Cody Lundin Speaks Out About His ‘Dual Survival’ Firing: ‘It’s Shocking That Discovery Would Treat Anyone in This Manner’

Cody Lundin Dual Survival
“Let me back on the show or I’ll rub my feet on you!”

Cody Lundin faced a venomous cobra snake on last week’s episode of Dual Survival but it appears he’s facing an even bigger enemy: the Discovery Channel!

Cody, who has starred on the survival show since 2011, took to his Facebook page to give his fans the real story of why he was fired from the show back in February.

(Before we go on, let The Ashley just say that she knows this isn’t the type of reality show that she typically covers on The Roundup– there are no pregnant teens or women crying over roses. However, the fact that this dude treks all over the world shoeless strangely fascinates The Ashley and she frequently watches this show.)

Anyway, Cody claimed back in February that he was fired from the reality show over “differences over safety and health concerns on the show.” He declined at the time to go into great detail about the firing, but later got extremely angry when the Discovery Channel released what he calls a false statement about why he was let go.

We are always striving to get a lot of different takes on survival on our air and we felt it was time for change. We had a good run with Cody and wish him well,” the network said in a statement to the Rocky Mountain Bushcraft blog.This “make nice” post apparently pissed Cody off, prompting him to reveal some behind-the-scenes gossip in a recent scathing post to his Facebook page. He called the network’s explanation for his departure “inaccurate, uncalled for, unacceptable and untrue.”

“Initial press releases implied that I was returning for the entire fourth season of Dual Survival. Not true,” he wrote. “Later releases featured quotes from a new Discovery executive producer implying that I quit the show. Not true. Further releases implied that I couldn’t “hack” the show anymore and that I was unable to handle the survival scenarios. Not only are these implications completely false, they question my professional experience, expertise and integrity in a manner that I will not tolerate.”

Why why why can't he wear shoes?
Why why why can’t he wear shoes?

He eventually revealed more about his firing from the show.

“It’s shocking to me that Discovery would treat anyone in this manner,” he wrote. “Programming of this nature must be produced and marketed in a responsible manner with the highest level of regard for the safety and health of the hosts, production personnel, and members of the viewing public. I have shared this message with them many times. Failure to observe this standard could have tragic consequences that, with proper precaution, can be avoided. There can be no compromise when dealing with people’s lives.”

Cody, who appeared in last week’s Sri Lanka episode, will be featured in the upcoming episodes taped in Norway and Oman. After that, Season 4 will continue with episodes starring Matt Graham of Dude, You’re Screwed fame.

Cody’s ‘Dual Survivor’ co-star, Joe Teti (who he’s shared many a homemade shelter with out in the wilderness) seemed to side with the network on the firing. In a Facebook post, he gave his side of the story.

“I was there and know exactly what happened,” he wrote. “For the record, the safety of the crew and the hosts of any show are the most important issue for any production company or network.”

We may never know the entire story, but The Ashley is devastated that Cody (and his creepy bare feet) won’t be on the show anymore! (Maybe the network was trying to force him to wear shoes?)

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  5. I’m very upset Cody is no longer on the show that bull sh*t he was the reason why I would watch the show in the first place who cares if the man doesn’t wears shoes, besides the point that’s pointless. If anyone else is put In his place I will no longer be watching the show

  6. I absolutely love “Dual Survivor”, it is a “never miss” for me! Cody is my favorite character – if, in real life, he is anything like his persona on the shoe. Teri is a bit of an ass, but a good foil for Cody – and of course, as a military brat myself, married to a veteran, I seriously admire, and thank him for his military service. I hope this show continues – it is something different from the usual stupid comedies, which we do not watch, and cookie cutter cop shows, which we do. Different is appreciated, and since my family traveled a lot when I was a kid, I enjoy seeing so many different places.When my Dad retired from the Navy, he went to work for NASA, so I grew up in Fla. I particularly liked the Everglades episode. Please don’t cancel this show! It fills a valuable and highly unusual niche on tv. Oh – and we still get our signal OTA, and have no intention of going to cable or satellite. Broadcast generally has more tv than we have time to watch – but every now and then, something special comes along- “Dual Survivor” is just such a show. I urge you to keep making it!
    Thank you, Lynne Weir


  7. I know many people miss Cody and Dave. I always looked forward to the show but quit watching it when they were fired. You had a good thing going there, Discovery. Missing you, Cody and Dave!

  8. Bullpucky! So many miss Cody and Dave. You lost a good thing there. You could have had a super hot program. Good luck I life, Cody and I Davde.
    Marian Bonanno!

  9. I always loved to watch dual survival. Cody and Joe made the show the success it was. Without the BOTH of them I’m not going to watch it anymore. I will watch the reruns. It’s hard for me to believe that Cody made those accusations about Joe. But I wasn’t there so therefore I don’t know. But I will truly miss them!!!

  10. Your name sounds like the Donald former aprentice actor now presdent of usa you dont have same clout

  11. Could never figure ot why any intelligent person would opt to wear shorts when it was cold and no shoes in inclement conditions. What a dumbass.

  12. I watch dual survivors 3 days a week I absolutely love the program I would think there are enough people to follow Cody that would know how to be safe it’s a shame the network fired Cody I no longer will watch the program

  13. Enjoyed learning from both Cody and Joe. And I liked Cody’s reluctance to rely on animals for food since there are many plants, nuts, and fish to eat in the wild. See you on the “Creature Trail” Cody. I am sure that the wild Kratt Brothers would be thrilled to work with you out on the “Creature Trail”.

  14. The guy was a moron thought he was mr know it all treated his partners like they couldn’t survive without him and was usually the one who did the least amount of work but hey look at me I’m Cody ? C ya ?

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        And thats STEVE BLAISE comment, not yours. Steve comments on HIS opinions, not your spoiled preferences.

  15. I miss seeing cody on the show just found out why he’s very smart as all of them are I don’t think he would put his life in jeopardy they all have words with each other hay that’s life we all thing we have the right answer but what shows I’ve seen with Cody they worked it out and I loved it that’s why I watched it to see what those to will fuss about again they were good together I readlly miss him please get him back on

  16. This crybaby is now suing his former co-host. So much for being a hardcore survivalist. What a joke.

  17. Saw the unaired part of the argument. Plain and simple: Joe was being a bitch about the weather and needing immediate shelter, but Cody, in his shorts and socks, wanted to trek on a bit more to find an adequate shelter. Joe had more clothes, but must be used to all the help special forces get. He couldn’t hack it but the guy in shorts and socks could? What a little bitch boy! Some special forces badass…NOT! Joe shoulda been the one to go.

    1. Dave and Cody showed us real survival skills and even though they would disagree on some things, it was real not scripted. When the fake bad acting Titi showed up “dual survivor” went down hill and only got worse from there. Yes Matt showed good survival skills, (just don’t care for the tree hugging, yoga spirited, surfer dude accented type) Cody was so knowledgeable about so many things, more than Matt even. Now the newest team of Bevus and butt headed Bill and Grady, I just can’t hardly stomach the show anymore. Bill is such a dork and Grady has potential, just immature right now, from a survival show standpoint. The show has gotten even more fake and scripted and it sucks sooo bad. How can these producers of this show not see this? The ratings have to be going down drastically! Bring back Dave and Cody… Dave has apologized…put him and Cody back on and let them teach real survival senerios again! For the Love of God, get and keep these other idiots like titi and Bill off this show please. BRING BACK DAVE AND CODY!!!
      Get it D&C…Dave and Cody/”D”iscovery “C”hannel…or “D”ave “C”anterbury… I mean cmon if that ain’t a sign then the producers for the show don’t deserve good ratings. Lol

  18. I’m not offering anything against anyone on the show’ but it’s a nice take when you can introduce new and different ways of survival as introduced through new personnel.

    The way a Special ops trained survivalist might be different than somebody who spent their entire lives living in a certain / specific type of environment – just something to think about.

    1. Me and my wife use to love watching thos show when it was Cody and Dave.None of thos stern faced I’m a bad azz special ops guy but just a good show with 2 great guys who never got to the point of breaking or distribution in each other.Well I read that Teti isn’t really who he said he is either.So what I am saying is this.Folks I know seem to relate better on guys who aren’t wll tight azzed about thos or that but down to earth I make mistakes kinda guys like Les Stroud is..I am not bashing anyone bit the network and for goodness sake stop trying to find Mr perfect.We like em just the way they are warts n all.Let’s try and persuade another network to start a simular show with Dave and Cody back on.I guarantee it will be a success,as the chemistry was what made it work not all the resume…I wish all these guys success as it ta km es guts to get out there in front of millions to expose yourself…BUT DAVE AND CODY WERE IT; )))

  19. Hey look, I watch the show when my regular faves are not on. I honestly feel all these guys do a great job and each one brings something special with their skills.
    Basically they combine well and are doing a decent job for DC. I’m am indeed pissed off over them treating Cody Lundin that way. That’s just wrong man. He did you right and you did or done him wrong. Not cool!
    Come up with a better excuse or we will think about boycotting Discovery Channel, no matter what.
    By we, I mean including family and friends that’s around 40 viewers. Nothing to sneeze at even for DC.
    Thanks for listening.

    1. Man forget Cody Lundin gay ass he was a pour sport wen it wasn’t his way and I truly think think the man has a boyfriend and is gay. I am glad he is no longer on the show, good ridens

      1. Wow. You can’t make a sentence or spell, and you’re intensely concerned with whether or not other people are gay. I’m going to guess: closet case plus moron.

        Just a tip: It doesn’t matter in the slightest what Cody Lundin’s sexual orientation is to anyone with a working frontal lobe.

  20. If I was in combat in Afghanistan, I definitely would want to have Joe on my team, BUTTTT in a long term survival scenario he would get you killed. Matt on the other hand is head and shoulders above Joe or Cody. Joe just muscles things out for a couple of days and then goes home. I csn see Matt telling the extraction team that he would like to stay put for another week or two. Someone needs to tell Joe that this isnt a mission and he’s not in combat in the middle east. Matt and Cody would make a much more interesting show.

  21. I don’t think the point was really shoes or pants. I have watched the show alot and what I noticed was that Cody, although knowledgeable about survival techniques, just didn’t have the stamina or physical strength and many times I saw Joe have to do things because Cody just didn’t have the strength. Matt is much more knowledgeable and has great physical strength.

