“16 and Pregnant” Season 5 Gets a Release Date! Check Out a Sneak Peek!

A new season of baby-bumpers is on its way!

Over the past few months, The Ashley has been introducing you to the girls that will be starring on the upcoming fifth season of 16 and Pregnant. MTV has stayed quiet on everything having to do with the new season and, until now, has not confirmed or denied that what The Ashley has posted is true.

Today, however, MTV finally spoke out about the new season of the show, confirming that it is indeed coming back for a fifth season (duh) and that Maddy Godsey (who The Ashley introduced you to back in October), will be one of the girls featured.

According to a MTV press release that was distributed today, the show will premiere much earlier than we thought: the air date is April 29! (This will start right as Season 5A of Teen Mom 2 ends!) Oddly, MTV has pushed the time that the show airs back an hour: it will now start at 11pm on Tuesdays. The show used to air at 10pm.

We also learned that there will be 12 girls on the new season. The Ashley has already introduced you to five girls: Maddy, Karley, Autumn, Summer  and Aleah.

“This season on ’16 and Pregnant,’ viewers will be introduced to: the star athlete who gets pregnant after a one night stand and faces the prospect of being forced to move out of her home after the baby is born (Note from The Ashley: This is Maddy) ; a young girl who gives birth to twins and after constant fighting with the father of her children isn’t sure he will be there to help her raise them (Karley), a teen mother trying to mend her relationship with her own mother who struggles with addiction; and the popular girl who gets pregnant and ends up homeless. Each story will delve deeply into the unglamorous world of teen pregnancy, as this group of young moms will have to face the ups and downs of teen parenthood,” the press release states.

The show’s creator, Lauren Dolgen, provided a quote for the media in regard to the new season.

“’16 and Pregnant’ has gone above and beyond our expectations in terms of its impact on the decline of teen pregnancy and teen parenthood. We are excited to continue to provide a real and unfiltered look at the joy and pain of becoming a teen parent unexpectedly,” she said.
From what The Ashley hears, there has been talk of a Teen Mom 4 using the girls from Season 5 but so far no one has been officially approached for it or signed on.
UPDATE: MTV has changed the premiere date for Season 5! It will now air on Monday, April 14. Click here for details!
MTV has also given us a sneak peek of Maddy’s episode! Check it out below!

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  1. That girls mom irritates me. I understand your kid messed and got pregnant but I’m sorry i dont believe you should pretty much say kick rocks. You should hold her accountable for her decision but you should also be there to tech her how to be a good mother instead of just letting her go. There are enough worthless teen mothers out there we don’t need another one. And the mom said I dont have the room but honestly how much room does a baby take up? I just couldn’t imagine throwing my daughter out for getting pregnant.

    1. actually, if you paid any attention, her mother had just had a baby in an overcrowded home already, and maddy was staying at the house for about two months so get your facts straight.

  2. Please tell me that was one of those staged by MTV convos. I never did understand parents who kicked their daughters out for getting pregnant, what does that prove? You can be supportive (aren’t most grandparents?) without enabling someone. I wonder how many males are threatened with getting kicked out when they impregnate a girl…

    1. I agree I got pregnant relatively young and my mom did not kick me out. I was 19 and worked and lived there until I saved enough money to live on my own. I did not pay rent with the understanding that the money I would have paid in rent was being saved. From Maddy’s twitter it looks like her mom followed through and made her go live with her Dad.

    2. If you paid attention, the mother said she did not have enough room there so quit acting like you know the family thank you

  3. I am confused about Maddie, because there are multiply sources saying that Maddie got pregnant by her boyfriend of two years, but this article is saying that Maddie got pregnant by a one night stand. So please explain.

    1. Well if you watch the video, Maddy says “I hardly know Cody”…I’m guessing it might be that she got pregnant on a one night stand.

  4. Pretty much every girl I know who got pregnant as a teen claims it was a one night stand. “Just once!” to their parents and youth pastor… yeah, right….

    The likelihood of the first time you having sex also being one of the 5 days a month you can even get pregnant, and it happening first try and resulting in a healthy pregnancy… the odds are dismal. But the lie makes them look like less of a skank and people say “poor girl… it could happen to anyone!”

    Does Maddy have some form of progeria? Something just looks off with her. Not trying to be mean, but seriously she has a certain progeria look.

  5. Finally a parent who is holding her daughter accountable and choosing not to coddle her daughter. Way to go mom!

  6. Omg, this girl takes the cake (so far). She’s acting like there haven’t already been 4 seasons of 16 and pregnant and 3 teen mom series!! “No, it’s not gonna ruin my life. I can still pursue my dreams. Nothing’s gonna change basically.” Uhm, hello… Way to go with having one night stands at 16.

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