Engaged ‘Catfish’ Stars Lauren & Derek Have Split

Is anyone else irrationally sad about this?!

Say it ain’t so! The only couple to ever find a happy ending on the reality show Catfish has called it quits!

Only weeks ago Lauren Meler and Derek Schullenbarger, who met on the second season of the show, shared their engagement photos with People magazine. The engaged couple had been living together in Derek’s home state of Maryland (Lauren is from Texas). According to the photographer that took their engagement photos, they seemed to be extremely happy together, which makes the split even more shocking.

“They’re so in love,” the photographer told the magazine of the couple. “I usually have to remind couples to kiss for the camera, but that was not a problem for them. They’re so passionate.”

The couple became engaged last year, and in September Lauren announced that she had become pregnant. Unfortunately, that pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. They remained strong as a couple and were able to recover from the loss.

Derek and Lauren’s split, which appears to have happened sometime around the beginning of April, comes as a surprise. The apparent reason for the breakup, however, is even more shocking! From what The Ashley can gather, Lauren and Derek ended their relationship because Lauren wanted to get back with her ex-boyfriend, who is the father of her three-year-old son Mason!


Derek and Lauren have remained silent about the breakup on their social media accounts, but ‘Catfish’ fans are mourning the loss of the show’s own successful couple. Hopefully Season 3, which premieres on Wednesday, May 7 on MTV, will bring us other happy couples to root for!

(Photo: MTV)

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  1. Nobody knows what really happened or if this genuinely was the reason so all the commenters need to calm down. However, from a female perspective, Derek seemed grounded, mature and like a TOTAL KEEPER. He was a real man. Sad that they didn’t work.

  2. with my extensive mental health and brain exploration schooling and training… oh and law enforcement training and employment… she was never honest and open from the beginning… ask me why…oh yes I can explain…. the facts will amaze you.

  3. I think Lauren didn’t understand what she was getting into. She was head over heels for Derek because he SEEMED like everything she wanted. We all know absence makes the heart grow founder and I think not actually knowing each other and being together made her always yearn for him because he sounded like a white knight. Now actually being with him and dealing with him all the time, she just can’t handle it. If she isn’t happy, she shouldn’t be with him but really Derek is a wonderful, sweet guy, and she needs to give him the chance he deserves.

  4. Honestly, not surprised. She always seemed mentally unstable to me and very immature. Who knows what really happened.

  5. she definitly does not no what she is getting herself into she has it all well she had it all a great guy love and happiness and she is throwing it all away for an ex boyfriend her baby daddy if it don’t work out she just can’t run back to the other guy he don’t wanna be her second choice he wan’ted ro be her first choice what away to break a mans heart you outta be a shamed of yourself

  6. Okay she makes no since she said in the show that no other guy can make her happy only dereck an how much she loves him fricken stupid

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