    1. Hmmmm…. um did you not notice that Cody was/is pretty jacked!??! He’s a pretty buffed out dude man, he could do whatever is needed of him. Its fitting that Joe is now being fired for lying about his service record! Poor Mat is the only one left that hasnt been in trouble with the Discovery Channel!! You would think that they would have learned their lesson when hiring exmilitary folks!!

      1. Cody’s waist is as big around as his chest that’s fat. Steroids give him muscular arms and oversized Trapezoids .

    2. Of course he did. Cody was not out to impress anyone. He’s a gentle soul who prefers to treasure the earth, not conquer it.

  22. Um..Joe and Matt know their stuff seperately..most people surviving don’t have hard soled I prefer the idea of shoes.. Plus, I like Matt’s voice, accent and Smile..And Joe..well he is yeah I will watch.. I am a hard core camper and I like hearing both of their perspectives.. Matt balances Joes strictness out..Sad about Cody and change..but I also lolike these two better..

  23. Lundin is such an unbelievable phoney, it is hardly surprising this happened. He can continue his fantasy world survivalism elsewhere.

  24. Seems to me Discovery Channel fired Cody because Joe was being a whinny ass because Cody could survive much longer than him in the wild with no tools to use. I believe Joe was in the special services because in the special services the military sends them water and food and a place to camp. Military and survival are 2 different things Joe may have an edge of it means killing with a rifle but he’s an idiot trying to survive!

    1. I completely disagree. I wasn’t on location and do not have any more information than any other viewer. However, based on my observations, Cody seemed like he was becoming a primadonna. It seemed like he wanted everything his way from the speed of their walk to the locations where they would build a shelter. There is no question that Cody had amazing survival skill, but I would put Matt Graham’s skill up against Cody’s anytime. Matt appears to be easier to work with and much more realistic and flexible with his primitive style. For Cody, it seemed to be about his ability to go barefoot with shorts than it is about survival skills. He accused Discovery Channel of not being concerned about safety. Could it be that Discovery Channel agreed with Joe that Cody was risking his life and the lives of those around him by not wearing shoes or long pants? There is a huge difference between wearing shorts and no shoes in Arizona and wearing no shoes and shorts during the winter in Norway, Alaska or Canada. Yet, Cody tried to make it seem like he was used to going barefoot and shorts in sub zero temperatures. But any logical thinking person would recognize the difference even if Cody pretended the viewer lacked the intelligence to know that. I enjoy the show much more with Joe and Matt. Good job Discovery!

      1. Couldn’t agree more, Cody doesn’t play well with others. He’s stubborn and doesn’t listen. Part of survival in the situations they are in has to do with group dynamics and that’s where Cody fails. He has drama queen tendencies and throws temper tantrums like a 10 year old boy. He also way over-exaggerates risk. I got so sick of hearing him brag about his Super-Mitochondria too.

        1. I have lived in the jungles in several countries and islands. In Jamaica in Westmoreland in the jungle many people do NOT wear shoes! They have a “natural” several inch thick sole on their foot from NOT wearing shoes. Americans know nothing of this as they are only familiar with life as Americans THINK they know it to be. They are very wrong in many ways. Cody can very successfully go without shoes as he has developed this same natural FOOT SOLE on his feet. My husband sure did!

          1. How cold is it in Jamaica? Does your husband go barefoot in temperatures below 0 and walk around in snow and ice?

          2. @ andy, the locals of Tibet and Bhutan go barefoot all the time and they live in pretty cold weather in the Himalayas. Its called earthing just as we use the earth in electrical circuits.

          3. @ Andy, cold is no worse on your feet than any other extremity. Providing you keep blood flowing and don’t allow your feet to become excessively wet there’s no more danger than exposing your face. Circulation is loss is what causes frostbite. Now had he been walking in arctic/antarctic conditions which are 30-40 below zero than he would’ve been at higher risk but even there the danger is wet feet freezing rather than just freezing. Sheltering in a wind trap was far more dangerous and pours doubt on Joe’s credentials. I think if you dig deep you’l find he left the service on medical grounds following a psych eval. The guy’s an idiot.

        2. The only thing i can say is that clearly you haven’t been watching any of the episodes where they had arguments. Any time they had disagreements joe wanted to take the “lets do some crazy shit to make ratings higher” and cody was the more “no thats not safe” real life scenario decision.

          1. Agree with this. In real life, no camera or viewers to entertain, a survivalist would seriously reconsider attacking a croc or snake but from the producers view im sure thats exactly what they want. In terms of foot pads in hot climate its fine but also just silly not to use shoes and pants in snowy conditions. So each side is right and wrong at the same time.

      2. I have not been interested in Dual Survivor when I saw the commercial with Cody and others… Then I recently saw the promos with Matt Graham. I was instantly hooked on his smile and charm. I will continue to watch to see what this show is all about. So far so good. I hope to see more of the survival skills being presented. Hopefully, I will never needs the knowledge but helpful to have. Hey how about a female co – host.

    2. Roger that!
      Joe’s lack of military bearing, aggressive insistence on the unnecessary destruction of nature, and overall survival attitude is an embarrassment to the military.

      Joe’s application of military training in a civilian survival scenario is troublesome. The world would be a better place if s/one would inform Joe, the show producers, and the Discovery network that it IS NOT a combat environment. While many aspects of military training are transferable to the civilian sector the unnecessary application of military tactics in civilian life is leading to the militarization of the civilian sector.

      Joe: You’re not in a combat zone anymore.

      The top three things to practice are: stay dry, stay warm, don’t get hurt.

      It’s odd the network would mention safety when the show consistently takes unnecessary risks. As you watch the show, count the times they could have elected an alternative course of action. Why go down cliffs instead of walking down the ridge? Why get wet crossing a lake instead of walking around? Why climb a tree to see which direction to go when you have to go downhill anyway?

      The reason they do it is bcz it makes better television.

      Our 8 and 12 y/old boys have a game they play when they watch the show to see how many bad decisions are made. The survival techniques themselves are sound, i.e., how to make fire, etc. The production choices that create the content between the techniques just might get you killed.

      There is a reason that even if they have water, food, and shelter Joe is always in such a hurry to get out of where ever they are….

      Be careful out there. If you see Joe coming, run the other way. Your chances are better with Cody or Matt.

      Good luck.

      1. I totally agree with this sentiment. My meagre survival training may have only come from my time as an Army cadet but this kind of Captain Caveman meets Captain America attitude is noisy and counter productive to survival. The point is to blend in with nature not scream “I’m here everyone” at the top of your voice. I’d love to see Joe paired with Chris Ryan. Chris would probably kill him himself. When they were in the desert and Joe was constantly trying to hurry up, whereas Cody was respecting the climate and it’s effects on the human body by wanting to take their time, that for me was when I realised that Joe was a clown. The whole business about Cody being barefoot in Norway? Well I wouldn’t do it but so long as they were moving and there was plenty of blood flow it made no difference. It may have been uncomfortable but as long as he wasn’t constantly wet there was no more danger to him that to his exposed skin on his face.

        The one thing you notice watching people like Chris Ryan on shows he’s done is that most of the time the key is patience. He doesn’t take unnecessary risks and he doesn’t just rush into things. He’s supposed to come from a similar special forces background to Joe so you would expect more similarity. Joe’s desperation to find food proves his incompetence. While we need protein the body can survive without food for a few days but lack of water is far more dangerous. His focus should always be to find a good source of water and look for protein as you go without deviating too much from the path.

        For me the fact that Joe wanted to shelter in a wind trap shows his stupidity. I’d like to see his military record. I’d put money he was pensioned off on medical grounds following a psych eval. Would you want him next to you in a trench? I’m sure I wouldn’t. The man is an idiot. I look forward to seeing whatever show Cody ends up on. Plenty of people have suggesting pairing up with Ray Mears, that sounds ok but my previous mention of Chris Ryan would be a great chance for Cody to show what a fool Joe is.

    1. I agree Bob the wrong man was fired. Joe is a hothead know it all. I can’t imagine how he was a successful special oops. He has no discipline, he is disrespectful and he doesn’t listen. The show is called dual survivor, but Joe has made it “Survivor according to Joe”. I don’t watch the show anymore because of him.

      1. I think you got it backwards. Cody was a know it all when Dave was on and he remains a know it all with Joe there. Cody was more concerned with showing everyone how great his primitive skills are and his toughness by not wearing shoes or long pants. Matt’s primitive and survival skills are so much better than Cody. I was struggling watching the show with Cody on but now it is enjoyable again. Matt is more concerned with working with Joe as a team than he is concerned with showing everyone how he is different and better than anyone else with his ability to be one with nature by walking around barefoot. Good riddance to an arrogant know it all.

        1. Indians walked barefoot and had no “pants”. Your ancestor probably thought the same “look at those arrogant know it all’s as soon as I get the chance Imma kill em all and take there land, cause they different an think they better then us”. But hey they teach us history in the south-eastern states. Look how far it got us but think about how far we could of actually gone already.


          2. If you did any research on Native Americans you would know that Native Americans wore some kind of footwear. This was usually a shoe made of soft leather called a moccasin. In the cold northern areas, they wore a thick boot called a mukluk.
            Most Native American men wore a breechcloth. This was just a piece of material that they tucked into a belt that would cover the front and back. When it was warm this was all the men wore and in the winter, the men would wear leggings to cover up and keep their legs warm. Men went shirtless when it was warm; when it was cold men wore shirts or tunics. Men wore blankets or cloaks when it got very cold.
            The Native American women generally wore skirts and leggings. Often they wore shirts or tunics as well.
            All of their clothes were made by hand. The women would generally make the clothes. First they would tan the animal skin.

          1. You’d think that Joe would go barefoot then wouldn’t you, although I’m sure most Neanderthals would be offended at having Joe called one 🙂

      2. Joe sucks! He whines like a girl and is jealous of Cody’ s ability to survive with out footwear. I won’t be watching the show as long as joe is on there. Cody was far more skilled that the whining baby Joe.

  25. Absolutely everything about this guy positively screams FAKE! His writing, this crap show, and, finally, that his whining got his ass canned. Good riddance to another pathetic hack.

  26. You know what I would like to see DC ? 2 team….Bear Grylls and Joe the Tit Teti teaming up in senarios. It hink the British accent of Bear could make the show with Joe the tit tude.

