barbara is shown wearing her trademark blue shirt

* Chelsea mentions her hair

* Corey is shown wearing his lime green shirt

* Any of the girls make any mention of their Twitter or Facebook accounts

* Kail and her friends have an awkward on-camera conversation

*Barbara ends any word in an “A” when it’s not supposed to end in an “A” (i.e. “sewa”, “Kieffa”) (This one alone could get you hammered!)

*Someone has to go to court


teen mom 2
“Let’s drown our sorrows in alcohol!”

Take a gulp of your drink if:

* Corey is shown wearing camouflage

* A scene is so “disturbing” that they have to run the “If you, or someone you know…” clip

* Jo raps!

* Any of the girls push, shove or kick their significant other (and/or their strangely-accented mother)

* Barbara says “Kieffa” or tells Juh-nelle to take care of Jace.

* There’s a sighting of Jenelle‘s White Trash Wonder of a friend, Tori

* Anyone on the show says, “Y’all” (2 drinks if it’s Corey!)

* Jenelle‘s cutie-patootie lawyer, Dustin, rolls his eyes or gives Jenelle a strange look

*Jenelle cries about something her boyfriend did.

*Kail changes her hairstyle: braids, bun or other fancy style


Teen Mom 2
“Bottoms up, bi-otches!”

Give a drink to another person if you’re the first person to see (and call out) that:

* One of the girls tried to cover up post-shooting changes to her hair with a wig, hat or well-placed hoodie

*An MTV cameraman got into the shot by mistake

* Any verifiable date is shown (MTV usually tries to hide the fact that these episodes are shown nearly a year after they’re shot!)

*One of the character’s “title” changes at the bottom of the screen for the first time (i.e. “Kail’s boyfriend” to “Kail’s husband”)

* Leah or Corey says “We was” instead of “We were”

Finish your drink and grab another if:

* Jenelle declares that her new boyfriend is “The One”

*Chelsea complains about how hard her life is, or if she has to move

*Kail‘s mom, Suzi, or Leah‘s real dad makes an appearance. (They are like Bigfoot and are rarely seen!)

* Someone gets a new dog

If you play The Ashley’s game, be sure to leave a comment and let The Ashley know how drunk you got, you lushes!

(Photos: MTV, Twitter)


  1. But you forgot Jenelle “Last night (insert boyfriend/mother here) and I got into a big fight”…you will be amazed how many times this is said..i have counted

  2. They play teen mom so far behind in NZ that I’d given up watching the show -The Ashley commentary is far more entertaining anyway. But for this game I’m watching back to back episodes – on my 3rd drink before the 1st ad break!!!!!!!

      1. no worries, I had fun! Sadly I had to give up after 1 episode so as to be able to cope with my kids the next morning.

  3. So playing this, it’s awesome. You just need to add when Jenelle yells “leave me alone” to the list

  4. haha I would so play this game but I have a 2 and 4 year old crawling all over me while i’m watch. It would be so much fun though.:))

  5. I’m super excited to play this game!! I’m pretty sure we all can get drunk within the first 15 minutes!!

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