New Episodes of ‘My Five Wives’ Ordered by TLC

season 2
“We’ll be back!”

Last week, The Ashley reported that a brand-new season of Sister Wives will premiere next month. If that’s not enough to quench your thirst for polygamy-themed reality shows, you’re in luck! TLC has ordered new episodes of its other multi-spouse show, My Five Wives.

In a press release, the network said that eight new episodes of the show, which focuses on the lives of Brady Williams, his five wives and their bushel of children, will air this fall. The mid-season finale of the show’s first season will air this Sunday. (It is not a real episode, however. Basically, it will be a “Tell All” episode in which Brady and all the wives will sit down with Tamron Hall of NBC and talk about what happened behind the scenes of the show. The Brown family did one of these last season.)

Sister Wives
“Whatever. Everyone knows we’re the first family of polygamy!”

The new episodes will be the second half of the first season (got that?) and will hopefully answers some of the questions that the first half left viewers with. Is Nonie knocked up again? Will Robyn ever feel bad about the Meri Brown-esque tantrum she threw over her and Brady’s anniversary? Will Brady finally be overrun with estrogen and run out of his house screaming? We will have to wait until the new episodes air to find out.

Anyway, the network has yet to release the exact date that the new episodes will premiere, but to hold you off until then, watch this mildly creepy clip, which features Brady and the wives talking about what happens in the bedroom(s).

Warning: Watching this clip will make you feel unbelievably bad for these women!

(Photos: TLC)



  1. Laura I think you are a smart woman! Your insight into cultural differences is what has made this such a unique country! Thank you

  2. It is obvious that Brady is on a power trip and has been psychologically manipulating all five of his wives over many decades. It is very clear that his favorite is Rhonda, but even she suffers from some depression in this hurtful situation with even more extreme symptoms of distress exibited by the other four women including the tearful Robyn, belligerent Rosemary, and denying Paulie.

    Brady’s methods of control are subtle, but even he is overwhelmed and attempts to distance himself from conflict as well as some of his marital responsibilities.

    Nevertheless, all adult members of this family are willing participants, since the women are apparently financially dependent on this arrangement. It is incredible that Brady can support them all and 24 children since he lacks energy and industry to even get through a day at home.

    Fortunately the older children ( and it is the children who are of primary concern ) are very observant of the psychological perils here, have expressed a preference for monogamous arrangements in their futures and will avoid polygamy.

    This program conveys another example of the mind control, narcissism and psychological agression as a result of chemical and electromagnetic methods used to destroy civilization. These people can be helped by using a healthy USDA organic diet of non GMO fruits and vegetables, no junk foods, and a daily program of sit ups and vigorous exercise.

  3. Actually, watching the episode made me feel enlightened as to the dynamics of their family. I couldn’t be happier for these women.

    I only feel bad for you as you are too ignorant to actually believe that anyone not conforming to society to actually be happy.

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