    And I want to see Les Stroud team up with Cody 🙂 One senario in Canada and one senario in the desert. Where Both of them would rely on the other widest experiences.

    Now That I would watch

    1. Les is too much of real survival expert to allow some bare footed guy who won’t wear long pants on his show. I think Les and Matt would make a good team. Neither expert is driven by ego and wanting to be different and better than anyone else. I could see them compromise and working well together. Cody’s ego needs a show by itself but the show would be boring and unwatchable. I am happy that Cody gets to go back to Arizona, run around barefooted with shorts and teaching his skill to all of his mouth breathing fans.

      1. I think Matt Graham and Cody Lundin would be the perfect match because they are real survivalist whom do it on a regular basis.

  27. Its a show guys, lighten up…..of course stuff just magically appears they are just trying to show what can be done, Cody made the show he was very professional and very knowledgeable, Joe is the one that needs to go, maybe the show cops would be more suitable for him, he’s too military for this show and now you bring a gun to the show…you just lost my vote for the show, bring Cody back and keep Matt, they would make a perfect team…..relax Joe we are not at war and bringing that attitude to the show just shows where discovery is heading…..

    1. The channel is discovery they made a whole different channel for him it’s called the Military Channel!

  28. News flash: all “reality” tv is scripted. That said, I love what Joe brings to the show. Quite frankly, some of the things he’s done/said have been the most entertaining (eg drink his own urine, state he “doesn’t want to camp” with Matt – I still laugh about that one!). He’s also ex-military special ops. I think he can more than handle himself in a survival situation. Stop hating on the military guys… Who do you think keeps this country’s a** out of trouble?

    1. It’s a survivor show NOT a military show. It HAS NOTHING to do with keeping the country safe. That Tit of Teti is just a tiran. Not a team player….just want to get his way tude that I don’t like at all. Lead follow or get out of the way tude that makes me want to vomit.

      Plus the dude look arabian or something. I am asking to see the birth certificate if being american here is an issue.

  29. The show lost me when they used steel wool and a 9 volt battery to start a fire. I really can’t remember when I last put steel wool and a battery in my backpack. Ouch!

    1. Every time I make a pack, my fire kit includes matches, flint&steel with laundry lint, and a 9-volt with steel wool.

      1. Instead of laundry lint I keep cattail heads wrapped tight in a set of spare socks. One spark and instant flame. You can’t find laundry lint in nature. Better look for other sources to work with.

        1. I admittedly didn’t read all of the comments, but I did read 3 or 4 dozen. Many of you apparently fail to realize the purpose of the show. The title alone says it all. It isn’t titled “Aboriginal survival”, One way to survive”, or “There is only one way to do this”. It’s “DUAL survival”. It’s purpose is to put two people with separate beliefs and tactics together to show that the ways are interchangeable and universal. The old adage “more than one way to cook an egg” fits perfectly. Joe has saved Matt and Cody just ad many times as they saved him. The shows purpose is to teach people methods, not to be picked apart by armchair quarterbacks or backseat drivers. I personally have executed many of the methods used in the show by every cast member. I have also learned something from each of them. Based on that alone, I’d say that the show has done it’s job.

    2. I always have my flint steel with me but i also use a flashlight reflector to make a fire along with laundry lint I never seen anyone yet show how to use a reflector from a flashlight to make a fire the reflector only works in sunlight so I use my flint the rest of the time

  30. The reason I don’t like this show is that it is so fake everything just seems to be there at the right time and it is so cocky American

    Watch some ray mears

    1. All I can say is, yall call it surviving but that was just a game we played as kids. You talk as if you actually used these methods before. Scouts Honor :)~

  31. I agree with most of the other comments on here i also thought they fired the wrong man and I wasn’t going to watch the show anymore… but this new guy Matt brings a lot to the show his easy going and mellow ways and the way he handles joe’s i know everything attitude I think makes for a good combination and after watching the first episode with these two working together I have to say that I liked what I seen and will continue to watch dual survivor

      1. Who is an idiot? The guy who says “seen nothing”. You saw nothing. or You have seen nothing. Furthermore, Matt brings so much more to the show than Cody every brought. Or is walking around without wearing shoes all you need to be entertained?

        1. Methinks you know little to nothing about actual survival philosophy and methods outside of television. Everyone who’s been on the show has merit, but Cody and Matt are the true survivalists. Matt moreso on the primitive hunting end, and Cody being more of an academic whose knowledge and experience allow him great ability to improvise and adapt where most cannot. That’s not to say that Dave and Joe’s approaches don’t have their place, but their methodologies are not highly recommended in many cases. At least not as first resorts.

        2. We get you like to sad, especially if they are ex-military personal but honestly people keep talking about this man’s feet like there is a problem. Yes as Cody said no average person who wears shoes all there life can just up and throw there shows of and trek through the woods. Look you slow learning people Indians did it but hey your ancestors hate them to in history (cause they didn’t wear shoes or pants). Me and my friend grew up and sometimes we didn’t wear shoes in the woods, hes a marine and I am trying to get waived so TF you trying to say? Learn your history Bub

  32. I just watched my last dual survivor
    I wish it was joe that was let go
    I pray to one GOD and his name is not joe
    Matt your a good man and you and Cody would of knocked out the ratings. But with this arrogant bastard named teti. I will never watch this show again

    1. Just saw the beginning and turned it off. They have the wrong guy on there. How many times that teti guy screwed up. Cody was a little bizarre but he knew about all sorts of actual survival techniques including plants, insects and that teti just rushed into situations. He’s also an arrogant idiot. I’m not watching anymore either.

      1. Hear, hear. Especially during the Oman episode, where he tries to stop cody from hunting that lizardthing (no idea what it’s called!) because they need to find water first. Newsflash, Joe! Water alone is not going to cut it; you need electrolytes, and there is no guarantee those will be as readily available by then. Sparing five minutes to clean mister lizard and save him for later was the best move in the entire episode!

  33. I’ve seen the last episode where joe finds the rifle. After all the seasons I seem to believe the show is fake. They give a veteran a rifle. Then he finds one bullet. It’s b.s. You know what the most b.s. Is ? That you have to have a license to hunt anywhere in the world. What did discovery buy joe a license to? I haven’t finished the show. But I bet Matt doesn’t touch the rifle. Because they only bought joe a license. Big game is a big deal with poaching. What are they going to let them poach and get a fine? No! It says where they exactly are in the world. What country. How fake could this get.

    1. Terry, the show puts them in survival situations that have been planned as if they were stepping in where other people left off. Just watch the first five minutes of each episode, it goes over the scenario before the two step in. The items they find are there as a part of the scenario to be typical items that would have been there had the scenario actually happened. Joe and Matt are simply providing guidance as to how to save yourself if you find yourself in that scenario.

    2. Dude you’re stupid to think it’s fake they are in a scenario would you care if you had a hunting license in a survival situation…no you would you would just worry saving your ass think before you say something

    3. Getting in trouble with poaching means someone would be out there to save your ass or you’d get a meal if the government said you had to fast for 2 years would you do it?

  34. I really don`t understand, this is the second one that has replaced the one that firsted with cody, then this dipstick that was in the servace big hairy deal they all have people within a certain distance from them , let them come to canada, where i was a bear guide for several yrs in the wilderness, let one of them come on over and stay for a wk in the wilderness here, with nothing,it is all a big put on for ratings. i used to watch but it started to get boring, now even more so.

  35. It should have been Joe Roid Rage Teti and not Cody Lundin. The show is about survival and being smart about your surroundings, a highly tempered bull headed Joe has no place in such survivalist show, cool heads always prevail. Would be interesting to see what the Team of Cody and Matt can do. The audience will probably learn a lot, but Discovery channel wouldn’t want that.

      1. “Don’t compromise the mission”. I still watch the show even though Cody tapped out. Matt is a good replacement and just as weird as Cody…

    1. I noticed that after the episode where joe teti skinned the dead stinkin bull he found in the savanah after Cody told him about disease was last time cody and joe got along after that episode things went sour for cody I liked cody he was super knowledgable joe appears to be crazy and I question his skills they should bring back cody

  36. forgot to mention dc you lost another viewer why for dave and cody you people are morons congrats you reuined a once awesome show will never watch it again

    1. From most of the posts on here, it appears Discovery Channel has destroyed a good program by letting useless garbage get in the way of its fans again what, your ratings dropping? Here’s a hint Listen to your fans n you will succeed.

      1. I think Discovery is trying their hand at the WWE model of doing business. Ignore your fans entirely, then blame your employees when people quit watching.

    1. Matt is sick and works very well with joe, Mellows him out, butmatt is crazy good, just give matt his own show (following him 247, ) and then put dave and cody backtogether, joe served our country, he needs to go relax, stay off tv he deserves it. Peace who agree, haters hate, lets debate.

      1. DISCOVERY IS SHOWING THINGS THAT REGULAR PEOPLE CANT DO.. like joe swimming under the cave to sunlight,,comon they had already checked that out with a diver,because if you swam over there and couldnt get out or get air you could drown before you could get back,,this isnt wise to be showing things l;ike that,,its going to kill people,,the show is fake as hell now,,its not about surviving, its nothing more now then a joe rambo show ,,naked and afraid is much more real to learn from,but why they have to be naked,thats just to get everyone watching,,to bad,… said it well,,,joe is nothing more then a ramped up rambo ready to kill everything in sight,,hell with trying to survive the long haul,,lets just kill everything we see and get to the beach and go home,,this show is so fake now ill never waste my time watching this rambo dude again,,,,why do they use people like joe in a show,,these arent the type that get lost or stranded and need to learn to survive untill you are found or get to help,,,cody and dave i miss watching them,,they were more like the type to learn from,,,,but all joe ever does is lets hurry up kill something,get found,,i havent saw him start a fire without some sort of battery or glasses,,,,,im done watching it,,,,,its a joe show ,,he might b a good guy,,but the show is so fake and really sux now,,people work together when in trouble,,but joes a leader only,,,,wish cody had a show of his own but with a woman lol like a cpl that got in trouble ,,ive already seen first blood,,RAMBO STARING JOE LOL

        1. The show is starting to suck! I think having a scenario with a guy who is a diabetic insulin dependant out in the wilderness without his meds, show how to survive without meds. I think people would pay attention alot closer To the show.

