“16 and Pregnant” Season 5 Premiere Date Changed!

“Hurry up in there! MTV needs us to go on now!”

If you’re dying for your next dose of pitocin-filled 16 and Pregnant fun, you won’t have to wait much longer! The show’s fifth season, which was set to premiere on April 29, will be starting even sooner. Today, MTV announced that the Season 5 premiere date has been bumped up to Monday, April 14!

According to several show insiders, the episode featuring Maddy Godsey will be the first episode aired. (That’s really no surprise, being that they used a clip from her episode as the preview.) According to one source, the following episode will likely be Karley Shipley‘s.

The premiere date was apparently changed due to a scheduling contact with another show.

The sources also tell The Ashley that MTV is planning to air the Season 5 trailer within the next 48 hours, so plan on having some pregnant teenagers invade your TV screens tonight or tomorrow!

Over the last few months, The Ashley has also introduced you to five of the girls that will be on the upcoming season:

Aleah, a Missouri girl who was already acting as a stepmom to a child when she became pregnant.

Maddy, a Illinois teen who has major relationship issues with her daughter Aubrey’s father.

Autumn, a high school sophomore from Virginia who gave birth to her son Drake just months after her teen sister delivered a baby.

Karley, a married girl from Utah who recently gave birth to twin girls.

Summer, a girl from Georgia who married her son, Peyton’s father despite his troubled past.

Stay tuned– The Ashley will be releasing info on two more girls from Season 5 later tonight or tomorrow!

(Photo: MTV)


  1. Dammit MTV, I’m in my final year of a 4 year engineering degree and my final piece of coursework, worth 1/3 of my degree is due in on the 16th!
    I guess I deserve a break from all the work.

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