Details & Photos of the Entire Cast of “16 and Pregnant” Season 5!

Over the last six months, The Ashley has exclusively introduced you to some of the cast of the fifth season of 16 and Pregnant. The upcoming season, which will now premiere next Monday, April 14, will feature 12 girls with very different stories. The Ashley has already introduced you to five of these baby-bumpers, and now we have our first look of the remaining girls, courtesy of the just-released trailer!

For those of you asking, the new season will start on April 14 in the United States and Canada. No other international premiere dates have been released yet.

Here is what we know about the Season 5 girls. The Ashley has been sleuthing this out for months, and has included information on the girls below. If you know any of these young moms, feel free to let The Ashley know!

Summer Rewis1. Summer Rewis: A girl from Georgia who married her son, Peyton’s father, DJ, despite his troubled past. Summer and DJ have been together for at least three years and had a small courthouse wedding back in August. Her mother, Katrina, struggles with addiction, and abandoned Summer and her sisters at one point. Katrina is trying to repair their relationship, but Summer is having a hard time forgiving her, especially because Katrina continues to use. Summer has the cutest Southern accent ever.  Click here for more information.

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aleeah 16 and Pregnant2. Aleah Lebeouf: A Missouri teen that gave birth to her daughter Peyton last year. She also acts as a stepmom to her boyfriend Shawn’s son, Noah. She is a Type 1 diabetic and uses a pump to monitor her blood sugar. Obviously, the diabetes made for a very complicated pregnancy. Click here for more info.

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16 and pregnant season 53. Jordan Cashmyer: This is the “popular girl who finds herself homeless after she gets pregnant.” Her boyfriend’s name is Derek and she is from Baltimore, Maryland. They find themselves living out of a car about two months before their daughter is born. MTV was spotted filming in a children’s clothing store in February, as well as at several local restaurants. Click here for more info.

autumn 16 and pregnant4. Autumn Crittendon: A girl from Varina, Virginia that gave birth to son, Drake, in December. She is a high school sophomore whose older teen sister also recently gave birth to a baby. Her boyfriend, Dustin, appears to struggle with the fact that he has to grow up (and stop getting HIGH! HIGH!) Click here for more information.

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maddy 16 and pregnant5. Maddy Godsey: A girl from the suburbs of Illinois that got pregnant with daughter Aubrey after a “one-night stand.” Maddy barely knows her baby’s father, Cody. Her mother recently had a baby and gives Maddy a choice between living with Cody’s family or moving to her dad’s house. Maddy ends up moving to her dad’s house. Let me tell you kids, this episode is going to be good— like, Jerry Springer good! Click here for more information.

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16 and pregnant season 56. Jazmin Young: She hails from the St. Louis area and gives birth to a baby girl named Laila. Her mom and stepdad are very strict (and very religious), but that apparently didn’t stop Jazmin and her boyfriend Dell from getting down with a little sexy time! Even though she’s pregnant, Jazmin’s parents still enforce their strict rules on the couple. Dell seems like a stand-up guy, and actually wants to be around his baby, which is a rarity for this show. MTV was there to capture her baby shower, which was held last fall.

16 and pregnant karley7. Karley Shipley: a Utah teen that gives birth to twin girls named Amaya and Amariah last year. She married the twins’ father, Tony Shipley, this past summer and it appears that they have a somewhat unstable relationship. Karley comes from a Mormon family, although she does not identify herself as a Mormon. Tony and Karley move into Karley’s mother’s house, and struggle to make it work. Click here for more information.

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16 and pregnant season 58. Arianna Hazel-Applegate is the girl in the trailer that’s rocking some crazy hair. She is from Georgia and is struggling to get her ex-boyfriend (and baby-daddy) Maurice to take responsibility for his child. He doesn’t want to get a job (sounds familiar, right?) She gives birth to a son, whose name is unknown right now.

16 and pregnant season 59. Millina Rose Kacmar is a girl from Harrison Township, Michigan, who gave birth to her son, Kayden, in December. She is the girl that MTV says is,  “a young mother dealing with her own mother’s addictions issues.” (The women in the trailer, however, is not her mother. It is actually her boyfriend’s mother.) Millina’s mother was struggling during the filming of Millina’s episode, and MTV filmed one of her visits to court for sentencing. Millina’s mother is now sober and in a rehab facility. Millina’s relationship with the baby’s father, Trevor, is good, although they struggled around when Millina found out she was pregnant.They are doing much better now.

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16 and pregnant season 510. Savon Looney

This will be one of the juiciest episodes yet: Savon is currently dating a guy named Mauwi, but is pregnant with another guy’s baby! (Guuuurl!) The biological dad does not appear to be involved in Savon’s life. Savon lives with her aunt LaDawna (who is a dead ringer for Oprah Winfrey!) Mauwi is unsure what role he wants to play in the life of Savon’s baby, but he seems like a class act– he’s in college and plays football. She gives birth to a baby boy, and says that she doesn’t want to have any more babies (or sex) because she’s been “traumatized” by this experience.

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savannah 16 and pregnant11. Savannah Mooney hails from Jefferson City, Missouri and is not featured in the trailer. (This is likely because they just finished filming her episode!) Her episode will center around her relationship with the baby’s father, Stone Nesmith. They were not together while Savannah was pregnant with their son, Rowan, but were trying to stay friends. (They have since gotten back together!) MTV was in Jefferson City recently filming Savannah at the grocery store and local restaurants.

16 and pregnant courtney12. Courtney Ames was not featured in the trailer, but appears to have an interesting story. She gets pregnant by her boyfriend Scott Snody, and afterward makes the decision to abstain from sex until she’s married. She moves in with Scott, but tells him she wants to have separate rooms so that she is not tempted to get frisky and he agrees. She gave birth to their son Dayton in December 2013 and Scott is having trouble accepting Courtney’s “No Sex” clause. Courtney and Scott live in Colorado.

Click here to watch the trailer!

The Ashley will keep this post updated with the latest information!

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  1. I loved to watch this show and I was very sad when it was ending but that is okay because I can always watch it on Hulu Plus or Netflix.

  2. Ariannas’ex Maurice is a classless piece of crap!!! What kind of “man” throws money at the mother of his child?! And what, Dr Drew said it was like $20!!! But yet he can buy $500 pair of shoes?! LOSER!! Oh, also,you are on t.v. asshole!! Don’t put your feet up on the set furniture during an interview!! Maurice, you are a CLASSLESS LOSER!!! That baby is much better without you!!!

  3. Savon Looney? Someone posted that name (taken from a sonagram) was edited by MTV to protect privacy and it’s probably the sonogram of Savannah Mooney. Seems a lot more likely than a girl named Savon Looney. I mean, is that really a name??! As you do!

  4. Is it me or Courtney and boyfriend looks way to old to be teenagers. I know a long time ago there was ago in a true life episode their was a girl who claim she was seventeen but on her birthday cake it said 23, does mtv check if these girls ages or just take there word for it.

  5. 8’s name is Arianna, her boyfriend Maurice won’t help with the baby (MTV App.)
    10’s name is Savon, cheated on her boyfriend Mauwi, and gets mocked up by another guy. (MTV App.)
    Then of course Savanna and Elizabeth as stated above.

  6. In this article you state that Maddy got pregnant from a one night stand and barely knew Cody but in the previous article you said that they had been together for 2 years.. I’m just confused as to which is true

    1. The Ashley will have to confirm but I think they were together for a while but after she got pregnant she claimed they only had sex once. I have pretty much heard that story from every single pregnant teenager I’ve ever met. *rolls eyes*
      They only want to confess to the one time that can’t possibly be denied.

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