  37. I like Matt Graham, he is a true survialist. Let’s put it this way, depending on the location, Joe Teti couldn’t last more than 5 days in a location. Matt Graham could settle in for a month or two. You put Teti on a desert island for a month and Graham on another island opposite of Teti. I wouldn’t be suprised if Teti showed up on Graham’s island within 3 days bossing him around because Teti just would not last a week

    1. ive been saying the same ever since he started. i also say theres not much matt could learn from joe, but joe is always learning from matt. he definitely improved the show.

    2. Yeah, it was so funny when Joe jumped back into the water to find the lenses which fell out of the backpack. This was so childish and irrational. Matt kept telling him “Hey Joe, we don’t need the lenses, I can make a fire anytime out here.” Joe jumped anyway.

      1. Watching the show right now, I can’t stand Joe. I would love to see a show with Matt and Cody. I doubt I would find myself in some of the situations they have been in, but I would love to learn from them. Joe needs to go on R and R

      2. I think Joe was using the lenses as an excuse to cliff dive. While watching I’m sure you guys was thinking to do the same, come on have a little fun after all those brutal episodes it what have been nice to take a splash

  38. It s just too much stress too watch Joe all the time like full of steroides , maybe joe is good to make sol surviver maybe this way he cools down a bit because he can t be angry with him all the time , it s just too much temper

  39. I actually wanted them to fire both Joe and Cody. They were both acting like immature kids.

    I’ve watched some of the new episodes and the new guys seems like he’s a cool guy, but Joe seems ever WORSE than before.

    Seems like the shows wants conflict between the two survivors, but they don’t so much conflict where they can’t finish an episode.

  40. My husband and I enjoyed Cody.. He knows how to survive…We have lost respect for this show and have removed it off our DVR. I can’t stand Joe or hearing his voice, its ridiculous how he talks to this new guy like he is freakin right in everything. It become a hostile drama show when it use to have humor. Read this Discovery channel!!!!!!! When you ratings go to shit, this is why. But whatever, Ill DVR truTV instead. BTW Discovery, you should put Graham and Cody together , theyd be so entertaining!!!!

  41. I have been watching the show since it first aired. When Dave left I was sad. I thought he and Cody were a good team. We were used to them. When Joe came it was quite a change, the guy knows his stuff and is very well trained. though he and Cody did not agree on some things, they always worked it out and respected each others opinions and survived. I truly miss Cody and wish him well. I have learned a lot from him on the show. I think the new guy, Matt will be ok, and I will continue watching the show. It’s all about survival and if we ever find ourself in a situation where we need to put ourself in survival mode, watching the show and learning from it may end up saving our lives.

  42. Team Tedi! All the way! I love Cody, but he seems like he was acting way out of line in a number of takes from the behind the scenes video. Yeah, Tedi can be bull headed – but he always stays focused on the mission, and is willing to compromise. Cody, not so much. Also, the new dude is AWESOME. I love him. He’s way better then Cody in his mental strength and attitude. So excited to see more of him and Tedi together.

  43. i watched the show bec of cody and dave, when dave was fired i felt sad, now that cody is gone i wont be watching dual survivor anymore… cody should have his own show with dave that would be awesome!

  44. Now that Cody is done I won’t be watching Dule Survival any longer. Joe Tedi is a douche bag and you can tell doesn’t respect Cody and Matt’s style of survival and was very arrogent when he first met Matt and definitely took some digs at Cody’s lack of shoes. The show show’s the basics and Man vs Wild seems far more accurate. Why would you go out into the wilderness whit now was to build a fire, which seemed Cody was the only that could make that happen with natural supplies. Joe also made some douche bag comments about how he knows weapons and had never seen or heard of Matt’s weapon. You were in the military not a historian dick. Discovery had Joe demonstrate survival techniques that he got in years in the military. Like we are going to ever beable to use those techniques safely at all, so give me a break regarding Cody’s lack of shoes. Some lower level survivalist isn’t going to replicate Cody’s attire but they will try to replicate the advanced rope techniques Joe is using. The show is entertainment and was supposed to create conflict between the two survival if your using this show to base which survival experts class your going to take your a moron. The show is good for learning basics but you take a course not watch a tv show to learn more. As far as entertainment Joe sucks I quite watching as much when Dave was gone. Discovery had them demonstrate needless advanced tactics that compromise lives for no good reason at all. I’m sure they had close for Cody but what are they going to do if Joe falls 200 ft down to demonstate a technique that is needless to use and should be used as a last resort. The show doesn’t entertain me with Joe on the cast. At least Dave a Cody had a respect for each other by the time season one ended and seemed to build a friendship. Where Joe seems too much of a dick to respect any tactics other than the tactics picked up from years in special forces. The show sucks now. They might want to work Bear Grils, and Survivor Man some overtime.I was entertained by the original cast now it’s not the same show I would catch myself watching maratons of after I had already saw every episode. Bad move Discovery.

  45. bring back Cody lungscreamer, Dave can-of-berries and get rid of Joe tit-guy. 😛
    But on a serious note…joe? joe?? SHUT THE FARK up..”compromising the mission??” Its not a MISSION ya DICK..its a survival show….dumb ass..get your wee brain out of the lilax man!
    Cody and Dave were COMPLETE entertainment, Joe titGuy is such a suk i wont be watchin it either..Graeme is Good, but Joe is a blow!! DC needs new management…

    1. You are all idiotic. It is survival. These posts are obviously screened to show pretend support for Cody. If one were to come out of an accident, or be stranded with no shoes, in Greenland, then so be it. However, this was another illustration of that fool walking around in an environment in need of more clothing.
      You do not, ever, get told that you will be going, with warning, to a location like that, and dress with shorts and no shoes. Also, his fore making was suspect. He has skills, yes, but to give up hope if you have no particular set of items, when you are a “fire expert”, BS.
      Anyway, Joe or not, Cody is highly foolish, and the Greenland episode only served to highlight it. That, is in conjunction with him throwing the bag of gear into a lake when he was having a tantrum. No one in their right mind would choose Cody, if they had to pick a guide between him and Joe, At least if the weather was very hot, or very cold.

      1. Were NOT idiotic Sense (less) person. Look at Joe’s arrogance and rudeness to Graham in the latest episode ‘Mayan Mayhem’ instead of Joe abusing Graeme for loosing the eye glasses he could of got off his “slow” lazy bum and PACKED up the gear while waiting for Graeme who got the fire going..then he commands they leave immediately and THEN has the gaul to have a go at him for loosing them in (even though he didn’t see the hole in the pocket) :O…THEN…to top it off Joe has Never made a decent go at making a fire even with Cody & only reason he dove back in the water ’cause he’s useless at making fire.
        He should have trusted (he never trusts anyone but expect YOU to trust him) and “compromises them both” by jumping back in..and not finding the lenses anyway.
        He just an idiot..and the issue Really is about the show being ENTERTAINMENT at most, some survival tips at least, but you rant on about Cody’s no shoes?? lol.
        The fact he survived 20 yr + and ALL these 4 seasons with no shoes should be enough to make you see that..he has a tantrum because Joe is a major self-centered, bossy, rude, arrogant and GI-joe clown.
        Lastly, in the same episode instead of respecting nature (that snake was minding its own business) don’t need fatso Joe going in and killing everything that moves…survival yes, if your so starving..your telling me he cant hold out till they find something else and he went all cry cry cause Graeme didn’t kill the snake?
        I forced myself to watch it to see if Joe is any better with Graeme but nope..he’s still a rude person and i cant stand him or the show anymore now.
        And NO……………i don’t pretend to support Cody..i DO support him. He and Dave were both Entertaining (it is TV you know) and was funny and got on well but most important ‘keep’ you watching for the banter and tips…whatever.
        And don’t call everyone idiotic…you don’t know any of use Mr Sense(less) commenter.

        1. Amen! Joe needs to go. I don’t liked this guy. He is so arrogance baster! He did not have any respected for anybody like the producer in for this show.

  46. Plenty of other decent shows to watch just not this one anymore. Joe is a know it all and obnoxious. Loved Dave and Cody. Another show bites the dust!

    1. Producers made a big mistake firing Cody, when I Was watching that episode I thought wow finally Joes getting fired, I couldn’t believe it was Cody, Cody is a human being with logic, values, humain and morals always taught and explained and knew what was bad or not. I learned a lot from Cody, where as Joe is a Royal A.H. He is an arrogant animal and is like the kids in Lord of the Flies, and I only learned one thing from him, its how not to act towards other people, I bet he was a real favorite with his Buds in the Service “lol” !!! The values that Discovery Channel is depicting with Joe, is showing kids the wrong message, and no matter how good the new guy is I will not continue to watch the show, and not allow my family to watch such a bad example of a person,(Joe) I wont get to see the new guy have his fill of Joe but the day Joe gets fired I may tune in.


  47. Cody made this show and was very smart when it comes to his skills of survival. Bring back Cody to the show. I go shoeless all the time so what, it shows how tuff a person is. Joe is a put-on and will do anything or say anything to make his self look good. Will not watch the show anymore

  48. The new guy is great, love him. If I were stranded with Joe it would not go well. He thinks he is a bad ass and I would go it alone rather than be dominated by someone with marginal skills. Fire big mouth and give the new guy a real partner!

  49. MY Opinion:

    Joe is not only a total dick, (no social skills) he is also severely lacking when it comes to survival skills. I actually wonder if he goes out of his way to be a whiny prick to distract from his inadequacies. He started in on the new guy Matt within minutes of meeting him.

    How long has he been on the show now? Joe still relies on his partner(s) to make fire! That’s pretty basic stuff for a survivalist. Both Cody and Matt can make fire virtually anywhere anytime. Joe should shut up about how tough he is and start learning.

    If I were going to battle I would want Joe by my side, no question about that. However: if I was lost in the wilderness (the premise of the show) I would want Cody or Matt or even Dave. Not only would any of those 3 be more helpful, I could stand to be around them.

    Joe’s military training doesn’t apply well to most of the survival situations he’s in on the show, but he refuses to grow beyond it. He had to rush in to kill the feral pig that Matt had already speared to prove he was a alpha or whatever. To me it just proved he doesn’t get it. The pig was going to die soon and had it been given it’s space as Matt suggested it would have been no danger to anyone. Joe defended his actions by claiming the pig was a threat and that his military training took over. Based on that position: I think he should Get some help. Blindly defaulting to combat mode in inappropriate situations is a symptom of PTSD. (a dangerous symptom of PTSD) Something to treat, not hold-on-to and brag about.

    1. I completely agree with everything you said. It’s funny, I thought the same thing about PTSD when he said he defaults back to kill mode when the sh** hits the fan. Also last season, when he stabbed the boar in the back of the neck with the knife and then looked up with crazy eyes looking all around like he was going to off the crew.

      I actually like Matt more than Cody, and I always liked Cody, definitely more than Dave. I first saw him on Dude, You’re Screwed, he knows his stuff and actually lives it.
      I like most of you guys, thought for sure Joe was gone. I was so worried that they were going to bring another D bag on Dual Survival, like Jake Zweig from Dude, You’re Screwed and Naked and Afraid. He’s even worse than Joe, but it might have been interesting to watch him and Joe kill each other during the first episode.

      Joe is too close minded and like most special forces, he believes that everything he learned in the military is all he ever needs. He has no humility, he truly believes he’s the biggest bad ass there ever was, and he acts like everyone who isn’t special forces is naive and ignorant. In reality, he’s the ignorant one.

      I would have loved to see Cody and Matt instead of Joe. Thinking back, I don’t thing Joe has attempted to teach anyone anything useful, aside from those scripted “The Art of Self-Reliance” clips between commercials. It’s a damn shame Cody is gone and Joe is still there but don’t hold that whole situation against Matt.

      Side note: I actually agreed with his decision to finish the second boar after Matt speared it. Yes it would have eventually died. The way I felt, Matt wanted to talk about having respect for the animal and minimizing suffering but he was going to let the boar bleed out (for God knows how long) or more likely drown after bleeding for several minutes. It wasn’t the cleanest atlatl shot in the world and the spear wasn’t big enough to take the boar down humanely without a perfect hit. If the boar was on land, it would have taken off with the spear in it and ran itself dry, like deers do when the shot isn’t clean enough. I don’t think the boar was a threat in that situation but I believe it would have been unnecessarily cruel to wait (maybe several minutes) for it to die.

  50. I can’t understand how the show let Cody go. Joe has a horrible personality. I will not watch the show although the new guy is good and he would have been a great partner for Cody. If we all stop watching and the ratings go down they will have to bring cody back or cancel the show. Maybe Cody can start his own show. 🙂

  51. Big mistake firing Cody,Dave has a know it all attitude, which make me not want to watch Dual Survivor. I always looked forward to watching Dual Survivor, because Cody made the show, he was very knowledgeable, yet humble.I’m sure Dave is very capable, but argues to much. Bring Cody back.

  52. Just watched the latest episodes with the new guy. He’s way beyond Joe and could have been a great partner to Cody. I honestly thought they would fire Joe, if you had an option… On the other hand, from a production sort of view… they might wanted to keep the format of a “military background bs” vs “survivor wild man” type of deal.

    That said, sometimes it’s good to see how NOT to behave when on a stressful survivor “operation” 😉

    But I would love to see the same show ith just Cody and this new dude. They would make it look easy, yet explaining things all the way.

    Now we’re off to survive in “the real world” some more…

  53. I do not like Joe Teti with his know it all attitude and arguing but I would have liked to have seen Cody with the new man they brought on tonight. I also like him with Dave. The show isn’t what it use to be. I believe Cody has adjusted to wearing shorts and going barefoot or wearing wool socks in snow. If he manages with that then who is Joe to say what is right or wrong. Cody isn’t complaining or slowing him down. Cody just saved his life and this is what he gets in return.

  54. May Discovery channels producers for Dual Survival choke on eachothers dicks! Cody is the ONLY reason I have ever watched the show the guy is very intelligent and Cannot Will not be replaced. I am more than done with dual survival and the discovery channel all together. Now I will patiently wait til Cody starts another show and watch that. which will happen the guy is renowned and any other network should have the brains to realize he is GOLDEN!

  55. Yeah the Army guy seems like a complete ass I wouldn’t want to be left with him. I think what turns me off is his total disrespect and ego. He is that guy you hate in high school. Cody seemed pretty cool more serene and deliberate. Probably won’t watch it.

  56. I think the firing of Cody is wrong, I’m a big fan of dual survival,the slow aproach and the extra careful is what I learned from watching Cody in my eyes a true expert survivalist, the no shoe wearing is what Joe didnt understand about Cody and lack of clothing,in winter scenarios but in reality Joe miss the bigger lesson gived by Cody he survived with little or nothing, in must survival scenarios you my get stranded without the proper things,,, shoes, pants jackets etc.. Gi Joe cocky attitude wont make great ratings,,,Hope anyone at discover channel see this comments and bring Cody back with Les trout Ultimated Survival,,, il watch! Promise!!

    1. I was very disappointed to hear that Cody was fired (quite shocked because I felt he was the entire show). I like Matt, but the last episode really had me bothered. When Joe decided to ‘finish him’ to the boar, and Matt disagreed, it wasn’t the same experience as with Cody. Cody would have made it very clear that his actions, even if it was what he trained for, was completely unnecessary and cruel. Cody had respect for the wilderness and the wildlife that inhabited it, and although he was a bit goofy in some regards, he remained calm and collected (while being highly intelligent about survival situations – at least a majority of the time). Sad to see him gone, but I’m sure we’ll see him in another, better, show in the future.

  57. I only watched because of Cody!! I like joe but Cody made the show. probably not going to watch anymore!! you cant replace him!!!!! Bad move. this was my favorite show.

  58. I loved cody he had the skills to make it out of anything and he was allot smarter about everything…. when it was just cody and Dave everything was pretty smooth sailing but when Joe got on there everything went to shit…. but I like this matt guy can’t wait to really c what he is made off

  59. Nobody watches Dual Survivor more than me. I’ve recovered from cancer surgery while watching reruns of every show. I was crushed when Dave was let go, and never really warmed to Joe even though I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. I still liked and watched the show. I thought I’d never watch again too, after they fired Cody. No Dave, no Cody what’s a man to do. Then they throw Matt at me and I’m very impressed. Anybody notice how he’s already able to deal with Joe’s bossy nature. His skills are magnificent and his demeanor perfect. Trust me Matt will be I’ll end this post with my rankings for survival shows:
    1. Man vs. Wild
    2. Dual survivor
    3. Beyond survivorman or whatever it’s called
    4. Man Woman survivor
    5. Survivorman

  60. I really enjoyed Dual Survival. I only watched because of Cody. Didn’t like Joe (he is stuck on himself). Was disappointed to see Cody fired and not Joe. I have washed my hands of the show. Hopefully all viewers feel the same way and they will bring Cody back. I was hoping to see Joe leave. Maybe if the ratings drip enough they will get smart and bring the true survivor back. We miss you Cody.

  61. I was a climber, search and rescue team member, six years in military, and spent much of my 72 years in outdoor/wilderness situations. Cody has the skills, knowledge and, most importantly, the right attitude and judgment to successfully survive a situation. Joe may have been a military contractor, but he has few useful survival skills, does things (not unlikeBear Grylls) that are foolhardy and stupid. (It’s highly irrresponsible for the DC to program such stunts as reasonable survival skills.) Most importantly, Joe’s attitude and macho ego are of the type that result in loss of teamwork and morale, a recipe for disaster. In the military, he’s the type that would get his buddies killed. In S&R, he’s the type who would have washed out bt the second day of training. He’s the guy we’d never have asked to go on a recreational climb. In S&R, he’s the body we would have had to carry out in a bag. As many here have said, Cody is the real deal; he should be teamed with Les Stroud. Cody has integrity and he’s smart to be rid of DC and fools like Joe. DC has hit a new low in firing Cody. After 30 years of employment in upper management, my judgment is that the execs are the ones who should be

    1. I agree. Cody is the real deal and led the show from start to finish. “Finish” for me was the announcement of his firing. I will no longer waste my time watching “Dual Survival” and I urge all viewers to do the same.

    2. I think this nails it for me. I agree with everything you’ve said here. I’d like to see Joe’s military record. As I’ve already said twice my money is that he was kicked out on medical grounds following a psych eval.

  62. Hopefully, you folks saw the last episode. Yes they have different personalities, but what I saw was Cody being a d@&$k. See the part where Cody was throwing a tantrum by throwing the spear, backpack and matches in the water?? I heard a lot of “f&@k you joe”. IMO Cody is the one with the ego and wanted to show that he was top dog. ” I can only focus on joes sunglasses and nothing else. I’m taking a break”…excuse me ms primadonna.

    1. Were you watching the same episode I was. What I saw was Joe doing his best to make Cody mad .Cody had enough of Joes attitude that’s why everything went in the water. Joe was upset because he had to figure out how he was going to get things done without Cody ! Joe is the one that needed to be fired!

    2. I did in fact see the last episode, and it seems that you fell for the producers trick in making Cody look bad.Watch the episode again and observe codys attitude up until the point where joe was like “Throw the damn thing down it’s just that simple your making things way to complicated” the way joe said that was very aggressive and it seemed as if Joe was trying to make Cody look bad in front of producers and point out his short comings on camera to make it seem like they had a good reason to fire him..Joe knew that if Cody left he would take the lead of the show and he would be the head guy…
      Cody does have an arrogant tell it like it is attiude sometimes but that comes with age and feeling like you’ve done and saw most things but Joe’s attitude comes from an angry source he acts like he is above everybody since he is a vet and that his methods are supreme and the producers fell in love with the military aspect he brought to the show and lost sight of the true money maker Cody Lundin.

    3. I agree that Joe is the person I would want to get me out of a bad situation. I am survival trained and like Joe’s unusual techniques. I really cant get over the “no shoes”, especially when they were traversing rocky terrain. Hope the show works out its “Chemistry ” problems. It might even make for a better show.

    4. Dude are you that dumb!? Im sure you would get all pissed off if you knew you where getting screwed over by discovery and dealing with an over egoed As+ Munch too. or is it because you like joes abs. (
      shakes head)

  63. Yeah Cody was awesome and was the foundation of dual survival. The show may lose a lot of viewers from fans of Cody but honestly saying you’re not going to watch DS cause he’s not on it is stupid. Just wait til you see Matt Graham, he’s going to take the lead role. With his creativity, lifestyle, knowledge and way doing things is truly amazing. He’s very likable I bet after one episode you all will be hooked again lol the show will be a lil different but I think Matt will bring something new and unique to the show and it will leave you saying Cody who?

    1. They fired the wrong person. Cody and Matt would have been amazing. They both have what Joe doesn’t..Respect for what they do.

      1. Joe was nothing but a lot of hot air, he thinks he knows it all., and by the way his bio is not at all true. Come back Cody we miss you. will not watch joe teti, on dual survivor…..

  64. To all of the short sighted individuals who stated that, “Joe was the one who found and killed the food.” please do try and recall that it was Cody who made the fire (in all sorts of ingenious ways & in all kinds of conditions) that was essential in cooking the meal(s).

    While I can & most certainly do respect Joe for his years of service in the U.S. armed forces, I disliked his arrogance from day one.

    I almost stopped watching Dual Survival when Dave was let go yet I stayed loyal due to an eccentric, barefoot fire expert.

    Yes, Matt Graham is an expert survivalist & a quality replacement. Congratulations to him, and I wish him all of the best. Then again, I will no longer be watching Dual Survival. Peace.

    1. When Joe was ‘compromising the mission’ climbing the tree because ‘no dry tinder was available,’ Cody was the one who built the shelter, started the fire, and caught the fish for dinner.

  65. Cody brought his own unique skill set that’s for sure, but his blatant disregard for his partner in DUAL Survival & for the crew of the show greatly lowered my opinion of him. Good luck to Joe & his new partner. Be safe both of you!

  66. Cody is an awesome survival expert no doubt in my mind and will be missed big time. He truly can survive anything but my mentality favors with joe a lot of the time and with him and Matt graham who is also a badass like Joe I think it’ll still be an awesome show and can’t wait to see the new episode.

  67. The show with Dave and Cody will alway be the best one!!! Maybe someone will get THAT show back on the air!!

  68. Cody should get work on cartoon net.cody got heavy .from joe feeding him. Lol. Gator . Farrow pig. Joe killed without any help from cody.when they was in africa.joe found great shelter.that cave in that monster tree.. But no cody wanted to stay in that brush. Lol.scared of rather take chance with disea

  69. Yet another terrible blunder by the idiots who are running the Discovery Network. This is the same group that lost Bear Grylls, that took American Choppers (when it was a top-rated cable show) and moved it to another network, that threatened to sue some of the captains on Deadliest Catch and almost lost THAT show, and now gets rid of Cody, the guy who for many people is the only to watch Dual Survival. Get rid of the execs — they’re ruining this network.

  70. I will not be watching anymore either. Cody was the heart and sole of the show. I can’t stand joe. That wasn’t the first time Cody went in snow without shoes he did one with Dave. Joe is too arrogant. I can’t stand how he thinks he’s always right. Heis also not right in the head why would anybody drink their own pee really. Bring Cody back and gst rid of Joe and I’ll will watch it again

    1. Who is the one that fed them most of the time.cody would get some berrys/some nuts/some bugs/and i think some wrong kind of But joe would get a . Gator. Farrow pig.cody would cry about But he would sure fill his fat. Ass.with joes kill.i was stuck in wilderness for 6 days and nites.end upstate ny.temp was in 30s the whole rained sleeted and snowed the whole time.had nothing on but t shirt jeans and was the hardest thing i ever survived.codys a idiot.going barefoot all the time.he lets his . Ego rule everyone.i would rather be stuck witk . Joe anyday.dont know how cody teaches anything besides picking berries.. Great move keeping joe.,ody go get work on cartoon net. Lol

      1. Please learn how to type and use punctuation properly. Like damn, I’ve seen anyone type as badly as you.

      2. hey kid you’re probably seven years old and need to stop having a seizure on your keyboard because if you type one more paragraph, i will be forced to end my life with a fork. your opinion sucks, joe was a dumbass because he most likely would have gotten some form of DEADLY disease from inhaling bat fumes. joe may have killed the animals, but cody made the fire that cooked it. joe didn’t know how to make a fire. if he was incharge, dual survival would no longer air on the dumbass Discovery Channel. they would be dead. joe doesn’t know anything about convection, metabolic energy, or anything that is needed to be instituted and aware of in a survival scenario. joe runs around with a knife killing poor animals like some psychopathic maniacal clown. cody has the brains, makes shelter, fire, cooks food, gathers, and fishes. joe hunts. and drinks his own piss, which frankly doesn’t help, it makes the situation worse. he might as well guzzle a can of beer. cody goes barefoot because it makes him stronger. shoes are just like casts, they will deplete muscle in the area. the human body adapts and improves without shoes. if cody and joe fought only using their feet, cody would knock his teeth down his throat. his ligaments and tendons are probably bungee cords by now.and kid, you should go to school and learn how to punctuate correctly.

      3. You must be the same kind of abrasive a-hole as Joe… guys like that talk a good game but get there asses handed to them most of the time…

        Im just sayin

    2. I take a strange comfort in knowing that when things get terrible in the world, liberal group think will reinstate survival of the fittest. Joe is the one with brains, not the “hippie”

  71. Both my gf and I considered Cody as the core of dual survival. We always saw Dave & Joe as sidekicks there to appeal to the adrenaline junkies and draw in the reality show drama queen types. Surely anyone interested in legitimate survival–versus cheap entertainment–will be through with Dual Survival and will follow Cody on his next journey. Perhaps Cody and Les Stroud should ditch Di$covery. The action junkies can watch Man vs Wild re-runs and Dual Survival can sweep up the old Survivor crowd, do vote-offs and maybe run back-to-back with Dancing with the Stars.

  72. So sorry to hear the news. Cody brought a uniqueness to the show. He always showed respect to nature & all living things. He brought valm, assertive energy to all he did. I learned many things from watching Dual Survivor. I looked forward to his sense of humor and wealth of knowledge. Guess if I miss seeing Cody, I can alwaysparticipate inone of his survival classes in AZ. I will no longer be watching the show. It has been removed from my dvr. The idea of him teamimg up with Les Stroud sounds incredible! You rock Cody!!

    1. I love Codyhe is a real man…back to real basics….why would this hav anything to do with the camera crew…they can west shoes an pants if they want…..bring Cody back…..dammit… he’s hot……

  73. Well won’t watch this show anymofe cuz cixy made it what it is, enjoyable. The other dude is scsred of snakes and also irritating. J hope the sbow cets cancelled

    1. I won’t watch it either. Codi was the core and really funny in his own way. I’ll miss him and the show. Bad move.

  74. The charm of this show came from the contrast between Joe and Cody – the military survivalist and the hippie survivalist. Without Cody, we get two military style survivalists – not as much fun. Cody helped create the show and made it a huge success – firing him is a big mistake. They should have worked out their differences. Shame on you, Discovery Channel!

    1. Joe is like a cartoon GI JOE! He is arrogant and too animated and tries to make himself look like bthis bigger than life warrior. I too will no longer watch show. Discovery channel has ruined many peoples lives. I hope JOE gets fired and yes its not same having this new idiot with joe. SHOW IS NOT THE SAME because CODY IS THE SHOW PERIOD!Ok maybe its weird he wears no shoes even in the snow but maybe this is his unique ability? Get that JOE IDIOT off air Discovery will lose viewers and from what I reading on here they have lost alot!

    2. I agree in a sense but 2 military backgrounds??? Matt graham is an athlete and just a big a hippie as Cody. He has nothing to do with military. Still yet Cody will be missed as I said earler

    1. You couldn’t be more off-base with that comment. Cody never over-dramatized anything, and he was usually very sensible and made intelligent decisions that were not based on playing things up for the camera.

    2. Really off base with that drama queen comment. Would love to watch most people try to survive the stuff he’s survived. Anyway, if he’s gone so will a lot of other people. You may not have a show to watch … funny that it’s a survival show and the thing they end up not surviving is the producers.

    3. Joe put them in danger when he just had to get the back pack in the ice cravat……he could killed them both….bring Cody back…..Joe needs Cody…Cody thrives off Joe…..what??? Is Cody gay….who cares….he is a kool guy….Joe is not cautious…he’s scary…..frady cat……

    4. Drama Queen? Who practically **** his pants when they ran into the cobra? Who threw a tantrum over what CODY! was wearing? Joe, while I like him, is the Drama Queen, and he takes too many risks. I like a little rationality in my survival show.

    1. Joe doesent have half the experience as Coty. Coty has been teaching survival training for 30 years.Coty made that show, now the true survival expert is gone i will not watch anymore. Joes military backround does not teach survival well like what Coty lundin knows. Joes skill are a joke compared to Cotys. Bad move getting rid of him.

  75. wow, I really enjoyed that show ! I will no longer watch if Cody is gone , Cody that was his show so sad !!

  76. Sad sad sad…..he was the only reason I watched the show! Those other guys you find are boring lugs. Good luck discovery your gonna need it.

  77. Cody was always the voice of reason that I always listen too. I know Joe took many for risks and more of a aggressive aprouch , but Cody alway balanced out the situation with common sence that I learned from. I don’t think I can continue to support this show with all the macho bullshit Joe dishes out half the time.

    I want to learn to survive safely not survive with using my balls instead of my brain. Discovery has lost there way on this show. KAM

    1. I so agree ,Cody always compromised his partner with his silliness..what sane person throughout the entire world walks around without shoes in freezing weather?this is the best move for the show I will now continue watching with enthusiasm.only with Cody is it dead.

  78. Well i wont be watching that show anymore or maybe not even that channel. Wonder how well the show will do losing Cody. Probably not well at all.

  79. Cody should get a show that has him take a different student out with him every week to teach them survival in an actual situation! That would get huge ratings imo!

  80. Joe lost me the episode he drank his own urine. Cody always used sound judgement to calculate the ultimate outcome. Not that I’d ever be in a survival position but I actually learned things from Cody. I never watched the show for that poser Joe. He’s careless and unlikeable. Cody was a little eccentric with the no shoe thing but he made up for it with intelligence and confidence. I really hate to see him go but hope he can survive to find another show. I’ll watch it!

    1. um,,good sense?? you show up in a polar area wearing short pants and think its like walking thru a park,,get real,bye Cody

      1. glad to see him go. how many obese survivalist have you ever seen??? cody was a fake. Survivalists know that carry a lot of extra weight can get you killed in a survival situation. and it showed. cody always wanted to go slower. and him not wearing shoes was ridiculous in that terrain

        1. Cody was not obese, ya jackass. The guy lifts a lot of weights and he’s bulky. You need to pick up a dictionary and look up what obese means.

          1. Cody most certainly is obese. I’ve really noticed it this last season. On final episode you could see how fat he’s gotten. He didn’t help much in any of the heavy lifting and tired easily. Cody acted childish in the last episode. Like Matt!

        2. Ray your statement is foolish indeed.Cody has been a expert survival instructor for 3 decades. Joe has very limited survival training from his military backround. When in a survival situation slower is always better i know i teach survival. As far as him being obese i can tell you from spending time in his survival class a few years back.

        3. ok numbnuts. hes obviously built damn close to a body builder the man is not fat by no means. I think your jealous because you cant walk out in your front lawn without shoes on or you may get a sliver :O morons like you will not be able to keep this show alive if you haven’t noticed your out numbered. and the ratings are gonna go to crap and all because Discovery producers are just as dumb as you!

  81. there’s a side of me that sides with cody and a side of me that sides with joe. am i happy that joe and cody wont be survival partners any more? no, i am not, cody taught me a lot of very interesting things and i use a lot of his teachings on a day to day basis. but, in my opinion, since joe has a variety of military special forces training, if the safety of someone on the show came into question, than i would think joe would step up and assume operational command for safety reasons, unless cody and his skills supercede the situation. he got fired in an episode on winter survival, cody teaches that and joe doesnt. why was cody fired for preaching something to a marine who refuses to listen to any commands except his own

    1. not true, cody always said he taught desert survival not winter survival. Cody was obese…how many obese survivalist have you ever seen? cody was fake but we all overlooked it. Survivalists know that carrying a lot of extra weight can get you killed in a survival situation. and it showed with cody. he was lazy and always wanted to go slower. The show will be better now.

      1. I so agree ,Cody always compromised his partner with his silliness..what sane person throughout the entire world walks around without shoes in freezing weather?this is the best move for the show I will now continue watching with enthusiasm.

        1. Tony just because you havent trained your bodys mitocondra to adapt to cold weather like coty has for years.By the way he does teach winter survival. I have been to his desert survival class. And a family of mine went to his winter survival class. So get the right info so you know what your talking about.Joes skills are very limited military skills compared to a 30 year expert.

        2. you must not have seen the new show, matt wears only flip flop. not shoes and a loin skirts that he made. lets see how far this will go with joe. and all need to read his bio. he was only in training in the military.

      2. Once again Ray you make a foolish statement. The slow way is the safe way. You can better asses the terrain and the dangers of the situation.Also pick out some of the little thing that might be hard to find, LIKE FOOD

  82. I used to watch Dual Survival, but now with Cody gone, I won’t even bother. Found Naked and Afraid as a decent replacement, but it’s not like this show used to be, nothing will be.
    R.I.P Dual Survival

    1. Naked and Afraid is a joke if your goal is to learn anything about survival techniques. Most of the contestants have no clue what the hell they doing in the wild.

      1. That and who in the hell is gonna be butt naked in the amazon and conveniently with a reverse sex?! STUPID. Now in realistic terms a lot of people go barefooted all over especially females.

  83. Joe your a dime a dozen where I’m from. Have fun on your one year payoff for the typical screwing over a Guy for a little more money. You just chopped your own head off. Dumb da dumb dumb.

  84. I removed the weekly “Dual Survivor” DVR program recording from my Dish Network Hopper System, Discovery Channel; you fired Bear Gryllis and now, you fired Cody Lundin: Discovery Executive Producers failed the critical thinking course taught at universities . . . Deducing from the Executive Producers’ grievious decisions firing key players featured on Discovery Channel, did the Executive Producers ever attend college or graduate high school?

    What is critical thinking? Seriously, please read weeping over your poor, decision-making skills immediately correcting your errors. Maybe Discovery Channel vehemently needs reassessing, evaluating their Executive Producers=Clean House from top to bottom, not just erroneously discharging key talent who were instrumental drawing excellent Nielson Ratings; Discovery Channel lacks gratitude towards survival specialists, Cody Lundin and Bear Gryllis:…/critthink.htm

    1. I am done too discovery can shove it btw I am ex military and dont want to see another military nitwit on the show. Cody is great, sorry the guy from Dude your screwed a show thats a total.setup just isnt that funny at all. That show was boring after 2 episodes. Hippy amd rambo need to stay. Two people that dont get along that well is what is needed. Sorry Matt just isnt that good.

    2. I agree with all that is said above. Discovery seems to not know who is their star players! Cody Lundin made that show not Joe who always spent valuable time making his weapons while Cody tended to fire, shelter and water. Dual Survivor is no longer on my DVR!

    3. I placed my DVR to tape all the dual survival shows without Cody. What a waste 4 my children to watch a nut job running around in freezing weather without proper protection. go Joe, the Discovery Channel and its executive producers have made a fantastic decision.

      1. Alright, Tony, here’s an idea: go dress up like a polar bear, work up a sweat, have that sweat soak your clothes and walk around in the cold some more. Let’s see how that works out for ya.

    4. Shirley Bear grills fired himself he has even more limited skills than Joe from duel survival. There is no true survival expert that will teach you anything that Bear Grylls does. I would take Joe over him anyday

    5. I think Cody and grylls should do there own show and piss on Discovery! Maybe a Tru-tv or even Spike network that would destroy discovery!

  85. Too bad. Cody and joe look like they learned how to work together. With him I think he keep them safe. G I joe likes. To do think without worry of danger. Well it look good on tv. I hope the show survive. I never know because I watching show will not “survive”
    Good luck not

  86. Discovery what are you thinking? Cody is da man! Dave and Cody were great! Joe……..not worth watching!

    1. I also hope another network picks up Cody and does a similar show. If I ever got lost or stranded, the one single human being I would hope I was with would be Cody Lundin…he’s unbelievable. The way he can start fires out of practically nothing sometimes is absolutely unbelievable, awesome and very intertaining and educational…Cody is the best human being on earth at starting fires out of what he is given…if he can’t get that fire started, no one would.

  87. Cody made the show. Hope we can see him on another another network. Still, can’t believe it. Animal Planet or NetGeo PLEASE PICK UP CODY

  88. Ok, so can someone catch me up? The show started with Cody and a guy named Dave, right? Then Dave was fired and everyone was pissed and he was replaced by Joe. Now Cody is gone? Do I have it right?

    1. Discovery Communications has terrible management (I know – I used to work for one or two of them), but like most American corporations, management is a bunch of people who like each other, nit a group of competent professionals putting their best creative efforts together in a cohesive team to maximize their return on investment. A shame, because once in a while they catch some excellent IP. Then, they fuck it to the goose, just like they have now with Dual Survival.. I agree that Cody made the show, and I enjoyed the passion and his intellect. The show will suck without him, so I expect it to sink in the ratings, and be gone within 12 months. But I could be wrong (but I don’t think I will be!)

      FYI, there is a book titled something like “150 reasons to go barefoot every day” or something. The fact is, humanity went barefoot for thousands of years, because walking barefoot massages the feet like reflexology, making the human person healthier by reducing stress, releasing toxins, and so on. And Cody is right that his callouses are tough, and allow him to withstand heat and cold. I did a movie with a guy (the DP) who went barefoot during winter in CT! So The Ashley, it’s not GROSS – barefoot is beautiful! Did Cody EVER complain about being barefoot (feet cold, feet sore, feet dirty, etc..?) NO! So it works.

  89. What no one here seems to understand Cody was a DESERT survival specialist …. with the exception of a handful of shows he was always out of his element… I grew up in the foothills of Alabama, and was taught survival skills by people who really did live them…. I’ve read both of Cody lundins books and quite honestly felt cheated out of money on both… you all might like him for his looks, his attitude, or his on screen persona… But for God’s sake don’t let those things fool you into believing he is this great survival instructor… believe me there is way better out there….

    1. I don’t understand why they would fire Cody because Joe is a straight up asshole. I couldnt even imagine being stuck on an island with someone who is steady bitching always talking about Cody you’re compromising our mission. Hate to say it but I’m no longer a fan

  90. Just don’t get you guys. How is Joe a dick? Who’s the one ascending 2500ft to get water? Who’s in the ocean diving for food? Who’s in the ocean towing the other guy to the other island? Cody was supposed to start a fire while Joe is collecting wood. Joe: “Cody, where’s the fire??” Cody: “Ok, you go do it then”. Who’s crossing the croc/hippo invested channel to get the canoe?…Joe. Who’s leading the way in the dark cave? I believe Cody even admitted he was the woman of the two.

  91. Cody was definitely the star of the show he made it fun to watch especially when Dave was on it Joe is just a full of himself cry baby bitch, won’t be watching anymore you f*&%ed up discovery

  92. I have been watching Dual Survival since the first episode! Cody is the man! When Dave was let go that was a bummer but still worth watching because of Cody! Joe is full of arrogance, takes stupid chances so it doesn’t surprise me he sides with an unsafe deal!!! No Cody no dual watchers in this house! My hubby and I will not ever watch again. I am sad because it’s a great show that teaches so much!! We will miss you Cody! Good on you for not wavering when it comes to being true to your beliefs!!!

  93. I loved watching Cody and learned from him. Joe is all mouth and I never learned anything from him except to be “tough”. I was sure Joe was the one who left because Cody made the show. I won’t be wasting my time tuning in anymore. When another network picks up Cody in a new show I will absolutely tune in.

  94. My husband got me watching this show but without Cody my husband and I are not watching. What ever the problem no Cody,no show now no problem.

  95. I agree – Cody can’t be replaced and made the show what it is. I can’t really see myself watching it without him. It just wont be as interesting.

  96. Cody was the show. Cody and Dave where a pair that where enjoyable while Joe is putz, a self absorbed know it all that had his head and ass reversed.

    DC is true to form they take a winning show and make it fake and can the resource who tells them their elephant dung really does stink.

    To show survival technique in the 50 states makes sense not survival among crockadiles,hippos, cobra snakes and of course elephants.

    Sure crew safety was/is utmost with the Discovery channel. Heading down an african river with hippos and crocks is a survivor situation I would come across in w leaky wooden dugout with 500 lbs of beef and 1 inch of draft. Safety first.

    Unfortunately Cody although my favorite on the show like anybody can be replaced.

    Cody became a scapegoat while Joe continued to be an ass. Or a pig!!

    End of show for me..

    Good luck Cody. Joe I cant put into words my sentimentds to a backstabbing fake so I salute you. Single finger salute to you.

    1. Exactly its Cody that made the show. Typical executive aholes are in every company including discovery. Execs with no balls as usual.

  97. Regular viewer if the show – but no more. Teti lacks personalty and is too focused on the short term.
    Cody provided a balance that the replacement will not be able to provide.
    Will not be watching the show anymore.

  98. Both guys have their plusses and minuses, but IMO, Cody was the first to let the other guy do the dangerous more strenuous task. Cody was willing to eat bug-shit but was more than happy to eat some meat the that other guy caught. Go down a treacherous trail or hike up a steep cliff? You guys go first and secure a safe way and I’ll follow. Time for competition show. Joe and Dave vs Cody and some other bug-eating-hippy.

    1. Cody was getting too fat. That’s not being buff. You buff up your chest, arms, legs, not your waist and stomach like with Cody you could see rolls of fat. He couldn’t carry his own weight. Don’t dislike him but thought he wasn’t doing his share. Like the new guy with Joe will continue to watch.

  99. Definitely not watching this show anymore. After Dave left, Cody was the only one keeping me watching. Joe doesn’t have half the knowledge Cody does, and is way too risky in his survival manner.

    You fucked up Discovery.

  100. Like article said “HAD” a good run! But I’m done with Dual Survivor! Discovery Channel should fire the idiot that fired Cody! The one who made the “Show” up to this no Brainner? Kinda like taking Gilligan’s off Gilligan’s Island? LOL.

  101. Show loses its human elements. . Joe is too technical. .might as well be a documentary. .

  102. I think its bullshit that DSC fired Cody. He was the only make sound decisions in the field. I am with everyone else Cody is gone, and I won’t be watching Dual Survival. Teti was more than a d***. He is the type of person that would get someone killed. F*** DSC.

  103. I enjoyed your show with Cody very much.I taped it each week. He was extremely COOL and KNOWLEDABLE about survival techniques, and his attitude was light hearted and pleasant. I never cared for either one of the sidekicks they put with Cody. The fact that he didn’t wear shoes was the keen ingredient that made the show different from other survivalist shows.That was the gimmick! Now, with Cody gone, is the show going to be any different than all the other survivalist shows on the air? Even ‘Naked and Afraid’ has a gimmick with the naked part.That show has a big following. The producers should now go back to the drawing board and think of another gimmick. You had a great following with Cody. I’m sure the producers can think of another idea. As for Joe…he can easily be replaced.

  104. Honestly it is what it is, why does anyone act surprised with anything that happens on television? Joe is a stone cold killer while Cody is a passive guy in his own right, you can’t place two people from polar opposite ends of the spectrum together and expect them to survive in harmony. They were placed together in anticipation of a problem. It’s better Cody is gone anyways because Surviving in general is not a good time to be passive and derilict of

    1. Lol thats funny because humans for thousands of years survived by being one with their environment. I think they call them indians, eskimos, aboriginal people. You expectation ofsurvuval relates directly with your ability to take the easiest, safest and most direct path to your objective. Any really well trained mission operator will tell you not to screw with anything that has potential to harm you unless your are in an immediate hazard state.. That means direct immediate action is needed to mitigate that threat or you will die. If you are alone and get bit by a snake well best of luck.

  105. Can’t say I’m surprised at all. They were arguing more and more with each episode and seemed to not be getting along together. Personally, I couldnt identify with Cody. i didn’t feel like He was realistic. Who would be in those types of survival situations and not be wearing shoes or appropriate attire. That’s just crazy.

    1. Michele Cody has trained for 30 years with no shoes thats the way he lives his life. That is who he is.His body is adapted for those situations.

  106. I am not a huge fan of survival shows. I watched one episode while I was bored a few years back and saw Cody, really liked his style, attitude, no shoes, and humbleness mixed with vast knowledge. I have been watching it since then because he was on the show. I would really like to meet Cody some time and just spend a day with him. Going to one of his classes would be super cool. Needless to say I won’t be watching the show at the end of this season. Joe takes to many risks and not worth taking. These shows are more for educational purposes, but he sets such a bad example. Thanks Cody for the great shows, but I am also done with Dual survival.

  107. Already found a replacement with Marooned. Been a fan of Ed Stafford since his Amazon expedition. DSC can suck it. If they let Ed go, he’ll find a better home on CNN, like Mike Rowe too.

  108. Uh-huh…big surprise that Joe Teti would side with the network, saying that ‘he was there’ and they WERE playing it safe.

    Somehow, a statement defending the network’s safety standards — when it comes from a guy who thinks poking venomous snakes and drinking urine is acceptably safe — doesn’t impress me.

    Either he’s got the same lackadaisical attitude towards safe conduct as Discovery, or he’s afraid of biting the hand that’s feeding him.

    Either way, I couldn’t care less — I watched the show for Codi. Anyone else was just a sidekick for him, as far as I’m concerned.

    1. My husband and I watched “Dual Survival” to watch Cody, as well. Cody made the show! He has gravitas and presence. From my earlier online research, the issue that Discovery has with presenting a reality show that is “real”, combined with their demands that Cody and his partners do things that, in real life, would be totally the WRONG things to do in an actual survival situation, troubled Cody greatly. So, I hope this event is actually a POSITIVE event in Cody’s life and career, and that we can continue to watch him, but on a show over which he has creative control.

  109. Thats some fkin bullshit! Cody was awesome! Im with robert they lost me! goodluck trying to find someone as funny and awesome as cody DSC this is as bad as mcdonalds taking away hot mustard! Im out!

  110. Sincerly to whom it may concern his feet and survival is what makes the man . His choice is what we of americans as freedom is for him to decide . Was there any loss of life limb or mental ability todo what he was hired to show us in survival no . With that joe aswell has done some crazy he show . Cody L will be missed but as they say … The show must go on maybe and hope Cody will pick another show to give us tips on survival . As a wildland fire fighter i have watched and used some of both there technics for my own survival in and off the field of fires.. Personaly hope that we all can grow and learn what we did from Cody . I bid u a farwell good luck and hope to see the same kind of show . Sincerly flyboyzz……..

  111. Put Dave and Cody back together with their own show. Better yet if they see this post, I’ll fund it and hire them. Our show will put “Dual Survivor” off the air! Dave or Cody, call me.

  112. Dc is full of fkin wanks. Just another bs wannabe reality tv network. They’re a fraud and I hope their network goes. Crooked dog sht network.

  113. Cody gone….seriously? There is NO show without Cody! I was pissed when we lost Dave, I don’t care about his resume padding or whatever, I enjoyed the interaction between he and Cody. I have continued to watch because I have a great deal of respect for Cody. Joe,……in my humble opinion, is a self absorbed dick. I simply can’t stand the prick. I only barely tolerate the man because he is partnered with Cody. So Discovery, you and your sponsors, have lost me. You had it in the bag and blew it, how stupid.

  114. I expected it to be Joe who was the one who was going. Knowing that they fired Cody and lied about the firing I will not be watching the show anymore.

  115. Well that sucks! This WAS one of my favorite shows. Cody and Joe didn’t see eye to eye on everything but they worked well together. Won’t be watching anymore dual survival. Way to screw-up discovery!!!

  116. Cody is the real reason why i watch dual survival, I now have a reason to watch something else.. Shame on you discovery channel! BRING CODY BACK! BRING CODY BACK! BRING CODY BACK!!!

  117. I liked Dave & Cody …took me quite a while to start watching again.
    I don’t care for Teti,
    I’m now finished with the show.

  118. Yeah… army dude was definitely a first class dick… Here is my ego… choke on it.
    Never missed an episode… when Cody isn’t on the show… i won’t watch it.

    Hopefully he gets picked up by another network and we get to hear his humble, straightforward survival wisdom once again.

  119. It’s not a show without Cody. Dave is nobody. I almost stopped watching when Dave came on, Now I will stop watching

  120. I totally agree with Robert…Joe Teti is a dick. I stopped watching this show after Dave was fired and only have watched if channel surfing and caught sight of Cody. But I can only watch for a few minutes because that piss-drinking jerk Joe ruins the show. I only wish Cody and Dave could reunite for a survival show on another network.

  121. I don’t agree with no shoes. but Cody knew what he was doing. I ding it. Teti is also great at surviving in the wild.

  122. Well they just lost this family Cody was cool We didn’t like it when Dave left and we will not watch Teti he’s a first class dick. DSC fucked up.

  123. Cody, will be sadly missed… He was my favorite survivor! I may have to find something else to watch, won’t be the same without him. I wish him much success, their loss! Unfortunately, our (the viewers) loss as well

    1. Granted, anyone who walks in snow without shoes is not exactly the poster child for caution and risk avoidance but one just has to watch the show to see that Joe is a cowboy who feels macho equates to survivalist and that daring acts make for good ratings. Any person who wants to confront a cobra is not anyone who truly believes that the safety of the hosts and crew is the most important issue for any network. They make it sound like Cody was a wuss afraid to leave the safety of a campfire. Hope people see through the crap Joe is dishing out to kiss Discovery channel’s butts and appear like a responsible badass.

      1. I love the new guy, reminds me of Cody….now that would be a good match. I see Joe being the same old same old..shame in you for firing Cody, I will not be watching the show anymore

      2. i think id learn from cody anyday over joe,,and for the shoe thing will what if you fell in the river and lost your shoes,,u better learn to make something to wear,,,,,ive never seen joe try to build a fire without a battery or glass,,so u better learn how to build a fire from nothing like cody does,,,,i wont watch the show any longer,,they have joe showing and doing things that most normal people in trouble cant do or will get hurt trying,then their dead,,,,,,comon its ur first day in trouble and your trying to kill a rattle snake to eat,,,thats crazy that why cody was laughing at joe,,it was stupid,,,,i hope cody can get his own show,maybe on history channel ,,,or nat geo wild,,,,matt lives in the woods he dont want found,,mick dodge all them guys have fell into the fame thing for a few bux and i bet their lives arent like they was b4 they done this tv stuff,,,,o will we all watch to much of this bs anyhow,,and pay to much to do it,,we should be living our lives like they are not watching them

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